Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweet November, 22nd, QQQ!


Yesterday, i wrote 'The Perfect Vagina' and suddenly visits to my 'cute' sustainable life doubled. What can i say? Sex Sells! Although in this case, it was not about sex! Thanks, thanks, thanks! i wish there could be a possible way to combine sex and environment:D

As i started to write yesterday, there are certain questions which can help firms to face with what they are doing. In Ecological Intelligence, Art Kleiner, the editor of Strategy+Business has asked those questions and answered them fairly. What can a firm do when it discovers what it has been doing was wrong; concerning environment, social aspect or health? 1st Q: Do i care? Normally, you expect to hear from a firm 'YYEEEEESS!' as passionate as possible, however, if the firm just ignore it, there is no change! 2nd Q: What happens if i pretend that it never happened? If they start losing their market share or reputation, then they can have a look to 1st Q again! 3rd Q:In what way we are supposed to change our way of thinking? If you are up for a change, then you are supposed to accept that you have been doing wrong! 4th Q: Is it proven? Anf if so, are we gonna solve it or put the blame on others? You know the right answer... 5th Q: Which sources should i follow/trust? Along with Life Cycle Assessment, there are other case-based solutions of sustainability. 6th Q: What will be the cost? You may need to change ingredients, suppliers, intermediaries which mean extra to pay!! i think this is part in which companies seem unwilling to change. 7th Q: Do we really need to know what was wrong? It may cause both ethically and financially challanged minds in the firm. 8th Q: If we decide to change, how can we find a balance benefits and costs? Needs a looong space to write:) 9th Q: Where to start? 10th Q: Does it worth to change? i hope one day this become a ridiculous question to be answered!

Tomorrow, i ll write about a discussion going on about climate change! i know you are so surprised! BUT! What is surprising here is that, first, the link was sent me by my careless but good friend RO and ,second, there are BIG people talking about climate change and 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference very similar to our volvox rant!

Lessons to be learned:

1) You never know what comes from who! Cheers RO!
2) Boring stuff can be usefull as well!! (i m trying to motivate myself to read articles, do not take it serious!!!)
3) i wish you an exciting and promising tomorrow! you wish others as well!!!