Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Where to start?! Yes, i am so happy and i first want to start writing about my challanges. i can proudly say that i did not buy any clothes, shoes or accesories. i guess i already told about that:) Eating non-packed food... Unfortunately, i could not stand that delicious chocolates! You know!Brussels!! Again unfortunately, i could not always eat home-made food, yet GEF let us prepare our lunchs together at HUB! i will explain all of these tomorrow! Lastly, i was lucky about source seperation, because HUB has its own system for paper, disposables and the rest!

So, tomorrow, i ll write you about NiKO who is an ethical fashion designer. You ll love her designs. It may seem cotroversial to you, writing about fashion designer while i m still on a shopping-diet. However, if there were many others like her, there would be no concern about fashion industry at all.

One more thing to say: i asked another amazing person to show his drawings here. Hope we ll lucky enough to have them!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Unsubscribe any web-sites from which you have mails deleting without reading!
2) Travelling and using internet: equally harmful for the environment, equally irresistable:S
3) Do what i say, do not do what i do! i want to make that phrase reverse!