Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweet November, 19th, Ecological Intelligence!!


It was a looong break that i really miss writing. For a quick report, i was doing pretty well till our fest started. i ate chocolate,not as much as i used to eat(applause!!!), but still, i did! i m sorry, i m not gonna punish myself for that!
i also did not buy any clothes which deserves a huuuge 'wooww', that was a sale time!

So, let s turn to where we left! As i wrote before, that November supposed to be 'sweet'! i do not mean chocolate. i was planning to watch a documentary everyday and write about that. However, plans never work(i should not write my blog adress on my CV, that is soo not good for an employer to see that its potential employee can not follow the plan. shh, between us;)) Although i will do my best for the rest of November, for today, i ll write a bit about a book that i am reading in these days:Ecological Intelligence: How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Can Change Everything by Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman is very well known by his works on EI: Emotional Intelligence. However, in this book, he is questioning another type of EI: Ecological Intelligence.
From the beginning, other than finding fulfilling web sites like GoodGuide, SkinDeep etc., there is also something that is going to be 'hot' topic in the market place including business and public sector: availability of information! How we buy stuff? What attracts us? Why do we choose that brand and not the other one? These all seem like questions in a marketing class, which means more than that. These questions bring another questions: How much we care 'green labeling'? Do we care? Are we willing to pay more for greener? If so, how much more? Can 'green' be our only concern? Should it be?

Of course there is no one and only answer for these questions, but we at least can say that if people can reach more clear, simple, understandable ranking information of brands, they can make more rationale choices. We are not only talking about environmental impact of products, but also social aspect of businesses.

It is not a smooth surface that you can walk easily. It has seriously sharp edges in which you can find yourself lost.

Lessons to be learned:

1) No need to be afraid of being lost... There is always other ways!(or were they the same?)
2) Social aspect is as important as environment! (no need for tears my friends, i love you!)
3) i miss reading book... not online!