Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sweet November, 21- The Perfect Vagina & Environment!


Today,i was really suffering since i did not write my blog yesterday. You know how it makes you feel when you are definitely aware that you had to finish whatever it was and you did not. Therefore when i woke up today, i was so commited and dedicated to watch a documnetary and write here about that. Yesterday, i tried to watch 'The Curse of Oil' and because of some technical problems -need to fix my PC-,i could not see 'the end'. Frankly, it was not necessary to see 'the end', because nobody lives 'happily ever after' in the documentary. That was about pipeline that starts at Baku, capital city of Azerbaijan; passing through Tbilisi, capital city of Georgia, and end in Ceyhan, city in the south coastal part of Turkey. How can you expect to have a fairytale out of an oil story? So, i did not expect and i watched what i expected... maybe more than my expectations. Kidnapping, bombing, protected minority, people who are presurred to move from their habitat, money that do not help the country at all, wrong political moves, money again. To read more about Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan, click here.

Hımm, where we left? Yes, so i was telling the story of today. i was full of proimising feelings about watching documentary and writing about it. However, suddenly, i clicked 'The Perfect Vagina'by Lisa Rogers instead of a documentary categorized under Environment. Yes, i really learned some new stuff that i have never heard of like... LABIAPLASTY: vaginal cosmetic surgery in which inner labia is cut off. The documentary was about why so many women -vaginal cosmetic surgery doubled for the last five years in UK- are upset about their vaginas,and if there is other ways to make women happier and more confident about appearance of their vulvas. Are they upset because of their partners or of people who tease them or because they want to have a 'normal' vagina as all other women have? To whom want to watch the documentary, here it is.

There is -almost- never one answer for that kind of questions. We all know that we care about what other people say. Can it be a strategy for firms to be more sustainable? If we,as consumer and source of their profits, demand for more information about the product, will they make their process more transparent? If so, is there anyone who is up to buy a product which has labeled as environmentally distructive or non-fair trade?

i ll write about it tomorrow.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Be in peace with yourself.
2) Be in peace with environment.
3) Be in peace with what is different. (you ll understand what i mean when you watch the documentary)