Sunday, October 24, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 24th (green, Ça, Fabulous!))


Today was yesterday's tomorrow; so, i m telling about green business today! First of all, i really would like to thank 'wikipedia' for being my holly web-site. Yes, it was a confession: i read from wiki! Not only from wikipedia! You can not imagine how many articles were written on green sustainable businesses, startups, universities.. Do not stop reading! i ll not write about all:)

To start with, of course there are many criterias for being called 'green'. Most of them starts with ISO (14000, 14001...). Other than that, there are many labeling systems, rewards, cerificates from green buildings to products, from energy use to services provided to waste management!!!

However, as i understand if a firm wants to be greener, it has to think broader than just switching off the lights. Involvement of each level of business is crucial. Green decisions should be on the agenda when firms talk about strategic moves. What can be the decision points? To start with what is sustainable, by definition green business “meets the needs of the present world without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs." Well, at least they are supposed to.

It is not only what businesses need to do, but also what people who read this blog need to/ would / could / may do! (feel the pressure, right? :))) So, here is another story by Ça. She is also a friend from my department and i felt sooo happy (Warning! Extreme emotions!) to receive her mail telling me what's her - and her mum's- deal with environment. As she said, after reading my blog (applause!), she felt pretty environment-friendly. Not because she read the blog (sigh!), but she has already been carrying stuff in her bag (as she mentioned they are 'BIG'!) so not using plastic bag; seperating papers from other wastes (her mum seperates also electronic wastes & batteries, plastics and glass). Besides, she and her roomie -i suppose- do not use plastic kitchen tools since plastic has a 'happily ever after' life in the nature!(congrats!)

Then, time to talk about my day: i did not buy any clothes and i am still into my October!. Btw, i told you that, i m not going to have another challange for November. BUT!! i have one! Next month, i ll carry all my recyclable waste to recycle bins. For the people, who already has source seperation system provided by state, it can seem easy to you! For me, it means to carry my plastic , paper and metal wastes to bins which are 10 min away from where i live, and for glasses it will take even more. However, i ll still write about documnetaries as well! Here is getting hot and crowded ! Yay!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Green is not only a colour any more!
2) When there are 3rd parties to audit your performance, you are more likely to proceed better! (talking about businesses!)
3) Hearing from friends is good. It is even better, when they talk about what you do!

Tip of the day: Buy local, eat local!