Friday, December 24, 2010

Swishing- Ethical Fashion!!!


i know i was supposed to write yesterday about cradle to cradle. There is a little change in our plan. i ll write about craddle to craddle later. Because.. Yesterday, i did not write since i had a loooong dinner with my friends and a loooong talk with my lovely Si! BUT!! There is something really interesting if you like shopping! And it gets even more interesting because you don t spend any money for this shopping!

Yesterday, my lovely Si wasn t the only person that i talked to. My dear, helpful, fantastic colleague YeÇ mentioned about Swishing website and its activities. It is promoting 2nd hand use of fashionable clothes, accessories, shoes (basically everything that i m supposed not to buy:P) as well as giving people chance to communicate. To me, it seems like a great networking event since one of the rules of swishing is 'to smile'. Yes people! smile to everyone!!! To learn more about how it works, click here.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Merry christmas! Enjoy the time not just in these beautiful days of the year, but enjoy the rest of it as well!
2) As swishing 'claims': "Save money, save the planet, have a party: swishing effortlessly touches all of these buttons. Swishing parties are for all those women who want to combine glamour, environmental protection and frugality." What else you want?
3) Thanks YeÇ for making my optimism curve up!!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TRQ! Questioning myself thanks to him!


TRQ is one of the valuable people that i met in Brussels! Before i start, i want to share a bunch of his words about being green:

'i am not that green. i m green, blue and red. i m the mixture of the social, environmental and financial, which i think is actual sustainable entrepreneurship.'

You can read more about him and other participants and green entrepreneurship here in Orange Magazine.

As you noticed, he is rational, or let s say not as optimistic as i am. In his country, as he explained, 1 liter of gas is cheaper than 1 liter of water. No public transportation encourage people to have private cars. it is kind of chicken-egg problem: if you don t have developed public transportation, you are eager to buy a car; if everyone has their own car then no 'urgent' need for public transportation. i was seriously shocked when he told me 'Traffic jam is not that problematic in Istanbul when i compare to Bahrain. i mean it at least flows.' Now, you are supposed to fall from your chairs or whatever you are sitting on if you have ever been in Istanbul!

i surprised him as well when i said i don t use hair dryer. As part of my challanges, i am trying to be away from electrical appliances. It was the first question he asked when i told that. Finally i convinced him that it is possible for some people not to use hair dryers. However, he made me realize it is possible but not doable for all people. You can not ask people to stop using hair dryers, elevators, mixers, computers, TVs. It is ironic that i am using my PC to announce that i am trying to be away from electrical appliances.

What could be the solution then??

Tomorrow: Upcycling, cradle to cradle and something else:)

Lessons to be learned:

1) i still don t use hair dryer!
2) One person is one person! How to make many out of one?!! (Reproduction is not solution:P)
2) Many thanks to my dear friend TRQ to make me think more, to ask more.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ma! Activist vs Evil's Advocate!!


Yesterday, you learned something about who i am; rationalist dreamer! If it was not what you thought,you'd better be silent! My dear friend Ma was not that silent about my green side. No worries, he is still alive!

As a talkative person, i ,of course, talked to him about my blog and my challanges while we were climbing the stairs. Yes,he also did not use elevator and although he does not believe that kind of attitudes can make any difference. However, he had to be subjected to my 'obsessed' side since we shared the room. At the point which i was still waiting for my PC to be shut down -you'd appreciate my hard work if you had any idea about my PC- so that i could plug off which means less energy consumption during whole night, he looked at me with understanding eyes full of mercy! Actually, he made it very clear when he told 'Yes, then you can save 5€ if you unplug all electrical tools for the entire year!' that what i did was non-sense! Still, in Poland as he said, they launched a 'plug off' campaign. i think even though these 'every little helps' campaigns do not change the world radically, they are important to make people be aware of climate change concept. Then people can at least realize that what we call energy is not coming from nowhere and it has a cost more that its financial price.

Anyways, as i always say, somehow i make good friends. Although they ,sometimes, are evil's advocate:)

Tomorrow: TRQ, with green,blue,red colours!

Lessons to be learned:

1) You may not be able to convince all people!
2) Then become friends with them, so that they may join you:)
3) Thanks Ma for sharing very valuable thoughts of yours!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

D&G Talk! Dream vs Reality


As i wrote you yesterday,today is an D&G day! i do not want to dissappoint you or cause any misunderstanding, sooooo let s start what is so important about D&G!

At the very beginning, i want to say that, D&G, do not take it personal! You are here as representative of all luxurious, fashionable, 'adorable' outfit brands. Here is the story behind it!

While we were in Brussels, i told you that you were going to listen it for years, we had discussions about how to make 'green' fields more attractive in general. NiKO, my designer friend, explained what they talked in their group, while we were in coffee break. They created kind of Maslow's pyramid (you can see the chart by NiPA in previous post as 3rd lesson!). As they analyzed there are levels where everyone wants to be in the upper one since upper levels basicly provides you more than just shelter. Ok, i do not want to be disrespectful about Maslow's theory by misexplaining, so please read from here first. In their pyramid, at the bottom, there are people who has to consume less than lesser since their priority is to survive; therefore most basic needs. It is something very well known. You know, poor countries or let s make it politically correct; developing countries consumes hundred folds lesser than developed ones. On the other hand, at the top, there are people who seem more aware of 'sustainability problems' and has money. Therefore, they are kind of having more environment friendly life; electric cars, organic foods, green houses, renewable energy use etc etc. However, we have huuuuge number of people between these two layers. How to make them greener? Here is D&G! As in almost all advertisements, if you want to make a product attractive, show that it is luxurious therefore adorable therefore hard to reach therefore you need to make more money. Here is the point where everybody, almost, wants to wear D&G! Should we put green near to D&G?

My answer is NO! Because, although D&G is attractive, it is not affordable to everyone. i think we need green in our lives, not in our dreams...

Lessons to be learned:

1) Even the most beautiful dream is not replaceable with real! (woowww, it is a bit assertive!)
2) Sharing is fruitful... and full of joy!!
3) Fingers crossed for the people who get stuck at the airports!!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

AnOL- ready to handmade? GO GO!!


Here is my dear friend AnOL from Estonia! She is a teacher, an entrepreneur, a dreamer...and an activist! She teaches economics in high schools and really cares it. BUT!! She is a law student, or would i say was a law student? Ok, she is studying both law and history. it has a bit complicated process of that education so, i ll just start writing about her 'green enterpreneur' side. She has her own business of handmade clothes/accesories in Estonia. As she said and believed, you can trigger big challanges starting with small initiatives. She started hers. You can ask what makes handmade green than mass produced ones. To me, it reminds me of process of production. i mean everything around us and ready to consume,has to be processed before it comes to our door. However, in this fabulous world, we see the very end product and i am not sure whether we are aware of the effort and energy and human force and input required to turn that piece of cotton into D&G (i ll come to discussion we made with NiKO later, in another day! ). Therefore, i really appreciate people who make that process more visible by providing hand-made goods by literally putting their hands into work. AnOL is one of them! Yes, i know, i m lucky:)

Again, i am lucky because during one of our workshop discussions, i had chance to tell what i has been doing about environment for the last (almost) 4 months, and about my blog (Shopping-free September, Unpacked Food October, Recycling November!). After a while, she told that she has done these without seeing these as challanges. She has been buying her clothes from 2nd Hand stores since they are cheaper and pretty as well. She eats vegetables and fruits from her grandma's garden, again cheaper and healthier and precious! Also, about electricity use and energy use for heating, she does her best. Not only environmental friendly but also financially smart thing to do!

As also my lovely Si told me, this financially smart argument can attract more people!

Tomorrow: Talk with NiKO about D&G!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Enjoy the process!
2) Feel lucky to make new friends!! Well, i do:)
3) OMG! Check this! You ll not regret!!!


Friday, December 17, 2010

NiPAy, the graphic designer!


Today, i want to introduce you my very brilliant friend who i feel lucky to be friend with. He is a graphic designer. i was totally unfamiliar with that concept. Then, i am fascinated with what he did during the workshop in Brussels.

Basically, he listened he drew. In our workshop, as representatives and participants, we discussed many things from enterpreneurship to sustainability and all related problems and obstacles which prevents us from being risk takers. Even that words, risk takers, may give you the idea of my feelings. Ok, it was supposed to be an inside talk:) So, as you see topics are highly hot, and you can get easily lost between words. Seemed like NiPAy doesn t. He created all that amazing drawings on wall papers which you could see all thoughts flying in the air became concrete words and shapes. It was especially impressive when i stepped out discussion room and confronted with wallpaper drawn by my brilliant friend NiPAy and felt WOOOWWW! Yes, sometimes i am a bit (yes, just a bit) messy in my mind. Therefore, seeing everything that clear made me feel grateful to him.

To see, why those charts were related to my green blog, click here.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Put green products near to others instead of creating a new/seperate shelf!
2) Expressing your thoughts in different ways can inspire other people. One more time, cheers to NiPAy!!
3) Kung-Fu Panda is still on the list!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

NiKO the designer!


As i have already started writing yesterday, there were so many stories in Brussels! To see what we did, and how great it was check this website. You ll even see me in Orange magazine! You are excited,right?

Ok, then here is NiKO. If you want to have a great, creative, fashionable, 'green'
,socially responsible piece of cloth in your closet. Yes, im talking about clothing and how different it can be from the way you have been subjected to. NiKO have been living in Kenya for 4 years and designing garments from recycled parachutes and jewellery from dead wood. Previous sentence is partly how she defines what she does. Frankly can't find better words to explain. That is not all. To be sustainable, being environmentalist is not enough. You are supposed to be socially responsible and financially sustainable as well. About social responsibility, her business is doing well with paying fair price for people who they work with. Besides, with a percentage of her sales, she contributes to education of Maasai girls. i may miss some few points, so check her business site to be amazed!

Now, we come to part that i like most: talking about her as a friend! It is impossible to notice her. i mean how many people can you find in Brussels' streets wearing a sleeping bag as a coat and parachute as top and jewellry from beautiful wood? i saw only one:) Of course, it is not the only thing that you may notice. She is brave enough to critisize 'fashion industry'as a person who works in the industry (but in a very distinguished way) and 'entrepreneurship' as an entrepreneur.

As last words, i want to share what she said when we tried to find an answer to 'how?' question:

'It is a bit of a paradox that we meet here and talk about how to engage more entrepreneurs. Are entrepreneurs, consumption, wanting too much and having the choices all the time the problem that drives the world down? Even the GreEn way might not make it better. How much is enough? Maybe stopping entrepreneurship in general is the only green way.'

Although i would disagree with enterpreneurship part,isn t there a piece of ugly truth in these sentences?

Lessons to be learned:

1) Even the most polluting industries may become greener.
2) My very dear Greek-Danish friend NiKO, thanks for 'kodak times' and making my mind parachute-like!
3) i stopped eating packed.. again! Just fyi!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Where to start?! Yes, i am so happy and i first want to start writing about my challanges. i can proudly say that i did not buy any clothes, shoes or accesories. i guess i already told about that:) Eating non-packed food... Unfortunately, i could not stand that delicious chocolates! You know!Brussels!! Again unfortunately, i could not always eat home-made food, yet GEF let us prepare our lunchs together at HUB! i will explain all of these tomorrow! Lastly, i was lucky about source seperation, because HUB has its own system for paper, disposables and the rest!

So, tomorrow, i ll write you about NiKO who is an ethical fashion designer. You ll love her designs. It may seem cotroversial to you, writing about fashion designer while i m still on a shopping-diet. However, if there were many others like her, there would be no concern about fashion industry at all.

One more thing to say: i asked another amazing person to show his drawings here. Hope we ll lucky enough to have them!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Unsubscribe any web-sites from which you have mails deleting without reading!
2) Travelling and using internet: equally harmful for the environment, equally irresistable:S
3) Do what i say, do not do what i do! i want to make that phrase reverse!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not That I Give Up! Back to Field:)


i m back with full of stories,new amazing people/friends... and updated version of me!
Not hard to guess: i was in Brussels for Green Enterpreneurship Co-Creation Workshop! After many problems with visa which were finally solved by lovely members of GEF team, i was there and can't wait to tell you! BUT, tomorrow:)

So, see you tomorrow!!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) i love the meaning of networking: making new friends beyond business rules!
2) Kung-Fu Panda is a new movie on the list!
3) Being in Brussels and Berlin for the first time and not buying anything: CHECK!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

DECEMBER!! Wanted!!


Why nobody wakes me up before November ends??? i am soo upset not being able to write 'sweet november' anymore! Yet i haven t decided yet what i am going to write about in December. While i am thinking about that(or let say i ll be during the day), i want to report about what i have not done currently.

Other than having a waiting-to-do-list(including statement of purpose), i haven t bought anything new!i still do not have a private car! i still do not eat packed food! But to be honest, i am not patient enough to bake my pastry(or can not ask my roomy to do so for me:S). Yes, this means, i am buying ready-to-eat pastry! i still do not use plastic bag! Still recycling! Still plugging off my PC(and every other electrical tool when they are not in use)! Still talking about environment!

Although i am not a expert about that, talking is important! Because, people who you talk to may never be experts. i am polyanna in modern times, but it does not keep me thinking that some people never change or never show interest. Sometimes, it is discouraging. However, then i remind myself that what if there are some people who become deeply interested after you make them be aware of the issue. The way you explain how important is crucial. My way is not to make people feel bad and ashamed about their lives, their consumption patterns. At least it would not work on me. i prefer keep talking about it to make the topic 'hotter', more available, more visible!

YES! i found what i ll do this month! i ll find STORIES! Stories of people who make the change for people starting from theirselves! Wish me good luck:)

Lessons to be learned:

1) If you drive your car to the bank to pay the bills, discover internet banking!
2) If you ride your bike to the bank, you are better to keep that attitude! Healthier happier:))
3) If you preferred walking, i would say 'you are lucky to be that close to the bank!!!'

Love you all people!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sweet November, Post Carbon Institute! LOVE IT!


i love learning.
i love watching.
i love learning by watching.
i assume you love learning by watching as well.
Although, some people think watching is a way of consuming faster, i am ok with that kind of consumption.

So here is a short video, that you can learn, open your eyes in 5 mins.

Lessons to be learned:

1) You may not stop consuming. Just decide what to consume.
2) i received a link posted by JOY. That was an article which claims that giving thanks makes you happier & healthier. That explains why i am soooo energic:P
3) You know what to do after 2nd lesson! Say 'thanks!' to someone(preferable to whom knows you, otherwise it may seem like the scene from a French moive. i changed my mind. you can say it to whoever you want! Yes, i am watching SATC!)


Sweet November, 29th, The Soul of the Money!


Yes, i know what you think: Money does not have soul. Because, we made it up, we create it. i mean Lydians did so hundred thousand years ago. We still use it not exactly in the same form but for the same, extended purposes.

This extended purposes have a meaning according to Lynne Twist. Everytime we buy a thing, we make a decision. Decisions we make represent us. By making right decisions, we can add value and even soul to our money. No more words, i hope you enjoy it...

Lynne Twist- The Soul of the Money


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet November, 26-WasteLand! LiZ:)

Good morning Dear ALL!

i am happy today. If there is something called 'luck' in the universe, life gives my part so generously.

At the time i started writing that blog, i knew that it was going to add value to my life. i am not writing these to tell 'i knew that i ll be Carrie Bradshaw one day, as famous and cool and thin as she is.' To be honest, SATC was this year's or let say for the last 4 months discovery for me. i know i m a bit(!) late. i was not that interested to look/search for something. i was more like 'whatever-it-comes-person'. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in that way. Of course sometimes but not frequently, things appear just in front of you and all you gotta do is to take them, to see them. For the rest, you need to search for them. However, there is also one more thing that happens to me pretty frequently as well: learning and hearing from people! it seems like, people around me think of me, whenever they confront something with an initial of'G' ,GREEN!

As you read before, almost everyday, i had 'thanks to' part. Today, i want to thank my very inspiring, giving, open minded, thoughtful, brave friend LiZ!
Here is why! WASTELAND! Imagine that, you are living just in the middle of 'waste'. You make your money by seperating recyclables from the rest. The last thing that can happen to you is probably to be a part of an art project! Moreover, amazing that you are part of an art which is deeply connected to your work: WASTE! it is what Lucy Walker tells in the documentary and from what Vik Muniz makes/creates an art object. It is an impressive case that combines green, contemporary art(ist), real people to gain recognition!

Lessons to be learned:

1) You can meet right people anywhere,anytime! Thanks LiZ for strengthen my argument: 'i am THE lucky!'.
2) The more you give, the more you receive. Not the way around:)
3) Keep searching, and keep talking! and don t forget listening:P


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sweet November, 388 is not only a number!

it is a HUGE number! How do i know that? Well, i got something to tell. i am cheating on my blog, i started to write in another web site. However, it does not count. Because, it is in Turkish and i am not the only writer of course. There are other student-writers who 'create' that website. i feel more like a guest writer in GAZEVERSİTE. Shh...

i again diverged from the topic. So, i had/wanted to write about that number since my very dear friend FuD suggested me to write about that 350 movement. Then just after he suggested me, JOY told that their slide show and pictures are great. They are planning to have big 'picture' by volunteer people that can be seen from the space. Then time to talk about 350. According to environmentalist scientists, 350 ppm is the CO2 density that should not be exceeded. Guess what? We are already over it. We reached 388 ppm(part per million) from 275 ppm within the last 200 years. So,it is time to make it 350 ppm again!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Being a guest is nice.
2) 388 is not nice.
3) Appreacite people who wish to be the part of big picture!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet November, CANCUN: a lost battle against climate change... and acknowledments!!


Today, i am happy. You may wonder why it is so. If you were one of my friends, you would not wonder, you would probably ignore since it does not a rare case! So, i wish you are not my friend(no offence!) and you will continue reading.

Topic: Cancun! The 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Cancún, Mexico, from 29 November to 10 December 2010. For more detailed information about COP16 and UNFCCC, you know what to do!
Yes, i know you wonder what "i" am going to write if i give a link for every important information. Here it comes... with another link, but this time it is an video:)) While enjoying your video, i may summarize what it is about! Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action, and three members of the European Parliament, Corien Wortmann-Kool of the European People’s Party, Satu Hassi of the Greens and Roger Helmer from the European Conservatives and Reformists had a debate to discuss what can be done more in Cancun than was done in Copenhagen in 2009. There are mainly 2 views i can say: Should we start doing changes or should we first wait till every country accept to do something. You know what every country covers, China, India and US and EU(with its all parties). Almost all of them were agreed that Copenhagen was a failure. The answer of the question 'Why?' was mostly due to lack of synergy and trust. Sometimes, 2+2 does not equal to 5,as it is in synergy, not equal to 4, as it is in Math. It maybe equal to 3, as it was in Copenhagen. Beyond that, environmental problems and their solutions were not supposed to be implication of Game Theory. There was especially one thing that i found important about China. As Roger Helmer feels suspicious and pessimistic about commitments of countries, he said 'none of the developing countries stops their growth to save the world, neither does US. China continues to establish new fossil-based plants. as Europeans we have all the pain,none of the gain. Why should we?'. That is a very-well known argument. What is not that well-known is ,as Connie Hedegaard mentioned, China increases its Wind Power facilities more than any other countries. i also remember more things that China has been doing thanks to Joy's researchs about China's Environmental Plans. This is promising at least. Highly recommended debate!

Thanks RO one more time for sharing the Cancun with me!

Thanks JOY for making me smile:))) i loved it!

Thanks my roomy to remind me Soundtracks of 'City of Angels' were great! My roomy is greater:)) Ready to celebrate!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Sometimes, age does not guarantee wisdom! (nothing related to my roomy-the best!)
2) Sometimes, title does not guarantee wisdom!!
3) Sometimes, you need to remind yourself it is time to write your SOP:P


Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweet November, 22nd, QQQ!


Yesterday, i wrote 'The Perfect Vagina' and suddenly visits to my 'cute' sustainable life doubled. What can i say? Sex Sells! Although in this case, it was not about sex! Thanks, thanks, thanks! i wish there could be a possible way to combine sex and environment:D

As i started to write yesterday, there are certain questions which can help firms to face with what they are doing. In Ecological Intelligence, Art Kleiner, the editor of Strategy+Business has asked those questions and answered them fairly. What can a firm do when it discovers what it has been doing was wrong; concerning environment, social aspect or health? 1st Q: Do i care? Normally, you expect to hear from a firm 'YYEEEEESS!' as passionate as possible, however, if the firm just ignore it, there is no change! 2nd Q: What happens if i pretend that it never happened? If they start losing their market share or reputation, then they can have a look to 1st Q again! 3rd Q:In what way we are supposed to change our way of thinking? If you are up for a change, then you are supposed to accept that you have been doing wrong! 4th Q: Is it proven? Anf if so, are we gonna solve it or put the blame on others? You know the right answer... 5th Q: Which sources should i follow/trust? Along with Life Cycle Assessment, there are other case-based solutions of sustainability. 6th Q: What will be the cost? You may need to change ingredients, suppliers, intermediaries which mean extra to pay!! i think this is part in which companies seem unwilling to change. 7th Q: Do we really need to know what was wrong? It may cause both ethically and financially challanged minds in the firm. 8th Q: If we decide to change, how can we find a balance benefits and costs? Needs a looong space to write:) 9th Q: Where to start? 10th Q: Does it worth to change? i hope one day this become a ridiculous question to be answered!

Tomorrow, i ll write about a discussion going on about climate change! i know you are so surprised! BUT! What is surprising here is that, first, the link was sent me by my careless but good friend RO and ,second, there are BIG people talking about climate change and 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference very similar to our volvox rant!

Lessons to be learned:

1) You never know what comes from who! Cheers RO!
2) Boring stuff can be usefull as well!! (i m trying to motivate myself to read articles, do not take it serious!!!)
3) i wish you an exciting and promising tomorrow! you wish others as well!!!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sweet November, 21- The Perfect Vagina & Environment!


Today,i was really suffering since i did not write my blog yesterday. You know how it makes you feel when you are definitely aware that you had to finish whatever it was and you did not. Therefore when i woke up today, i was so commited and dedicated to watch a documnetary and write here about that. Yesterday, i tried to watch 'The Curse of Oil' and because of some technical problems -need to fix my PC-,i could not see 'the end'. Frankly, it was not necessary to see 'the end', because nobody lives 'happily ever after' in the documentary. That was about pipeline that starts at Baku, capital city of Azerbaijan; passing through Tbilisi, capital city of Georgia, and end in Ceyhan, city in the south coastal part of Turkey. How can you expect to have a fairytale out of an oil story? So, i did not expect and i watched what i expected... maybe more than my expectations. Kidnapping, bombing, protected minority, people who are presurred to move from their habitat, money that do not help the country at all, wrong political moves, money again. To read more about Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan, click here.

Hımm, where we left? Yes, so i was telling the story of today. i was full of proimising feelings about watching documentary and writing about it. However, suddenly, i clicked 'The Perfect Vagina'by Lisa Rogers instead of a documentary categorized under Environment. Yes, i really learned some new stuff that i have never heard of like... LABIAPLASTY: vaginal cosmetic surgery in which inner labia is cut off. The documentary was about why so many women -vaginal cosmetic surgery doubled for the last five years in UK- are upset about their vaginas,and if there is other ways to make women happier and more confident about appearance of their vulvas. Are they upset because of their partners or of people who tease them or because they want to have a 'normal' vagina as all other women have? To whom want to watch the documentary, here it is.

There is -almost- never one answer for that kind of questions. We all know that we care about what other people say. Can it be a strategy for firms to be more sustainable? If we,as consumer and source of their profits, demand for more information about the product, will they make their process more transparent? If so, is there anyone who is up to buy a product which has labeled as environmentally distructive or non-fair trade?

i ll write about it tomorrow.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Be in peace with yourself.
2) Be in peace with environment.
3) Be in peace with what is different. (you ll understand what i mean when you watch the documentary)


Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweet November, 19th, Ecological Intelligence!!


It was a looong break that i really miss writing. For a quick report, i was doing pretty well till our fest started. i ate chocolate,not as much as i used to eat(applause!!!), but still, i did! i m sorry, i m not gonna punish myself for that!
i also did not buy any clothes which deserves a huuuge 'wooww', that was a sale time!

So, let s turn to where we left! As i wrote before, that November supposed to be 'sweet'! i do not mean chocolate. i was planning to watch a documentary everyday and write about that. However, plans never work(i should not write my blog adress on my CV, that is soo not good for an employer to see that its potential employee can not follow the plan. shh, between us;)) Although i will do my best for the rest of November, for today, i ll write a bit about a book that i am reading in these days:Ecological Intelligence: How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Can Change Everything by Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman is very well known by his works on EI: Emotional Intelligence. However, in this book, he is questioning another type of EI: Ecological Intelligence.
From the beginning, other than finding fulfilling web sites like GoodGuide, SkinDeep etc., there is also something that is going to be 'hot' topic in the market place including business and public sector: availability of information! How we buy stuff? What attracts us? Why do we choose that brand and not the other one? These all seem like questions in a marketing class, which means more than that. These questions bring another questions: How much we care 'green labeling'? Do we care? Are we willing to pay more for greener? If so, how much more? Can 'green' be our only concern? Should it be?

Of course there is no one and only answer for these questions, but we at least can say that if people can reach more clear, simple, understandable ranking information of brands, they can make more rationale choices. We are not only talking about environmental impact of products, but also social aspect of businesses.

It is not a smooth surface that you can walk easily. It has seriously sharp edges in which you can find yourself lost.

Lessons to be learned:

1) No need to be afraid of being lost... There is always other ways!(or were they the same?)
2) Social aspect is as important as environment! (no need for tears my friends, i love you!)
3) i miss reading book... not online!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweet November, 11th BRUSSELS!!


Today, i m not going to write about a documentary. As i told you(i do not know who you are but i am somehow sure that you remember that!), it was supposed to be my break time. Well, i can not stop writing this: i ll be in Brussels!!!(applause!!)

There will be workshops about my 2 ...s(i could not find the exact word for this, but it is something good:)): Environment & Enterpreneurship! i have no doubt that you are going to listen to my days next month! Moreover(it reminds me of my prep school time's essays), i ll go to visit my erasmus friends!!(happy happy happy!)

Other than worrying about huge rise in my carbon footprint due to flights, i am happy!

Lessons to be learned:

1) There is always an open window!
2) Walk all the ways in Berlin!! (little compansation for flights!)
3) Do not use plastic plates!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Sweet November, 8th The CURSE of OIL/1


i ll have a break for 10 more days probably. Unfortunately, this post will be one of the shortest ones.

i am sure you already heard a lot about Oil Companies. Especially these days, consequences are inevitably visible. When you watch that, you ll see more examples. You ll see how it effects local communities in Africa, how companies tried to make people(mainly people in court) believe that they are innocent, how they strongly believe that they are innocent. That was the shocking part for me to see in board members' faces pure innocence. Is there a difference between being innocent and feeling innocent,btw?

However, there is a point that i can not stop myself from saying: this is not only their fault. Governments, policies, infrastructure... everything else is in the scenerio except of indigenous people. i do say it literaly! Because, in the agreement with government, it was written that indigenous people do not have right to sue oil companies due to problems caused by oil company. That would be the time when i would question myself and my ethic policies. That is also the time when the state should remember its people come first,supposedly even though it says all these are for higher life standards.

i think all we can do is wishing the best for future when we will not exploit oil for plastic, heating, fuel,cars, lipsticks etc... instead, we can find less harmfull -hopefully harmless- sources for our daily needs.

Lessons to be learned:

1) What goes around comes around... does not work for virgin sources!
2) Be passively active!
3) If there is no life, there is no higher life standards

Cheers!! Have a nice day!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sweet November, 3- Prisoners of Katrina


These days i have a bit strict schedule,and unfortunately i m not going to write for the neat few days. To be honest, i ll visit my friends and will enjoy a lot. It was not just to make you jelou,sbut if you are, you are totally right! Just try to be happy for me:P

After writing these happy sentences, it seems a bit hard to move Hurricane Katrina and how it effects prisoners' of New Orleans not only during 4 days of catastrophy but also for the following months. In the beginning, try to imagine you behind the walls without any information, food, drinking water, electricity. Or do not try to imagine, it is really bad! Feeling the water going up to your chest... and you do not have any idea if it was the last day of your life... i am not trying to make it dramatic. It is what happened.

However, the most influential part of the documentary was not the hurricane itself actually. How that situation was managed, how it became part of election advertisement, what happenned to people who are lost(!) since their papers are lost were the main points that led me to think about how natural disasters affects people lives. While trying to be environment-friendly, i m doing few things that also affect people around me. When they asked me what will change if i am the only person who pursues that way, i used to answer them saying if it postponed the inevitable, i would be the part of it. However, sometimes, future is not that far away. i hope i am exaggerating! And you know i am the Polyanna in Modern Times!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Do not overrate your last day studies!
2) Do not underrate them either!!
3) Environment is not another system apart from us.

Tip of the day: Check your water-clock to be sure there is no leakage!


PS: i was supposed to study TOEFL.. NOW...or 3 weeks ago!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Respect!! i have never thought or admired people who are architect... till i watched that! i m not going to say that i wish, because i know i would live the same life if i had a chance to choose. So, i settle with sayin i appreciate!

In the documentary, 6 genious (Norman Foster,Will Alsop, Francois Tirot, Laurent-March Fisher, Werner Sobek, Stefan Benish) were making comments on how new,sustainable buildings can be possible, and how we can integrate those systems to our current/traditional one without comprimising economical benefits and comfort zone.

Few examples made it really clear. One of them was the building which nicknamed as The Gherkin. This is a building in UK which you can notice the difference at the first sight. Other than seeming extremely modern, it is extremely functional. (To people who know how muck i like the word 'functional': i mean it!!) Its design enables people to work inside without having airconditioning system. As it is explained, wind can blow inside the building without making people hold their papers to fly. In another sample building, material used is 25% less than the ones which has the same inner volume. Less metarial means less cost as well as less resource use. Materials are also important. Steel, aliminium and glass can be recyclable and/or reusable , so they are Werner Sobek's favourites. Green areas in the building is another sign to make the building green; not only as colour but also as a concern of sustainability.

To sum up, as it is said in the documentary, sustainability is not only about making environment friendly buildings. It is also about people and economy. Fortunately, these do not need to be conflicting!

Lessons to be learned:

1) There are people who believe in innovation.
2) There are people who are clever.
3) There are people who can make enourmous amount of money by combining innovation and intelligence.

Tip of the day: If you can not change yourself, change your house! Invest more on efficient energy-water-waste systems!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet November, 1- DIRT! The movie


Yes, today is the first day of 'Sweet November'! Although 'Sweet November' is not in my top comedy-romance movies, i call this november 'sweet'. Because, this month is documentary month. For me, watching something, does not matter if it is movie or documnetary, directly related to hot chocolate. i am not drinking hot chocolate right now, but i still can smell it.

Same for the people who are talking in documentary 'DIRT!'. Yes, as i feel hot chocolate, they feel dirt. Documentary starts with our relation with dirt and microorganisms. How we become as we are today, both religiously and scientifically. In both cases, we came from the clay/dirt/soil/dust and will be back to it. As they say, 'Dirt and People intimately linked.' Without dirt, we can not survive. That point is very clearly explained furtherly in the documentary: how we destroyed our soil with the way we do agriculture, with coal mining, with fertilizers,with tractors and with the way we live today.

What happened to people who used to produce and live in rural regions? Of course, as it seems and is promoted that urban is the place you can get closer to money if you can find the 'right' way. However, this is not the only reason. People move/migrate because there is no field left for agriculture. They are not able to earn money from their fields since they need to pay for credits they took from banks to buy tractors,and pesticides. This is a 'perfect' circle that you can not find a way to be out. Unfortunately, that led to many farmers' suicides within last years.

One more point worth to mention, monoculture. If you want to more about why organic agriculture is important and how monoculture harms the field and make more vulnurable to diseases and natural disasters, check the web site!

Lessons to be learned: This is mostly 'thanks to' part this time!

1)MT! Thanks to his supportive comments, i start writing about documentaries! Cheers!!
2)Fa! Thanks to his passion for comedy-romance, i started to have a taste and rituels of watching movies! Cheers!!
3)EZ! Thanks to her.. i love hot chocolate.. and i love dreaming!

Tip of the day: Turn your garbage into GARDEN! Compost!!!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

What to do?


i ll directly start writing about why people do not recycle.

Well, it depends. it can be due to infrastructural problems. For instance, if you live in the most beautiful city as i do now, you can have the most beautiful scene but not recycling facility provided by municipality. They seem like they are trying. They put few recycle bins on some corners of the streets, yet they do not specify which is what. i mean, recycling has its own language. Not every plastic is plastic, and not every paper look alike is paper. Same for metals, glasses. Therefore, there should be more informative signs at least on the recycle bins.

Can we put chocolate cover in plastic? What can we do with milk bottles? Are they paper or plastic or should we collect them seperately? What about bulbs? Are they glass or is there any place where we can bring to elektronic waste or are they hazardous waste?

You see? Questions, questions... And none of them is answered by any responsible person, institution what so ever! Believe me, i can list many more question that can scare you! Not only because i m creatiave about asking questions, but also i have been observing 'my' wastes and feeling sooo confused.

Yet,lacking information is not the only problem. Convenience seems like a bigger problem. Because, putting everything in the same garbage is easier. Besides, if you need to carry your waste a bit far away, it does not seem worthwhile to spend money on oil (for the people who 'drive' their waste to the nearest recycle bin). Well, i m afraid that can be right unless you go on foot.

There are also motivational problems. People want to know what happens after they seperate their garbage. People want to be reinforced for spending their time on seperation. i m sure there are many more reasons that is counted vital for the people.

Lessons the be learned:

1) Be positive: if there are many problems, there is soo much space for improvement! May be we should force municipalities for more convenient solutions.
2) You can not be aware of unless you know. So, talk to people why recycling is important.
3) Be sporty: carry your garbage on food!

Tip of the day: Check this to learn more about recycling!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting Complicated! Source Separation...


Yesterday, i started to write about 3R concept and will continue with Recycling today.
So, here we go!

As i wrote and everybody was aware of, recycling is not the best option comparing to REDUCE and REUSE. However, it still is a way to replace our virgin sources. The best way to recycle our wastes is 'source separation' which means no mixed-waste. There are many categories and sub-categories that you can seperate your wastes. Glass, plastic, metal, paper, food, electronic, hazardous wastes are the ones that come to my mind at the first place. However, it is not only about separation, but also keeping them clean. For instance, when you collect your paper waste separately, you need to be sure that there is no food residual which makes the waste contaminated. i know it sounds weird: you are not allowed to 'dirt' the dirt. In universities in which try to reach 'zero waste' level, paper cups and pizza boxes are put in food residuals to compost. Napkins as well. For plastics, it is a bit different. i mean you do not need to be that 'clean', yet still, you need to remove food residuals roughly. Same, for others.

However, there is also many critisizm about RECYCLING. Some people say that, recycling actually do not work since we can call it as 'downcycling' instead of recycling. Unfortunately, they are true since when you recycle, you can hardly keep the quality of waste.However, it can be the other way around as in the documentary WASTE=FOOD. Really nice documantary, and the book mentioned in documentary is one of the essentials on environmentalism. Do not worry, i ll say the name of the book :) it is CRADLE TO CRADLE. i ll not talk about documentary furtherly since it will be one of the topics of next month, Sweet November!

One more thing about recycling and i ll stop, enough lecturing for today. Although recycling is not the bestsolution for environment, it helps another problem not to explode: land-filling. There is not that much space on the earth that both we and our garbages can live. So, make your choice: either them or us!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Keep your waste clean!
2) Your waste can be someone else's treasure!! (not my words:P)
3) Check that news to learn how people got 'creazy-creative' to spend less money! ('Reducing' is about keeping your money in your packet as well. Do not get stingy, though!! )

Tip of the day: Buy eco-labeled products!


PS: Tomorrow, i ll write about why people do not recycle.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Time to see me! Halloween's Recycle Bin!


This is me, just few minutes before i left home with my dear friend MT who dressed up like LINUS from Peanuts. Preparation part was great. i used the same materials that i prepared for another presentation. Since, that presentation was over, i decided that they can become very nice pieces to decorate my.. Recyle Bin! i know, i do not look alike a Recycle Bin, but still everybody got the point. Though, i am not sure if there was any person left in my uni who was not aware of my 'green' side. i am proud of myself, not my roomy though:)

So, as i dressed up like a recycle bin, it can be a good start to talk about RECYCLING!! This is one of the most favorite topics among environmental problems and/or solutions for me.

i ,of course, start with shiny part of recycling. As you all know, and as i wrote/told hundreds of time, reducing the world sources do not help us to save the world. Therefore, we need to replace it. We first can do REDUCE part of 3R. We can reduce buying, we can reduce consuming, we can reduce wanting more. REUSE is the next best option, and stands for the 2nd R. You can do shopping from 2nd hand stores. You can wear your mum's clothes (i use mum's, since my dearest dad's clothes do not fit!). Use your imagination! As the 3rd R, you can RECYCLE! Then you do not need to cut more trees, dig for more petrolium, bomb rocks to find more metal!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Reduce!!!
2) Reuse!!
3) Recycle!

Tip of the day: Obey the order! Think about what you need, shop rationally!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 27th (confessions!!)


Today, unfortunately, im not going to write you about what i didnot, but what i did.
Since the beginning of October, i was dedicated to my challange. However, as i reflected to you sometimes, i had some questions about Slow Food. i sincerely respect people who can devote themselves to do so. However, especially somethings as i ll clarify it, does not feel right!

Where to start? Yes, slow food was/is great idea to make people think about our daily consumption pattern. It is great, because, everybody eats... without an exception! Therefore, from the beginning, without investing hundreds& thousands, you can do something, not only for environment but also for your health. Good for environment, because as you live slow, not lazy though, you consume less. Practically, let's say you have 2 hours, you want to eat chips. You can go to market,preferably the closest one, and buy one,two,three - as many as you want - packed chips and finish them in few minutes. Probably, you still have more than an hour, and if you want, you can do the same and eat 3 more. However, if you want to 'make' your chips by yourself, it will probably take whole two hours including washing the dishes and what you eat is not as much as you do when you eat packed ones. After all, there is no package which has 2 bad effects for the environment: First, packages are made out of 'something' else, therefore it is a source use. As we all know, nothing is infinite -universe's case is excluded, since it is still questionable:)-, so the more we use our world's sources, the less left to use for further consumption. Second, after you trash it to bin, it is almost never 100% recyclable let alone reusable. Then, here is where all our wastes come from!

However, it is not always the case. Unfortunately, we do not only eat chips. Frequently, we get hungry and do not have time to cook. For this point, i may say that, i want to cook and spend my time on cooking although i do not like it. Because, i can not justify for myself that i have no time. Let's be honest, i have time and i do not want to accept that i m lazy! So, this is kind of challange for me to cook. And you know that i like challenging! However, i can not belame people who still have time but want to value that time by doing some other things and not cooking. Besides, i totally understand people who really do not have time.

Another point is that, organic food is expensive. When i asked Slow Food Lady, whether it is fair to people who does not earn that much; she said 'We are already eating more than we need. We do not need to consume that much. Also, we can decide on which we want to spend money; something important for our one(feeding) of the two reasons to live or anything else!' From her point of view, she was right! By spending more money on eating healthy, we can consume less of other things since we have lesser money to spend on. We -people and mother earth- can live happily ever after. However, it is not the case sometimes. There are some families, which hardly live with the money they earn. So, as soon as the prices are high, there will be some people who can not afford to buy 'healthy' food. It brings us another question: 'Is not it, being healthy, one of our existential rights? ' If so, can we exclude some of the people?

Beyond all of these, i still believe in fair trade, unless it exists. i still want to lessen my carbon footprint. Therefore, i ll keep going open market where i know the producers and the food is not coming from far far away. Of course, noone knows that if the food they sell is local unless you ask them. i still keep eating unpacked as much as possible. Not because it is healthier, but because i do not like plastic.

So, now, i can confess that, i was dining out tonight!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Never say never! (but you already know it!)
2) Eating is not only for survival, but also for socializing!! (my friends, especially my roomy and my beautiful sister, know it!!)
3) Eat slowly then you can extend the time you enjoy!!!

Tip of the day: Be a bee in Holloween party! (or something that can emphasize your environment-conscious side:P i m gonna be a recycle bin!)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 25-26th (Recycling!!)


Yesterday, somehow, i could not find anything to write. Not because we were running out environmental problem, but because i was again a good girl and truly obeyed my own rules! As, you understand, i did not buy any new stuff and i ate properly!

After informing you about very interesting part of my life, i may come to another point: Recycling! Since it is going to be my next challange, i was searching through web-sites and i found that really worth-to-read text. It explains why people do not recycle.

Then tomorrow, i ll also write about why people do not recycle. They sometimes have really good reasons! Even i can say so! i ll also write about what can be done, what people expect to have.

For now, i let you enjoy the article!

Tip of the day: Recycle!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 24th (green, Ça, Fabulous!))


Today was yesterday's tomorrow; so, i m telling about green business today! First of all, i really would like to thank 'wikipedia' for being my holly web-site. Yes, it was a confession: i read from wiki! Not only from wikipedia! You can not imagine how many articles were written on green sustainable businesses, startups, universities.. Do not stop reading! i ll not write about all:)

To start with, of course there are many criterias for being called 'green'. Most of them starts with ISO (14000, 14001...). Other than that, there are many labeling systems, rewards, cerificates from green buildings to products, from energy use to services provided to waste management!!!

However, as i understand if a firm wants to be greener, it has to think broader than just switching off the lights. Involvement of each level of business is crucial. Green decisions should be on the agenda when firms talk about strategic moves. What can be the decision points? To start with what is sustainable, by definition green business “meets the needs of the present world without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs." Well, at least they are supposed to.

It is not only what businesses need to do, but also what people who read this blog need to/ would / could / may do! (feel the pressure, right? :))) So, here is another story by Ça. She is also a friend from my department and i felt sooo happy (Warning! Extreme emotions!) to receive her mail telling me what's her - and her mum's- deal with environment. As she said, after reading my blog (applause!), she felt pretty environment-friendly. Not because she read the blog (sigh!), but she has already been carrying stuff in her bag (as she mentioned they are 'BIG'!) so not using plastic bag; seperating papers from other wastes (her mum seperates also electronic wastes & batteries, plastics and glass). Besides, she and her roomie -i suppose- do not use plastic kitchen tools since plastic has a 'happily ever after' life in the nature!(congrats!)

Then, time to talk about my day: i did not buy any clothes and i am still into my October!. Btw, i told you that, i m not going to have another challange for November. BUT!! i have one! Next month, i ll carry all my recyclable waste to recycle bins. For the people, who already has source seperation system provided by state, it can seem easy to you! For me, it means to carry my plastic , paper and metal wastes to bins which are 10 min away from where i live, and for glasses it will take even more. However, i ll still write about documnetaries as well! Here is getting hot and crowded ! Yay!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Green is not only a colour any more!
2) When there are 3rd parties to audit your performance, you are more likely to proceed better! (talking about businesses!)
3) Hearing from friends is good. It is even better, when they talk about what you do!

Tip of the day: Buy local, eat local!



Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 23rd (green business?)


Daily report: i have been sooo healthy today. i went to local open market,had an organic breakfast, my roomy cooked at home for dinner. Besides, i did not buy anything. So, it has been 56 days that i have not bought any clothes. Just to remind you, these months were sales months; to remind me, it was easy!

And today's topic: green businesses!!

What is green business? What makes them green? Do they need to work on environment or is it enough to make their processes more environmental friendly? If so, do they practice it voluntarily? Can we call businesses green when they apply only basics? How can we decide if it is green or just 'green-washed'? Can a business be light green? What is the 'optimum' green level? Can a business get greener by being more efficient?

OK! changed my mind! i m gonna write about that tomorrow. For today, just questions! Class dismissed!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Try not to be mad at your parents or teachers! You are gonna be like them! (mum=me, me=mum)
2) Do not sit in front of PC, all the time!
3) Stop reading this part! Seems like there is nothing more to learn :P

Tip of the day: Turn off the lights, light a candle! Be romantic! (Si's understanding of getting green!)


Friday, October 22, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! (Ra, Fa, EC, MT!! LUV!!)


That to-day's gonna be a good day, that to-day's gonna be a good day, that to-day's gonna be a good good daaaayyy!! As you already noticed i am happy!

Yesterday, i said you that when you care about people, they start caring about what you care! Well, it becomes more than my expectations. Here are the cases:

Yesterday, my roomy & i & MT(i am not adding 'dear, beloved, hansome, sophisticated':) met in our house to have breakfast together. We talked about variety of stuff from new movies to my environment obsession, from my roomy's funny stories to ugly truths of Turkey. Of course the most interesting one was 'environment'! As a loyal reader of my blog, MT confesses with a dramatic voice that he buys many bottled water, especially when he is out for whole day! Then we started to discuss what can be done: He is going to buy plastic/reusable bottle sooonn! However, there is another point that makes this conversation interesting: FACTS! Fact1: He drinks water a lot. Fact2: He can not carry a gallon of water with him. Fact3: Our tap water is not potable. Fact4: Sometimes, he is out for hours! What does that mean? It means, in this or that way, he probably needs to buy new bottle of water! BUT!! It also means that, after buying that reusable bottle, he can fill it before he leaves his flat, and there will be no need to buy new bottle for the days he is out for half of day! He will save 14 new bottles, each week, by buying reusable bottle! Yes, i am gifted about Math!

Another story from EC... She already showed me her bottle which she designed for carrying her coffee: simple, unique, stylish, cool and... environmental friendly!!

And Fa!! As we graduated from the same department, aka management, he was one of the people who think i am gonna die alone and pennyless! However, 4 days ago, he whispered me that last time when he went grocery shopping, he did not take plastic bag since he did not buy many things and can carry them without plastic bag! Yet, still, he thinks that i m gonna die alone and pennyless:)))

Last inspiring story for today, is again based on a true one! Ra!!! Last time when we met, she gave me a book for my looong travel to my hometown (13 hours by bus!!) Today, when we met i brought her book back. BUT!! She first asked me, if i liked the book. i obviously did! Then she said, then 'keep the book and give it to someone who will like to read this book.' It was just the beginning... Then she told me she is doing the same her clothes. You know we sometimes have more than we need. Sometimes, we are keeping our clothes in the closet with a piece of hope that we are going to wear them again one day! She said, 'i started to give them away when i see someone(friends, neighbours, friends' of friends', whoever you think) who will be happier to wear them. Besides, they wear them more often, more than 2 times in a year!' Not done yet! She also gave me good news from her gym. As she said, in their gym, they started to warn people about less water use, less towel use, less plastic glass use.. They do not only warn people, but also they designed their bathrooms to be more efficient in terms of water and electricity consumption!

What can i say? Life is good!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Dream!
2) Share!
3) Feel!

Tip of the day: Start digging your closet!


PS: That tonight's gonna be a good good night.. as well!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 21st (social messages:)


Today was the 21st day that i have not eaten any packed food! You know the rules so i m not going to write you again what i did not eat! However, i can tell you what my dear MT is planning to do: He is going to buy a reusable bottle to carry his water instead of buying new bottle of water each time! i ll give the details tomorrow. BECAUSE!! i want to share with you what i wrote on my 'GreEn Forum'! i am also curious about your responses!!

"i have been thinking that how public become more involved in green practices? Is it about policies that governemnt supports? Is it about firms who provides people with more sustainable options(services and products)? Is it about education system that can increase awareness? Is it about niche areas that a person can see and attracts others' attention? Is it about 'brave' enterpreneurs who are passionate about environment? Is it about culture? Is it about all? Is it about none? Or is it simply about people?

Obviously, the more we see, the more we get used to. So what are your daily encounters with 'green'?

Do you hear about sustainability while you were in elementary/secondary/high school or in university? If so, how often?

Have you had a waste management system in your region? Have you already had seperated recycle bins for your waste? If so, how it is applied?

Do you have a transportation system that lead you to be greener? Do you have effective public transportation? What is your main transportation tool between cities; cars; buses; trains;planes? Do you have bike ways? Any subsidies/ punishments for making carpooling more common?

Do you have a chance to choose between organic / nonorganic / local / with or without GMO? Are local markets available? Can you buy your foods unpacked?

Do you have efficient labeling system for products? Do you understand when you see a label on a product whether it is better for the environment/me or not?

Do you see renewable energy sources and applications -if it is possible to produce energy from renewable sources in your country - ?

So, friends, do you see what is missing?? Do you see how further it can be improved?? Do you see there is a huuugeee potential without comprimising to have higher life standards/ freedom?

Of course sustainability is not only about environment, but also covers economy and social attitudes!

So let's share what you encounter in your university/region/country!!


Lessons to be learned:

1) If you want to be an enterpreneur, you need to care and listen to people! (Note to me:)
2) If you care people, they can start caring what you care! (it is just my expectation:))
3) If people cared people, world would be a better place to live! (it is my dream:)))

Tip of the day: Switch off the lights when you leave the room!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 19th (environmentalist? me?)


As you all know(!), my current concern is 'environmetalists'! So, that is the time that i should tell you something about myself... Ready to hear? (Warning: Children who are under 89 can be affected badly! ) i am still an environmentalist! i hope i did not scare you:)

However, you may ask me what kind of environmentalist i am? Well, believe me or not, there are lots of definitions and concepts for environmentalists: Am i 'greenie', am i 'treehugger', am i 'green anarchist', am i 'eco-socialist'? Am i 'conservative' or 'liberal'? Reformist or supporter of radical changes? Wow!

i am not going to tell you what kind of environmentalist i am; you probably understood already. However, there is still one question that seems interesting: Is environmentalism a new religion? To me, it is not:) BUT!! My friend Ma from GreEn Forum suggested me to read a book written by Klaus: “Blue Planet in Green Shackles. What Is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?”

i have not read the book yet, but i guess ,from the title, concept of environmentalism connected to 'Watermelon: Green on the outside, Red on the inside'
. i ll discuss it later,maybe, when i finish the book. First, i need to find the book:)

Last words (of wisdom,haha): environmentalism is an arising concept and not everybody is aware of that yet. i realized it for the first time when one of my friend said me 'You say you are not going to buy any clothes for the environment. Are they related?'. Well, it is also kind of consumption and breaks the first R: Reduce! At the end, he is still my very close friend and he does shopping:)At least, he knows why they are related!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Searching for more is good! Thanks my roomie to make me more curious!! (Although, she suffers from my questions:)
2) Connecting People is not only about telecommunication!
3) i m still, i am still ''! (i hope you noticed the melody!)

Tip of the day: Try to find 2nd hand books: Less paper use, more notes on the pages!


Monday, October 18, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 18th (environmentalist!)


i'd like to start with reporting my packed-free day: i m still doing good! Still, sometimes i m questioning if it really saves the environment, or it is just for saving us! Of course, the less packed food you consume, the less package you create! Other than that, it is all about your health! Unfortunately, sometimes, i am not willing to be that healthy:) i m still a human being, you know?! and i want to eat ice-cream! Then the words said by Slow Food Lady come to my mind: 'If you do not find the proper food, you do not eat.' That is why, she was that skinny.. and i absulately am not!

Yes, what was my purpose to start that challange? Being healthier by consuming more organic products? Supporting organic food producers? Adding one more person who demands organic food (it has the same purpose with the previous one)? Consuming less by preparing all meals by myself (rommie-self actually)? Decreasing plastic use? All of them? None of them?

To be honest, although i knew that slow food movement's one of the concerns is health, i was expecting to hear more about 'package'! Not that, i do not care about my health, but i can say it is mostly mum's concern. Yeah, you smell the young-teenage- cool- rebellious girl who seems like not caring about herself (but caring most about herself indeed), right?

Back to point, my challange does not add that much to the environment: i still buy my packed-dairy, there is no rule like 'you are not supposed to carry your bag with you to take your stuff home!', 'You are supposed to pay attention to buy products only covered with recyclable package!', 'You are supposed to drink tap water when it is possible!'... These are not the concerns of Slow Food, but mine!

Am i becoming an environmentalist whom people hate? This is tomorrow's topic! After i wrote that treehugger case, i wonder what really 'environmentalist' means! You ll read what i found tomorrow!! You are going to read, right? RIGHT??

Lessons to be learned:

1) Sometimes, it is easy to do than to think!
2) Take care of your health! Running nose is out!
3) Listen to Jazz music! Really relaxing:) out of topic:))

Tip of the day: Be lazy! Do not search for parking place! Walk instead!


PS: Special thanks to my Roomie and my day-making MT for helping me to do my project!! Would be sooooooo hard without your help!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 16th(Goddamn Treehuggers?)


i know you are surprised due to today's title: it was what i felt when i first saw that article.

Then after, i started to laugh like hell(this is all title's affect, normally i m a very very good good girl:P). In that article, the issue why people do not like environmentalists is discussed. Till now, i have never felt like i am 'hate'able. (yes, i took it personal:P) Seriously, why people do so? Well, there are many reasons as i understood from comments, but there is one which is commonly shared by many people: People do not want to be told what to do! Even, when you feel that you are doing the best thing for environment, it should not turn out that you are forcing/ yelling/ barking(all words are from comments..) them to be like you!

To some extend, i agree with that. Here is what i thought: if there is a discussion going on, and you believe that there is a better way to do/live, you would like to share this with other people. However, the aim suppose to be 'to tell and to share', not to 'win'!!! This is not a competition, and there will be neither a winner nor a loser. So, do not try to beat people while telling them why this way is better... Even you get angry and dissappointed about people's indifference.. about environment!

My experience till now showed me that, people see! When i first started to carry my plastic bag to the open market, they laughed. Then, i talked to sellers why i do not want to have more plastic bag when i already have many, they agreed! Then, i talked to my friends, they started to appreciate. Now, i have my friends, considering using less plastic! NOOO, i m not the girl who can save the world:) i wish i was!! (ok, i ll try to be modest:P)

Lessons to be learned:

1) Do not hate!
2) Preferably, eat; pray; love:)
3) Do not exaggerate eating part:))

Tip of the day: Read more, talk more about environment-friendly solutions!


Friday, October 15, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 15th (what did i do today?)


Today, i attended a conference. No worries, i m not going to give a lecture about topics:P Instead, i ll tell you what happened when i got thirsty.

Let's start from the very beginning: when i was a kid.. ok it was a really bad joke:) Start again: i woke up and i had a quick breakfast at home. i m still trying to do my best about not eating out. (Applause!) However, after 3.30 hours of listening, i got hungry and there was still 3 more hours to go back home. Therefore, i ate sandwich (almost acceptible), but you know ,normally, i was supposed to drink something: There were fruit-juice, coffee and tea: none of them acceptible! Guess what i did: i did not drink any of these. Moreover, i forgot to take my water with me while leaving the home, and i did not buy that bottle of water.

At that point, i would like to clarify that i stopped drinking bottled water. After this month -maybe year- i may start drinking coffee again. i am almost sure that i can live without instant tea also, since i like preparing tea in our traditional way when i am home, and there are many places which do not serve instant tea but the traditional one. Fruit juice had never been my favorite drink, so check! BUT!! Water is crucial and unfortunately, we do not drink tap water any more(i do not know why, we used to drink:S) Therefore, one more time, i realized that i need to have a plastic bottle that i can refill again and again. i can reduce the plastic waste that i 'create'. You know the most environment friendly way is not recycling but reducing! So, think twice when you use something.. even when it is recyclable! If it is not recyclable, i do not have a word to say! (you feel the pressure, right?)

Lessons to be learned:

1) When you talk about something constantly and insistantly, it is somehow heard and taken into consideration: Special thanks to my 'umbrealla' girl 'EC' for starting to use reusable bottle instead of bottled water!!
2) Traditional way to prepare tea is 'the' greatest!
3) Stop making inside talks out!! (note to myself:)(anyways, special thanks to Si and my roomy for listening)

Tip of the day: Refill your bottle, instead of buying a new one!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 14th(the month after this month!)


Today i decided to make a change in my blog. For the next month, i m not going to find a new challenge. i ll keep performing 2 months' challenges. That means, i m not going to buy any new clothes, shoes or accesories as i did till now. Besides, i m not going to eat packed food, though i m not sure how successful i am about that. At least i m going to buy my vegetables and fruits from the open market, and i m not going to eat any snacks.i mean packed snacks. You can find the details here :)

i suppose that you have already known which things are forbidden, so i can say that i will not be that 'sustainable' about Pastry any more.

Yes! After saying these, i can tell you what i am going to do for the next month: Green Documentaries for November! As i told you, my beloved friend M, showed me a web site where i can watch all(actually 86) documentaries about environment. This has a variety of documentaries about gas, energy, traffic & transportation, food, water.. Whatever you want!!

For the people who expect to read technical critiques of documentaries,all i can say to you is DON'T! Well, i do not know how i am going to feel about documentaries!! Just kidding:)) Yet, seriously, i do not know what i am going to write about those. It may be because, i have not watched them yet!

One more thing that i m going to tell about why i cancelled my 'biking' challange: i want to live!(Dramatic music! No rain yet.) i know it sounds so crazy but it is true. Especially, in that rainy weather(real rain, not dramatic one), it is impossible to ride your bike and not crash with a car where i live. Of course, it will not be my fault!!! This is all their's:) Maybe, one day, we have bike ways that enable us to ride our bikes as transportation tool... (Sigh! Dramatic rain can be added now.)

Lessons to be learned:

1) Challenge is challenge, life is life! Sometimes, they do not coincide with each other!
2) Documentaries are useful... or is it too early to say so? (Suspicious sounds)
3) You never know how far you can go until you try! (Rain gets harder. Inside talk!)

Tip of today: Do car-pooling! Be social:)


No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 13th (shopping!)


Yesterday, my roomy and i went on shopping... You would start laughing like you are watching 'Shelly'- Big Bang Theory, if you 'watched' us: At a certain point, i felt like she was going to destroy me by just looking at me!

Here is what happened:

Me: There is no cleanser left in the house.
Roo: Here, that we can buy.
Me: NO!?
Roo: ...
Me: This is too small and by buying small bottles, we are contributing the increasing plastic waste. We were supposed to buy one big one and fill our little bottle which we bought last time, then we do not need to 'consume' more and more plastic each time.
(While saying that last line, i smiled at her like a kid who is asking for a permission to go for summer camp!)

She was still ok, till i yelled at her from the other corner that she should leave that yogurt! What can i do? That yogurt has so many promotion stickers on its plastic cover, and stickers were not even discount or informative stickers!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) i m still able to write that blog, nothing to worry about:))
2) Be carefull about unnecessary advertisements! They either promote to buy more or to create waste more. Actually both!
3) Next time, be more picky about who your roomie will be!! (it was a note from my roomy:))))


Tip of the day: Buy in bigger size, use in smaller size!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 12th (packing, packing, packing!!)


When i first started writing this blog, i said myself it will help me to understand what i want. There is nothing wrong with talking to yourself! Is it possible to live totally green? Is it possible to release 0-carbon except of your breathing CO2? Is it possible to live without cars or with only bikes? Is it possible to sweep all wastes we create under the rug? Is it possible to stop consumption? Is it possible to call all people's intentions on environmental problems?

Yes, as you see, it was kind of monolog: me, talking to myself! Then i suddenly(!) realized that these would not be the right questions! Ok, it was not all of a sudden, it took some time for me to understand that although i said 'NO!' to all these questions, i still want to consume less, to release less carbon as much as possible, to tell people plugging off helps to save energy, to ride a bike(of course when it is possible!), to reduce our wastes... It is a looong list! Even it is irrevesible (which ,i hope, is not), i do not want to contribute that. If i were a kid who will be born in 2300s, i would prefer to say that 'Well, they did their best in 2000s.'! Am i becoming a bit foresighted?!

So, now, using resources which is limited, needs to be taken into consideration!

Tip of the day: Next time, when you go shopping, do not take plastic bag! Use your own bag or carry one with you! (Easy, right?)

Lessons to be learned:

1) i m afraid of making 'We need to talk..' talk with myself one day! Till that day: ENJOY!
2) Doing something greener is not just governments' or powerfull countries' responsibility! Think twice before you act!


PS: i did not buy anything, i did not eat any packed food today!

Monday, October 11, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 11th(congratss!)


After this year, when i will be done with my challenges, i can buy me champagne to congratulate this day!! Sorry, i ll not be modest:) Because, i realized that i have not eaten any kind of cookies, biscuits, chocolates, ice-cream, instant coffee, pudding, coke, bottle-water for 11 days! You may say that it is what i m supposed to do. BUT!! Doing is harder than thinking.

Believe me!
Or wait, do not believe me: TRY it!!
Or wait, before you try it, let me help you to imagine:

You step into your convenient super market. At that time, you are thinking what you will cook for dinner. It is higly likely vegetables and you are -at least i am- ok with that, since you are a great cook and make everything soo delicious although the ingredients are not the best. (it is a fairy tale ok!! Do not interrupt me!) You walk through the grocery and feel like a French girl choosing the best cheese for her dinner. (i know vegetable is not the same with cheese, and i know i m not French and probably not that good cook!) BUT!! Then, you suddenly feel that you are that close (like a man in 'Paper Heart'!) to touch your intense chocolate-filled cake! No, it is not a cake. Not as soft as cake not as crunchy as cookie, but something special! Then you check the package to see the ingredients , with a piece of hope,that it may not have any soy oil. BUT!! Here it is!!

Do you feel.. dissappointed? sad? nervous? angry? hungry?? desperate?

i think i should stop here. Otherwise, you ll start sending me homemade cookies:))
After telling it with details, probably, you are not gonna believe me, but after some time, i started not to want them! Even if they have no soy oil which is probably GMO, they still are packed! and i do not want to contribute waste of the world:)

So, tomorrow, i m gonna write about what my concern is about packed food!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Humans have the best adaptability capabilities among all living things on the earth!
2) You-i are humans:)) (you probably noticed it already:)
3) If you are willing to change, you can change.. something about YOURSELF!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 10th (magic day?)


As i told you yesterday, i bought Organic Honey. i should say, i m not sure if i ll be able to buy another one for next month since it was sooooooo expensive. Still, i d like to see what happens!

Because, i m still on a diet: shopping diet! Fortunately, i m eating at home almost all the time, so seems like i do not need money as much as i needed before. Besides, i do not have a car: no insurance costs, no maintanance costs, no gas costs.. Then maybe i can spend more money to eat better. (or i can save some to travel!!)

One more time, it comes down to money. On the one hand, if 'organic' is healthier, then it should be reachable for all people. To make it possible, it should be cheaper which is not. Since, majority of the world is not among 'the wealthiest', then 'organic' movement can get stuck. Then, nobody but the people who have money or ,let's say, the people who are willing to spend most of the money on 'organic' would be healthier than the others. Is it something that i want to see? i am not sure!

In documentary, 'No Impact Man', there was a part which he became desperate. They, he and his family, tried to cut electrical energy use which includes washing machine, TV, refrigerator, lighting.. They were sitting on the couch with their candles and it was not to make atmosphere more romantic! Then he said, 'People will never stop using electricity..'. It may not be the exact wording but it was the point that not everyone will join 'this' environment-freak family guy. That is exactly the part which i asked to myself if i could continue to do the right thing consciously & consciencely, even i had known that noone will follow me... Well, my answer is YES! But, people, you are going to stand by me, right?? Yes you do!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) It is good to have people to say 'C'mon!! It is fun!'.
2) i still can not think about living without refrigerator!!!
3) But can live without candles:))


Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 9th (no impact man,inspiration!!)


Today was a great day!! i have many reasons to say so. First of all, i watched 'No Impact Man' and i definitely tell you how much i am inspired by that just after i say i had a great breakfast:all non-packed, went to open market, bought vegetables and fruits, and also some ingredients to prepare my own jam -receipe is from my dear friend Ra-, met NHN, my roomy and came home to cook dinner! Yes, i do the cooking today!!! You can not know how much it means to me.. or to people who know me! Hımm, i was about to forget: i bought organic HONEY!!

Therefore, today was awe-so-me! Now, i can write about 'No Impact Man'! As i wrote before, that was the idea why i started to write my blog! There is no shame from my side. i think he succeeded something and i am so proud that i was inspired to do something similar. The most interesting parts in his challanges were not about environment. Not watching TV, not buying anything new, not using elevator, not driving car, not eating packed, not using toilet paper, doing your hygene products at home, using bike only, turning off the lights at night, trying not to buy any non-recyclable goods, not drinking coffee, not using fridge.. These are all important. BUT!! The thing is he convinced his wife to join his action. It had to be like that since they basicly live together!!

People, if you still have not started to feel surprised, shocked, happy or to jump or to faint; read those sentences again!!!

He did this with a family!! From that point, i m feeling lucky, too, because i m also not living alone and am sharing my/our home with my roomy who stopped eating packed food at home also. Yet, i have doubts if she will be willing to join me with my next month's challange(i ll write it soon!!).

Lessons to be learned:

1) Being extreme makes you extreme, makes public more than average!
2) I ll test my future spouse with 'No Impact Man's standards!!
3) I ll probably die alone!!!


Friday, October 8, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 8th (producers?!)


Today was extremely exhausting, not physically but mentally! Ok, that is nothing related to that blog:i just wanted to share... In the beginning everything seemed soooo dark and at the end i became myself again. i m not going to tell you what happened (do not think that you ll be intereted in), but i would like to say that it is never pure black or white! Thanks God, i m mostly seeing 'white' part :)

It is the same with environmental issues: As i told you, about organic foods,the easiest way would be to sell them in super markets but for higher price. May be i am overestimating that, may be it is only in İstanbul but as soon as they will be in the supermarkets there will be less people to buy from open markets. Then, less demand means, less production. That circle seems endless.(Do not dare to say it already is!!:)

Btw, i d like to say you one more thing, and i ll let you go.(Again do not dare to say you already did!!:) For the last few days, here is clod like hell!! (Do not dare to say the hell is 'hot'!!:) Unlike last year, there was no autumn, we directly passed from summer to winter. This is called 'climate change'!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Do not write blog when you feel pessimistic... next time!
2) Nature seems serious about warning... Buy one more coat or reduce your energy consumption!!
3) Do not get tough on yourself! (my roomy said so:)


PS: Today was packed-free! Besides, i haven't bought anything after my first challange!!