Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweet November, 11th BRUSSELS!!


Today, i m not going to write about a documentary. As i told you(i do not know who you are but i am somehow sure that you remember that!), it was supposed to be my break time. Well, i can not stop writing this: i ll be in Brussels!!!(applause!!)

There will be workshops about my 2 ...s(i could not find the exact word for this, but it is something good:)): Environment & Enterpreneurship! i have no doubt that you are going to listen to my days next month! Moreover(it reminds me of my prep school time's essays), i ll go to visit my erasmus friends!!(happy happy happy!)

Other than worrying about huge rise in my carbon footprint due to flights, i am happy!

Lessons to be learned:

1) There is always an open window!
2) Walk all the ways in Berlin!! (little compansation for flights!)
3) Do not use plastic plates!