Monday, October 11, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 11th(congratss!)


After this year, when i will be done with my challenges, i can buy me champagne to congratulate this day!! Sorry, i ll not be modest:) Because, i realized that i have not eaten any kind of cookies, biscuits, chocolates, ice-cream, instant coffee, pudding, coke, bottle-water for 11 days! You may say that it is what i m supposed to do. BUT!! Doing is harder than thinking.

Believe me!
Or wait, do not believe me: TRY it!!
Or wait, before you try it, let me help you to imagine:

You step into your convenient super market. At that time, you are thinking what you will cook for dinner. It is higly likely vegetables and you are -at least i am- ok with that, since you are a great cook and make everything soo delicious although the ingredients are not the best. (it is a fairy tale ok!! Do not interrupt me!) You walk through the grocery and feel like a French girl choosing the best cheese for her dinner. (i know vegetable is not the same with cheese, and i know i m not French and probably not that good cook!) BUT!! Then, you suddenly feel that you are that close (like a man in 'Paper Heart'!) to touch your intense chocolate-filled cake! No, it is not a cake. Not as soft as cake not as crunchy as cookie, but something special! Then you check the package to see the ingredients , with a piece of hope,that it may not have any soy oil. BUT!! Here it is!!

Do you feel.. dissappointed? sad? nervous? angry? hungry?? desperate?

i think i should stop here. Otherwise, you ll start sending me homemade cookies:))
After telling it with details, probably, you are not gonna believe me, but after some time, i started not to want them! Even if they have no soy oil which is probably GMO, they still are packed! and i do not want to contribute waste of the world:)

So, tomorrow, i m gonna write about what my concern is about packed food!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Humans have the best adaptability capabilities among all living things on the earth!
2) You-i are humans:)) (you probably noticed it already:)
3) If you are willing to change, you can change.. something about YOURSELF!