Monday, October 18, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 18th (environmentalist!)


i'd like to start with reporting my packed-free day: i m still doing good! Still, sometimes i m questioning if it really saves the environment, or it is just for saving us! Of course, the less packed food you consume, the less package you create! Other than that, it is all about your health! Unfortunately, sometimes, i am not willing to be that healthy:) i m still a human being, you know?! and i want to eat ice-cream! Then the words said by Slow Food Lady come to my mind: 'If you do not find the proper food, you do not eat.' That is why, she was that skinny.. and i absulately am not!

Yes, what was my purpose to start that challange? Being healthier by consuming more organic products? Supporting organic food producers? Adding one more person who demands organic food (it has the same purpose with the previous one)? Consuming less by preparing all meals by myself (rommie-self actually)? Decreasing plastic use? All of them? None of them?

To be honest, although i knew that slow food movement's one of the concerns is health, i was expecting to hear more about 'package'! Not that, i do not care about my health, but i can say it is mostly mum's concern. Yeah, you smell the young-teenage- cool- rebellious girl who seems like not caring about herself (but caring most about herself indeed), right?

Back to point, my challange does not add that much to the environment: i still buy my packed-dairy, there is no rule like 'you are not supposed to carry your bag with you to take your stuff home!', 'You are supposed to pay attention to buy products only covered with recyclable package!', 'You are supposed to drink tap water when it is possible!'... These are not the concerns of Slow Food, but mine!

Am i becoming an environmentalist whom people hate? This is tomorrow's topic! After i wrote that treehugger case, i wonder what really 'environmentalist' means! You ll read what i found tomorrow!! You are going to read, right? RIGHT??

Lessons to be learned:

1) Sometimes, it is easy to do than to think!
2) Take care of your health! Running nose is out!
3) Listen to Jazz music! Really relaxing:) out of topic:))

Tip of the day: Be lazy! Do not search for parking place! Walk instead!


PS: Special thanks to my Roomie and my day-making MT for helping me to do my project!! Would be sooooooo hard without your help!