Monday, December 20, 2010

D&G Talk! Dream vs Reality


As i wrote you yesterday,today is an D&G day! i do not want to dissappoint you or cause any misunderstanding, sooooo let s start what is so important about D&G!

At the very beginning, i want to say that, D&G, do not take it personal! You are here as representative of all luxurious, fashionable, 'adorable' outfit brands. Here is the story behind it!

While we were in Brussels, i told you that you were going to listen it for years, we had discussions about how to make 'green' fields more attractive in general. NiKO, my designer friend, explained what they talked in their group, while we were in coffee break. They created kind of Maslow's pyramid (you can see the chart by NiPA in previous post as 3rd lesson!). As they analyzed there are levels where everyone wants to be in the upper one since upper levels basicly provides you more than just shelter. Ok, i do not want to be disrespectful about Maslow's theory by misexplaining, so please read from here first. In their pyramid, at the bottom, there are people who has to consume less than lesser since their priority is to survive; therefore most basic needs. It is something very well known. You know, poor countries or let s make it politically correct; developing countries consumes hundred folds lesser than developed ones. On the other hand, at the top, there are people who seem more aware of 'sustainability problems' and has money. Therefore, they are kind of having more environment friendly life; electric cars, organic foods, green houses, renewable energy use etc etc. However, we have huuuuge number of people between these two layers. How to make them greener? Here is D&G! As in almost all advertisements, if you want to make a product attractive, show that it is luxurious therefore adorable therefore hard to reach therefore you need to make more money. Here is the point where everybody, almost, wants to wear D&G! Should we put green near to D&G?

My answer is NO! Because, although D&G is attractive, it is not affordable to everyone. i think we need green in our lives, not in our dreams...

Lessons to be learned:

1) Even the most beautiful dream is not replaceable with real! (woowww, it is a bit assertive!)
2) Sharing is fruitful... and full of joy!!
3) Fingers crossed for the people who get stuck at the airports!!!