Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! (is it all about time?)


i could not write yesterday, but it does not mean that i have something to hide: i am still into it! However, i should say it was a bit hard. Because, when i came back from my hometown, i realized that, in my home where i live with my roomy, we have jam which is packed, butter-packed, every piece of chocolate- contains soy oil, coffee-instant.. And my one of the biggest pleasure, PASTRY.. sometimes sweet, sometimes salty but always fresh(since we bought from bakery). The last time when i went to bakery to buy a bread and saw my favorite cookie.. It was really as romantic and sad as Titanic!

Ok! Enough. i think i exaggerate a bit. i mean i can bake my cookies (to people who know me, i m telling you: Do not laugh!!) but she can not bake her all-times love unless she was Sabrina- witch! Soo, at the end, it has been 5 days and i m still on the way!

BUT!! There is really one important thing about baking cookies: TIME! i mean other than i m kind of person who gets bored after adding 3rd ingredient -including salt/spices- to meal/pastry, sometime you just do not have time! OR, do we?

According to Slow Food Lady, we have time: we have time to spend cooking, if we have time to watch TV for 4 hours, to check our mails 78 times a day, to spend hours on networking websites.. Besides, as she told, we have machines to do almost everything for us: washing&drying machines for laundry, dishwasher for dirty plates, hoover for cleaning the house, small home appliances to mix, to cut, to stir.. In addition to that, we buy our clothes and do not sew! There should be time, but the question is whether we are willing to spend that time on slowing our lives..with slow food?! Preparing every ingredients, buying them from special organic markets and eating that meal that you put so much effort, enjoying every bit.. time consuming! OR, is it?

Taking my time while eating is pleasure for me! Especially, when you are surrounded by people who you like to be with! Especially, when you smell the meal and when it smells soooo gooodd! Does not need to be your pleasure! i strongly suggest you to try!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Do not judge your friends if they are not able to cook! Cook for them!! (Dear 'my' friends! You got what i mean!)
2) Special thanks to my dear CfB for having dinner with me.. and also telling me the 'Ugly Truth's of food indusrty!!
3) Close your eyes while eating.. unless nobody see you!! Otherwise, you are going to be the fun of the week! (based on a true story.)

PS: Tomorrow's topic: How can we make organic food more visible? Can market chains be the option?