Monday, November 8, 2010

Sweet November, 8th The CURSE of OIL/1


i ll have a break for 10 more days probably. Unfortunately, this post will be one of the shortest ones.

i am sure you already heard a lot about Oil Companies. Especially these days, consequences are inevitably visible. When you watch that, you ll see more examples. You ll see how it effects local communities in Africa, how companies tried to make people(mainly people in court) believe that they are innocent, how they strongly believe that they are innocent. That was the shocking part for me to see in board members' faces pure innocence. Is there a difference between being innocent and feeling innocent,btw?

However, there is a point that i can not stop myself from saying: this is not only their fault. Governments, policies, infrastructure... everything else is in the scenerio except of indigenous people. i do say it literaly! Because, in the agreement with government, it was written that indigenous people do not have right to sue oil companies due to problems caused by oil company. That would be the time when i would question myself and my ethic policies. That is also the time when the state should remember its people come first,supposedly even though it says all these are for higher life standards.

i think all we can do is wishing the best for future when we will not exploit oil for plastic, heating, fuel,cars, lipsticks etc... instead, we can find less harmfull -hopefully harmless- sources for our daily needs.

Lessons to be learned:

1) What goes around comes around... does not work for virgin sources!
2) Be passively active!
3) If there is no life, there is no higher life standards

Cheers!! Have a nice day!