Saturday, February 26, 2011

SOGLA- Social Entrepreneurship!

Dear All,

Today was a great day! SOGLA, foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, organized a workshop about... Yes! Sustainability!!

We were around 40 people and divided into 6 groups! i was, as always, so lucky about my group. They were all soo nice and i am soo excited about the project that we prepared! The project is to establish a center to write sustainability plans for universities and set a platform to make municipalities and universities come together. We even though of budget and how to finance our project! Probably, we may not be able to start tomorrow; but still... Who knows!

Btw, after i started writing my blog, i saw my EZ online on skype and we started to talk of course. Some things never change! She sent me that link. You may find it interesting!

Reasons to be happy:

1) i am a lucky girl!
2) You never know what the life is planning for you!
3) Go green! Be a social entrepreneur!!


Friday, February 18, 2011

BOSS talks!

Dear All,

Today i talked to my boss! Yes, i was planning to talk to him since... i started to call aaaaall those firms! Finally today, i had chance to have a meeting! i wish i would not be that sick and would tell the words more clearly at least without coughing intensely... But this is not the topic:)

i wanted to talk to him because in my opinion, our foundation was not doing that well when it comes to sustainability even though we are the foundation for sustainability.

You know i wanted to be more motivated about what i do at work. i am glad to say that, we have been doing something for being more sustainable. i just did not know! He told me our office and the other one which is in another city are working to establish a sustainability plan. He also told me, we had kind of fax system that doesn t let fax to be printed. Instead, all faxes directly pop up on the main screen of our foundation. So, it is paperless. i also asked him why we don t sending forms via mail instead of fax. His answer was clear: They tried, they failed. Culturally, we take more serious when something comes as paper and not electronically! i can t blame him! Yet still, i believe that sometimes you need to be more pushy! Yes, i m getting obsessed with fax!

i am more relaxed! i am motivated enough to call that 100 thousand firms for update! and he is also convinced that there should be a system within foundation that employees can be informed and updated about the foundation itself!

Reasons to be happy:

1) i still can breath!
2) i saw "xerox" has a new strategy that it changes its products more to digital papers! so, sooner, there may not be and printer or fax machine!
3) i got accepted from all universities that i have applied for masters! last step: finding the scholarship:)


Friday, February 11, 2011

memory sticks VS e-mail!!

Dear All,

This week was full of reunions! One of them was with EcE. We were talking about my fragile world mostly related to environment. (Surprised?)

It may seem a bit contradictory to my previous post, but using internet pollutes air as much as airplanes. (Surprised?) Well, i was surprised when i first read it and i wrote it i guess before. Somehow, i still did not understand why exactly it emits that amount of CO2 but everytime when you google, when you check your mails, when you visit a website, what-so-ever you do, you pollute.

How did we start talking about that? i told my friend that i wanted to use USB to transfer files from my colluge's PC. it is weird to receive a mail from someone who sits next to you. Besides, i d prefer travelling if my carbon footprint will rise anyways. Belive me,we transfer files many times. So, everytime when i download a file from my mail box, i feel like i do something bad that i could prevent with a little effort.

Lessons to be learned:

1) no matter what, more use than enough is harmful. (i don t like admitting it as well!)
2) meeting friends makes life always better! Great thanks to EcE, SignoraChloe and my dearest Fa!
3) love!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

To FAX or not to FAX! C'mon (2)

Dear All,

These days, things are... like you eat lemon, sour taste passes away from your mouth,but keeps its influence whenever you think of it!

Sending fax to many firms makes me feel like that. Not only i m going crazy to hear that "sending.." voice, not only i m calling each of them to confirm if it is received, not only it takes loong, loooonng, looooooooong... but also, i would like to "kindly" say something to the firms: "It is already hard for me!Please, don t make it harder for us!"

To whom it may concern,

Sending fax is old fashion even though you think it is more official. And you know, there is a new(!) way to send something: E-MAIL! Have you heard of that? i mean, not to judge you, but it has many advantages: 1)It is more silent 2) You can be sure that it is sent. 3) It is easier to send. 4) It is easier for recipients to forward it to responsible people.

Moreover, and for me the most important, you don t waste any paper! i m sure you heard of TREEs, that green creatures! They would be sooooooo grateful if you stopped cutting them for nonsense use.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Deep breathe! note to myself!!
2) Be careful when you use paper!!!
3) Be breave about new(!) ways before they become out!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amazed! GEF!

Dear All,

While i was in Paris, it was legendary btw, i only had chance to check my mails. I am amazed with the info flow in GEF web-site.

i ll write loooonger!
Just can t stop myself to write about GEF till i have time to take a deep breath!

Reasons to be happy:

1) As Samantha would say, first internet, then NGOs, then business, then government! We already walk the half way!
2) Amazing programs to apply for GreEn!
3) Mum and Sister are here:)(Just personal info, ignore!)