Thursday, December 2, 2010

DECEMBER!! Wanted!!


Why nobody wakes me up before November ends??? i am soo upset not being able to write 'sweet november' anymore! Yet i haven t decided yet what i am going to write about in December. While i am thinking about that(or let say i ll be during the day), i want to report about what i have not done currently.

Other than having a waiting-to-do-list(including statement of purpose), i haven t bought anything new!i still do not have a private car! i still do not eat packed food! But to be honest, i am not patient enough to bake my pastry(or can not ask my roomy to do so for me:S). Yes, this means, i am buying ready-to-eat pastry! i still do not use plastic bag! Still recycling! Still plugging off my PC(and every other electrical tool when they are not in use)! Still talking about environment!

Although i am not a expert about that, talking is important! Because, people who you talk to may never be experts. i am polyanna in modern times, but it does not keep me thinking that some people never change or never show interest. Sometimes, it is discouraging. However, then i remind myself that what if there are some people who become deeply interested after you make them be aware of the issue. The way you explain how important is crucial. My way is not to make people feel bad and ashamed about their lives, their consumption patterns. At least it would not work on me. i prefer keep talking about it to make the topic 'hotter', more available, more visible!

YES! i found what i ll do this month! i ll find STORIES! Stories of people who make the change for people starting from theirselves! Wish me good luck:)

Lessons to be learned:

1) If you drive your car to the bank to pay the bills, discover internet banking!
2) If you ride your bike to the bank, you are better to keep that attitude! Healthier happier:))
3) If you preferred walking, i would say 'you are lucky to be that close to the bank!!!'

Love you all people!