Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 9th (no impact man,inspiration!!)


Today was a great day!! i have many reasons to say so. First of all, i watched 'No Impact Man' and i definitely tell you how much i am inspired by that just after i say i had a great breakfast:all non-packed, went to open market, bought vegetables and fruits, and also some ingredients to prepare my own jam -receipe is from my dear friend Ra-, met NHN, my roomy and came home to cook dinner! Yes, i do the cooking today!!! You can not know how much it means to me.. or to people who know me! Hımm, i was about to forget: i bought organic HONEY!!

Therefore, today was awe-so-me! Now, i can write about 'No Impact Man'! As i wrote before, that was the idea why i started to write my blog! There is no shame from my side. i think he succeeded something and i am so proud that i was inspired to do something similar. The most interesting parts in his challanges were not about environment. Not watching TV, not buying anything new, not using elevator, not driving car, not eating packed, not using toilet paper, doing your hygene products at home, using bike only, turning off the lights at night, trying not to buy any non-recyclable goods, not drinking coffee, not using fridge.. These are all important. BUT!! The thing is he convinced his wife to join his action. It had to be like that since they basicly live together!!

People, if you still have not started to feel surprised, shocked, happy or to jump or to faint; read those sentences again!!!

He did this with a family!! From that point, i m feeling lucky, too, because i m also not living alone and am sharing my/our home with my roomy who stopped eating packed food at home also. Yet, i have doubts if she will be willing to join me with my next month's challange(i ll write it soon!!).

Lessons to be learned:

1) Being extreme makes you extreme, makes public more than average!
2) I ll test my future spouse with 'No Impact Man's standards!!
3) I ll probably die alone!!!