Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 13th (shopping!)


Yesterday, my roomy and i went on shopping... You would start laughing like you are watching 'Shelly'- Big Bang Theory, if you 'watched' us: At a certain point, i felt like she was going to destroy me by just looking at me!

Here is what happened:

Me: There is no cleanser left in the house.
Roo: Here, that we can buy.
Me: NO!?
Roo: ...
Me: This is too small and by buying small bottles, we are contributing the increasing plastic waste. We were supposed to buy one big one and fill our little bottle which we bought last time, then we do not need to 'consume' more and more plastic each time.
(While saying that last line, i smiled at her like a kid who is asking for a permission to go for summer camp!)

She was still ok, till i yelled at her from the other corner that she should leave that yogurt! What can i do? That yogurt has so many promotion stickers on its plastic cover, and stickers were not even discount or informative stickers!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) i m still able to write that blog, nothing to worry about:))
2) Be carefull about unnecessary advertisements! They either promote to buy more or to create waste more. Actually both!
3) Next time, be more picky about who your roomie will be!! (it was a note from my roomy:))))


Tip of the day: Buy in bigger size, use in smaller size!