Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 23rd (green business?)


Daily report: i have been sooo healthy today. i went to local open market,had an organic breakfast, my roomy cooked at home for dinner. Besides, i did not buy anything. So, it has been 56 days that i have not bought any clothes. Just to remind you, these months were sales months; to remind me, it was easy!

And today's topic: green businesses!!

What is green business? What makes them green? Do they need to work on environment or is it enough to make their processes more environmental friendly? If so, do they practice it voluntarily? Can we call businesses green when they apply only basics? How can we decide if it is green or just 'green-washed'? Can a business be light green? What is the 'optimum' green level? Can a business get greener by being more efficient?

OK! changed my mind! i m gonna write about that tomorrow. For today, just questions! Class dismissed!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Try not to be mad at your parents or teachers! You are gonna be like them! (mum=me, me=mum)
2) Do not sit in front of PC, all the time!
3) Stop reading this part! Seems like there is nothing more to learn :P

Tip of the day: Turn off the lights, light a candle! Be romantic! (Si's understanding of getting green!)