Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 21st (social messages:)


Today was the 21st day that i have not eaten any packed food! You know the rules so i m not going to write you again what i did not eat! However, i can tell you what my dear MT is planning to do: He is going to buy a reusable bottle to carry his water instead of buying new bottle of water each time! i ll give the details tomorrow. BECAUSE!! i want to share with you what i wrote on my 'GreEn Forum'! i am also curious about your responses!!

"i have been thinking that how public become more involved in green practices? Is it about policies that governemnt supports? Is it about firms who provides people with more sustainable options(services and products)? Is it about education system that can increase awareness? Is it about niche areas that a person can see and attracts others' attention? Is it about 'brave' enterpreneurs who are passionate about environment? Is it about culture? Is it about all? Is it about none? Or is it simply about people?

Obviously, the more we see, the more we get used to. So what are your daily encounters with 'green'?

Do you hear about sustainability while you were in elementary/secondary/high school or in university? If so, how often?

Have you had a waste management system in your region? Have you already had seperated recycle bins for your waste? If so, how it is applied?

Do you have a transportation system that lead you to be greener? Do you have effective public transportation? What is your main transportation tool between cities; cars; buses; trains;planes? Do you have bike ways? Any subsidies/ punishments for making carpooling more common?

Do you have a chance to choose between organic / nonorganic / local / with or without GMO? Are local markets available? Can you buy your foods unpacked?

Do you have efficient labeling system for products? Do you understand when you see a label on a product whether it is better for the environment/me or not?

Do you see renewable energy sources and applications -if it is possible to produce energy from renewable sources in your country - ?

So, friends, do you see what is missing?? Do you see how further it can be improved?? Do you see there is a huuugeee potential without comprimising to have higher life standards/ freedom?

Of course sustainability is not only about environment, but also covers economy and social attitudes!

So let's share what you encounter in your university/region/country!!


Lessons to be learned:

1) If you want to be an enterpreneur, you need to care and listen to people! (Note to me:)
2) If you care people, they can start caring what you care! (it is just my expectation:))
3) If people cared people, world would be a better place to live! (it is my dream:)))

Tip of the day: Switch off the lights when you leave the room!