Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 25-26th (Recycling!!)


Yesterday, somehow, i could not find anything to write. Not because we were running out environmental problem, but because i was again a good girl and truly obeyed my own rules! As, you understand, i did not buy any new stuff and i ate properly!

After informing you about very interesting part of my life, i may come to another point: Recycling! Since it is going to be my next challange, i was searching through web-sites and i found that really worth-to-read text. It explains why people do not recycle.

Then tomorrow, i ll also write about why people do not recycle. They sometimes have really good reasons! Even i can say so! i ll also write about what can be done, what people expect to have.

For now, i let you enjoy the article!

Tip of the day: Recycle!