Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 14th(the month after this month!)


Today i decided to make a change in my blog. For the next month, i m not going to find a new challenge. i ll keep performing 2 months' challenges. That means, i m not going to buy any new clothes, shoes or accesories as i did till now. Besides, i m not going to eat packed food, though i m not sure how successful i am about that. At least i m going to buy my vegetables and fruits from the open market, and i m not going to eat any snacks.i mean packed snacks. You can find the details here :)

i suppose that you have already known which things are forbidden, so i can say that i will not be that 'sustainable' about Pastry any more.

Yes! After saying these, i can tell you what i am going to do for the next month: Green Documentaries for November! As i told you, my beloved friend M, showed me a web site where i can watch all(actually 86) documentaries about environment. This has a variety of documentaries about gas, energy, traffic & transportation, food, water.. Whatever you want!!

For the people who expect to read technical critiques of documentaries,all i can say to you is DON'T! Well, i do not know how i am going to feel about documentaries!! Just kidding:)) Yet, seriously, i do not know what i am going to write about those. It may be because, i have not watched them yet!

One more thing that i m going to tell about why i cancelled my 'biking' challange: i want to live!(Dramatic music! No rain yet.) i know it sounds so crazy but it is true. Especially, in that rainy weather(real rain, not dramatic one), it is impossible to ride your bike and not crash with a car where i live. Of course, it will not be my fault!!! This is all their's:) Maybe, one day, we have bike ways that enable us to ride our bikes as transportation tool... (Sigh! Dramatic rain can be added now.)

Lessons to be learned:

1) Challenge is challenge, life is life! Sometimes, they do not coincide with each other!
2) Documentaries are useful... or is it too early to say so? (Suspicious sounds)
3) You never know how far you can go until you try! (Rain gets harder. Inside talk!)

Tip of today: Do car-pooling! Be social:)