Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 12th (packing, packing, packing!!)


When i first started writing this blog, i said myself it will help me to understand what i want. There is nothing wrong with talking to yourself! Is it possible to live totally green? Is it possible to release 0-carbon except of your breathing CO2? Is it possible to live without cars or with only bikes? Is it possible to sweep all wastes we create under the rug? Is it possible to stop consumption? Is it possible to call all people's intentions on environmental problems?

Yes, as you see, it was kind of monolog: me, talking to myself! Then i suddenly(!) realized that these would not be the right questions! Ok, it was not all of a sudden, it took some time for me to understand that although i said 'NO!' to all these questions, i still want to consume less, to release less carbon as much as possible, to tell people plugging off helps to save energy, to ride a bike(of course when it is possible!), to reduce our wastes... It is a looong list! Even it is irrevesible (which ,i hope, is not), i do not want to contribute that. If i were a kid who will be born in 2300s, i would prefer to say that 'Well, they did their best in 2000s.'! Am i becoming a bit foresighted?!

So, now, using resources which is limited, needs to be taken into consideration!

Tip of the day: Next time, when you go shopping, do not take plastic bag! Use your own bag or carry one with you! (Easy, right?)

Lessons to be learned:

1) i m afraid of making 'We need to talk..' talk with myself one day! Till that day: ENJOY!
2) Doing something greener is not just governments' or powerfull countries' responsibility! Think twice before you act!


PS: i did not buy anything, i did not eat any packed food today!