Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What is like being a Leader?

Dear All,

i am extremely angry! Today, there was a seminer about leadership. This time guest speaker was a verrrry famous "leader" who doesn t follow other sheeps.

He started to talk pretty normal. We are supposed not to be on the same way which mainstream people choose to follow. Our families expect from us to be the "normal" one. There are not so many leaders. These are not among the words which drove me crazy even though i don t totally agree with what he said. Sorry "leader", but i don t want to believe that everybody else is just someone and i am the one and only who solves all problems. i don t want to be the doer opposing everyone. Besides, if you define "leader" who lead the "sheeps", then i think there is a problem. i can list my all other objections but those were still acceptible. i mean, sometimes it even helps to reassure yourself. i am shameful to accept that but reassurance is a necessity.

However, leadership does not give right to offense people. There was a girl who covered her head. He first gazed at her and asked if she covered her head because of religious reasons. The girl answered, yes, faith. Then he said, he didn t believe that there is any religion which requires that, but stupidity. Then he started bullying her asking what religion is and why she believes. C'mon Leader! Seriously?

No dears, this is not the end. he continued very sure, he knew that he came here only for one person maybe 2 if he was lucky. So, others who even doesn t question can leave. C'mon Leader! Seriously?

i don t know what to say about that. i agree people should question and don t believe every word they hear. But, does knowing "questioning is important" give right to humiliate people? He could just finish talking, and may ask her in private if he really wants to encourage her to question. He didn t change neither that girl's nor other people's life in a better way. i don t know he created any miracle after this chat. 'cos, i and my friend left the room as well as the girl.

Reasons to be happy:

1) Congratulations to me! i am not a LEADER!
2) i am grateful i don t have sheeps to lead but friends and family! No question, i am lucky!
3) i gained extra 2 hours not attending that seminar:)


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Doing good:)

Dear All,

i am proud to say i was very successful to handle being vegeterian.
However, i m happy seeing this month is ending soon. Feeling a bit unmannered though...

You know things can change as well as people. For instance, last time i talked to my EZ, she confessed she became a total vegeterian. So bye bye "kebap" and related chit chats. When i talked to her, seems like nothing can be more meaningful than being vegi.
So what is wrong with me? Why can t i still be a vegi? Should i read the same book "Eating Animals"?

i guess, instead of reading that, i ll first watch this. She adviced me not to watch it if i want to eat meat soon. i don t know if it ll help, but lets see.

i am dizzy these days. Let s hope it s temporary.


PS: Mum, i m fiinnee:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis

Dear All,

This is a pretty personal post but i don t think that you are reading this blog because you want to hear something about environment. If so, thank you but probably this post would not be your interest. (But you still can continue to read my so-called quarter life crisis) If not, you can keep reading because even i start writing up my quarter life crisis, it may end with happy end.

As you know i m going hopefully to UK next year for my master which i was dying to be accepted at the beginning... then dying to get a scholarship. And now, seems like i did it. And that brings us to the point where i question myself about my capabilities.
was i like this before or did it just start with the university?

Normally, compare to some very precious people, i don t think too much. But, compare to some, i think extremely a lot. Not always about important things. Actually rarely about them. Anyways, whenever i start thinking like that, it goes to the point i find myself questioning what is good, important, bad, what is happiness... God, even the philosophers could not get any answers to those, who am i to find the answers?
Should it be about finding answers btw?

Whatever, i think its just today s thoughts. Probably tomorrow i ll feel like a totally different person with a real smile on my face.

But how come i feel soooo tired that i want to retire before start working? Will i find something sooo matching with me? my interests? Shouldn t these be the questions of 17-year-old me?

Wish me luck people! i need this!


PS: My very dear JOY wrote something very joyful and helpful! Believe me better than this post!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes, we BAN! by RTE

Dear All,

On Sunday, we(i mean around 20.000 people) walked in Taksim. Not because the weather was perfect to be out, not because we like spending time with friends and not even because to have sooo delicious Italian icecream, BUT there was a demonstration for free internet use!

By saying Free, i mean, not banned! As the goverment wants to pass a law in August, they are planning to "protect" the kids by banning some websites. However, nobody knows which websites they ban.It can be any social networking websites, youtube, blogs. Once you want to find a "harmful" content in a website, you definitely can. Reshaping "harmful" is easy. Beyond that, you may be punished if you come with a solution for yourself, like changing DNS or using some breaker websites.

Sounds like 1984, right?

i know that is sooo unrelated to being vegeterian(i am still into it ,btw!), but i couldn't stop writing it.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Life is weird.
2) and annoying sometimes...
3) Knowing that it is the life itself does make it easier! You learn how to live with that. No big dissappointment:D


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Note from EZ! & Heysır's B.day:)

Dear All,

After i extended my challenge, EZ told me not to. You know EZ, right? Besides being my soooooooo close friend(wish there was stronger word than friend!), her boyfriend and she were my inspiration to be vegeterian this month. However, she suggested me instead of cutting meat consuption that sharp, better to eat meat once in a week or maybe twice.

She was right to advice that 'cos in my diet, i should replace my protein source with something else. Normally, if i decided to be total vegeterian or vegan(OMG, impossible in Turkey and unfortunately i can t think of a world without cheese:S), i would definitely need help from a dietician or from another vegeterian/vegan. i know it is totally different state of mind and body.

i am not an expert but of course i learned some basics. That is why i cooked letil and chickpea last week. Sorry My Vegan Friends, but i increased my dairy consumption as well. Besides, i hope all effort that i showed for the last 22 years will help me to be allright:P

Reasons to be happy:

1) Today is B.day of Heysır! Can't wait to celebrate in one hour!!
2) i m doing fine with my challenge and i have friends who care! (Mum still doesn t know!)
3) Only a month to be sooo free! Summer, i miss you:))


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Challenge Extended!, Me, May Vegi Month

Dear All,

On Friday, i got a mail from my cousin asking me that if i really became weekday vegi. i was proudly said "Yes!". Then she smiled and wrote me back "Dear, we don't eat meat more than 2 days a week anyways. Does it matter if you eat it on wednesday or sunday?". Although i think scheduling the time that you eat meat can make you more diciplined in a way('cos you should stop yourself if it is not on weekend), corbon footprint of yours would not be lesser.

Soooo, new challenge is accepted! Just to let you know: i did not eat meat this weekend as well.

About being vegeterian, my concern is not about eating animals. i mean, probably because i did not read that much about the topic and because i still don t know the whole picture, i make myself relieved by believing its our nature to eat meat. So what bugs me about eating animals is how they are treated till they become our burger. i am sure you already heard about the stories of chickens and cows which are processed to be sold in fast food chains. They don't have space to move a bit. Lights are on so still not time to sleep but be fed and get bigger... faster and faster. Hormans they take... Food they eat... People, unfortunately, these are not stories but the pure reality. And it is done to serve us cheaper food.
Besides,what we eat is not healthy at all.

So, challenge extended.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Me, May Vegi First Week

Dear All,

it was the first week of my challange and i again am proud to say that i did it:)
Not eating any meat was not the most challanging step, but cooking! Normally, when i go out, i eat either pasta or chicken/meat(sooo not French style!). Since, i started to eat pasta a lot at work(we have a little kitchen and we cook pasta almost everyday:D ) and also at home(we have even smaller kitchen) and since i don't eat meat any more(only weekdays), i cook at home.

If you were my friend, you would know what it means to me! My relation with cooking is so simple that as a principle, i don t cook meals which have more than 3 ingredients including salt. Life is hard, you know... So hard that it forced me to cook with 4,5 even 6 ingredients. But it is also nice to know that the output is fairly well... at least eatable. (Roomie laughs)

i ll tell you further stories about my vegi-life. But can't promise for tomorrow... Tomorrow is Sunday!!

Reasons to be happy:

1) i discovered my ability to cook deep inside! was very hidden though!
2) i succeed being vegeterian! in me i trust(sounds so pathetic and ironic, right:P)
3) i talked to JOY! JOOOOY, it was great talking to you again!


PS: People check One Young World's website!

Monday, May 2, 2011

May, Me Weekday Vegeterian!

Dear All,

i know i had a loooong break from my challanges. it was not because i lost my motivation... it was just because i was doing soo well that i couldn t make it better!
Of curse, i m kidding and yes, i was questioning if all will help me to understand the meaning of... As you see, i still could not find in what i m digging for meaning...

But anyways, there are peole who already found the meaning of their actions. i am happy that one of those persons is a BF of my EZ, and since we talk a lot, we also talk about him and his "vegan" stance. He is a full time vegan, and more than that he is an "aware" person. Why do they say that right? i mean only being vegan deserves respect(seriously hard!) but he also cares environmental point which the Carbon Footprint comes on the stage!

Normally, the philosophy of not eating animals is not to kill animals. i m sure you heard a lot about that and other important reasons that can turn you to be vegan immediately. Especially, when you combine that animal rights views with the wild economical truths which just cause the torture for animals. About those arguments, i ll ask him to write here some day.

It was pretty shocking for me to hear, eating meat also increases the carbon footprint even more than travelling with plane! So, you can decrease the C emission by not eating meat. However, there is a controversial argument which claims what you replace with meat has as huge C footprint as meat. Because, it is mostly soya replaces meat but it is processed which is an alert as well. Therefore, he is not eating any processed food as well. What can i say?!RESPECT!

Unfortunately, i am not that dedicated: i ll be only weekday vegeterian! It is for now, my best! Let's see, how i ll manage it:))