Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Respect!! i have never thought or admired people who are architect... till i watched that! i m not going to say that i wish, because i know i would live the same life if i had a chance to choose. So, i settle with sayin i appreciate!

In the documentary, 6 genious (Norman Foster,Will Alsop, Francois Tirot, Laurent-March Fisher, Werner Sobek, Stefan Benish) were making comments on how new,sustainable buildings can be possible, and how we can integrate those systems to our current/traditional one without comprimising economical benefits and comfort zone.

Few examples made it really clear. One of them was the building which nicknamed as The Gherkin. This is a building in UK which you can notice the difference at the first sight. Other than seeming extremely modern, it is extremely functional. (To people who know how muck i like the word 'functional': i mean it!!) Its design enables people to work inside without having airconditioning system. As it is explained, wind can blow inside the building without making people hold their papers to fly. In another sample building, material used is 25% less than the ones which has the same inner volume. Less metarial means less cost as well as less resource use. Materials are also important. Steel, aliminium and glass can be recyclable and/or reusable , so they are Werner Sobek's favourites. Green areas in the building is another sign to make the building green; not only as colour but also as a concern of sustainability.

To sum up, as it is said in the documentary, sustainability is not only about making environment friendly buildings. It is also about people and economy. Fortunately, these do not need to be conflicting!

Lessons to be learned:

1) There are people who believe in innovation.
2) There are people who are clever.
3) There are people who can make enourmous amount of money by combining innovation and intelligence.

Tip of the day: If you can not change yourself, change your house! Invest more on efficient energy-water-waste systems!