Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TRQ! Questioning myself thanks to him!


TRQ is one of the valuable people that i met in Brussels! Before i start, i want to share a bunch of his words about being green:

'i am not that green. i m green, blue and red. i m the mixture of the social, environmental and financial, which i think is actual sustainable entrepreneurship.'

You can read more about him and other participants and green entrepreneurship here in Orange Magazine.

As you noticed, he is rational, or let s say not as optimistic as i am. In his country, as he explained, 1 liter of gas is cheaper than 1 liter of water. No public transportation encourage people to have private cars. it is kind of chicken-egg problem: if you don t have developed public transportation, you are eager to buy a car; if everyone has their own car then no 'urgent' need for public transportation. i was seriously shocked when he told me 'Traffic jam is not that problematic in Istanbul when i compare to Bahrain. i mean it at least flows.' Now, you are supposed to fall from your chairs or whatever you are sitting on if you have ever been in Istanbul!

i surprised him as well when i said i don t use hair dryer. As part of my challanges, i am trying to be away from electrical appliances. It was the first question he asked when i told that. Finally i convinced him that it is possible for some people not to use hair dryers. However, he made me realize it is possible but not doable for all people. You can not ask people to stop using hair dryers, elevators, mixers, computers, TVs. It is ironic that i am using my PC to announce that i am trying to be away from electrical appliances.

What could be the solution then??

Tomorrow: Upcycling, cradle to cradle and something else:)

Lessons to be learned:

1) i still don t use hair dryer!
2) One person is one person! How to make many out of one?!! (Reproduction is not solution:P)
2) Many thanks to my dear friend TRQ to make me think more, to ask more.