Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sweet November, 3- Prisoners of Katrina


These days i have a bit strict schedule,and unfortunately i m not going to write for the neat few days. To be honest, i ll visit my friends and will enjoy a lot. It was not just to make you jelou,sbut if you are, you are totally right! Just try to be happy for me:P

After writing these happy sentences, it seems a bit hard to move Hurricane Katrina and how it effects prisoners' of New Orleans not only during 4 days of catastrophy but also for the following months. In the beginning, try to imagine you behind the walls without any information, food, drinking water, electricity. Or do not try to imagine, it is really bad! Feeling the water going up to your chest... and you do not have any idea if it was the last day of your life... i am not trying to make it dramatic. It is what happened.

However, the most influential part of the documentary was not the hurricane itself actually. How that situation was managed, how it became part of election advertisement, what happenned to people who are lost(!) since their papers are lost were the main points that led me to think about how natural disasters affects people lives. While trying to be environment-friendly, i m doing few things that also affect people around me. When they asked me what will change if i am the only person who pursues that way, i used to answer them saying if it postponed the inevitable, i would be the part of it. However, sometimes, future is not that far away. i hope i am exaggerating! And you know i am the Polyanna in Modern Times!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Do not overrate your last day studies!
2) Do not underrate them either!!
3) Environment is not another system apart from us.

Tip of the day: Check your water-clock to be sure there is no leakage!


PS: i was supposed to study TOEFL.. NOW...or 3 weeks ago!!