Sunday, October 31, 2010

What to do?


i ll directly start writing about why people do not recycle.

Well, it depends. it can be due to infrastructural problems. For instance, if you live in the most beautiful city as i do now, you can have the most beautiful scene but not recycling facility provided by municipality. They seem like they are trying. They put few recycle bins on some corners of the streets, yet they do not specify which is what. i mean, recycling has its own language. Not every plastic is plastic, and not every paper look alike is paper. Same for metals, glasses. Therefore, there should be more informative signs at least on the recycle bins.

Can we put chocolate cover in plastic? What can we do with milk bottles? Are they paper or plastic or should we collect them seperately? What about bulbs? Are they glass or is there any place where we can bring to elektronic waste or are they hazardous waste?

You see? Questions, questions... And none of them is answered by any responsible person, institution what so ever! Believe me, i can list many more question that can scare you! Not only because i m creatiave about asking questions, but also i have been observing 'my' wastes and feeling sooo confused.

Yet,lacking information is not the only problem. Convenience seems like a bigger problem. Because, putting everything in the same garbage is easier. Besides, if you need to carry your waste a bit far away, it does not seem worthwhile to spend money on oil (for the people who 'drive' their waste to the nearest recycle bin). Well, i m afraid that can be right unless you go on foot.

There are also motivational problems. People want to know what happens after they seperate their garbage. People want to be reinforced for spending their time on seperation. i m sure there are many more reasons that is counted vital for the people.

Lessons the be learned:

1) Be positive: if there are many problems, there is soo much space for improvement! May be we should force municipalities for more convenient solutions.
2) You can not be aware of unless you know. So, talk to people why recycling is important.
3) Be sporty: carry your garbage on food!

Tip of the day: Check this to learn more about recycling!