Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sweet November, 388 is not only a number!

it is a HUGE number! How do i know that? Well, i got something to tell. i am cheating on my blog, i started to write in another web site. However, it does not count. Because, it is in Turkish and i am not the only writer of course. There are other student-writers who 'create' that website. i feel more like a guest writer in GAZEVERSİTE. Shh...

i again diverged from the topic. So, i had/wanted to write about that number since my very dear friend FuD suggested me to write about that 350 movement. Then just after he suggested me, JOY told that their slide show and pictures are great. They are planning to have big 'picture' by volunteer people that can be seen from the space. Then time to talk about 350. According to environmentalist scientists, 350 ppm is the CO2 density that should not be exceeded. Guess what? We are already over it. We reached 388 ppm(part per million) from 275 ppm within the last 200 years. So,it is time to make it 350 ppm again!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Being a guest is nice.
2) 388 is not nice.
3) Appreacite people who wish to be the part of big picture!