Sunday, December 19, 2010

AnOL- ready to handmade? GO GO!!


Here is my dear friend AnOL from Estonia! She is a teacher, an entrepreneur, a dreamer...and an activist! She teaches economics in high schools and really cares it. BUT!! She is a law student, or would i say was a law student? Ok, she is studying both law and history. it has a bit complicated process of that education so, i ll just start writing about her 'green enterpreneur' side. She has her own business of handmade clothes/accesories in Estonia. As she said and believed, you can trigger big challanges starting with small initiatives. She started hers. You can ask what makes handmade green than mass produced ones. To me, it reminds me of process of production. i mean everything around us and ready to consume,has to be processed before it comes to our door. However, in this fabulous world, we see the very end product and i am not sure whether we are aware of the effort and energy and human force and input required to turn that piece of cotton into D&G (i ll come to discussion we made with NiKO later, in another day! ). Therefore, i really appreciate people who make that process more visible by providing hand-made goods by literally putting their hands into work. AnOL is one of them! Yes, i know, i m lucky:)

Again, i am lucky because during one of our workshop discussions, i had chance to tell what i has been doing about environment for the last (almost) 4 months, and about my blog (Shopping-free September, Unpacked Food October, Recycling November!). After a while, she told that she has done these without seeing these as challanges. She has been buying her clothes from 2nd Hand stores since they are cheaper and pretty as well. She eats vegetables and fruits from her grandma's garden, again cheaper and healthier and precious! Also, about electricity use and energy use for heating, she does her best. Not only environmental friendly but also financially smart thing to do!

As also my lovely Si told me, this financially smart argument can attract more people!

Tomorrow: Talk with NiKO about D&G!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Enjoy the process!
2) Feel lucky to make new friends!! Well, i do:)
3) OMG! Check this! You ll not regret!!!