Monday, December 26, 2011

A story, a girl & many thanks!

Dear All,

I am happy! i know i didn t write too much since i went to Leeds but believe me it was only bec of the curse that finally found me!

Let me start from the beginning:
Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was hardly studying. Mark the words, not studying hard! She thought she did study anyways, and she also thought that it was just normal for a student to study that much... There were green trees, beautiful rivers, pink houses and stuff (imagine something cute) in her life.

But there was one girl who knew what 'studying' means! Despite being very close friend of the little girl, she was complaining about the people who don t understand her when she had no time. Literally! One day, like many others, she told the little girl that she was going to study... like HELL! The little girl, as always, ignored (let s say did not want to hear) her. What she did not know was, that time she was cursed!

That girl was me! and the other girl was my Roomy! For the last two and a half months, i was struggling with... Ok, again let s start from the beginning:

First of all, i refused to change! First weeks, in my claender include first 4- 5 weeks, were the period that i was NOT supposed to study! Life was not that easy and to be honest made it very clear that it won t work. When i received my first assignment's grade, i had been shaken with the reality that i hardly passed :S Sigh!!

In the following period, i tried to adapt to the system and i guess the system tried to understand me as well! The latter, probably, found it really funny! The more i understood, the more i believed i was cursed: What the HELL!! i studied a LOT! i mean when i studied less than 3 hours a day, i was feeling like i haven t done anything!

You know what, hell became a nice place! Despite losing many stuff and breaking many others and getting mad due to studying and burning my nerves, good things happened. i learned one more thing about myself: i CAN study! i am proud to say that, bec i studied as i have never done before! Seriously, this is a capability and i am flattered to discover my brandnew capability!

As you may notice, that curse was a bless and i can t thank more to my Roomy for triggering that change!

i have many other thanks to people who made my life easier during this semester!
i have finally had a friend from my class. i mean lifetime friend:D
i have amazing friends in my flat and i met many precious people in our residence.
i have my 'girlies' group!
i have CeC who was with me from the beginning!
i had a special friend who has had many stories to tell and many recipes to cook!
No need to tell, my volvox and my family... they were always with me!

After writing those, let me tell you one more thing! Sİnce i know how the system works now, i may create more time to write about sustainability! YAY! i missed it!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Keep learning!
2) Keep loving!!
3) Keep in touch :D


Monday, October 3, 2011

Tea and its relaxing effect

Dear All,

Every day is different than the previous one. Not because my activities changed, but me.

I have always been in peace with myself. I always thought -and it would be approved by many close friends, especially by my Roomie- I am content with whatever life brings to me. Even though there were some really hard times.

What i m realizing now is... Last year, without noticing that time, i went along with my "growing pains". It did not hurt... not as much as i expected. To be honest, i did not know that i was growing up. Probably, i ll keep changing since life is full of new experiences, new people, new ways.

Today was a looong day. It was nice though. Making new friends and seeing that i am lucky about friends... Hope it ll always be the same.

Now, i am home, had my dinner with my chopsticks which MTD brought me from China. It s been a while i could not feel like listening to Norah Jones- Come Away With Me(There was no problem with other songs). Today is that day. i am having my tea, listening to "come away wiith me"...

Life is beautiful!
i love my purple nail polish!!


PS: i know i m not posting any sustainability related thing, but i guess it is because i hear the word every day and do loots of readings about that. No complains:)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cheer up!

Dear Me,

You are in a soooo new place. it is normal that you checking your friends photos, searching for something familiar and feeling a little bit depressed. Oo, maybe "depressed" is very heavy to define how you feel, let s say "not didem's style happy":)

it was nice to eat 3 mandalin today!!
i ll get used to studey soon and won t look blindly to the slides... sooon!!

Have a little faith in you girl;)

Tomorrow i m gonna have a bike! i don t know why but i feel like riding bike when i m not in Turkey. Besides, i think it ll take less time to come to uni with bike:) Again, i don t know how but traffic is unbelievable here. TG, the city is small!

Anyways, have a nice sleep!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leeds... Finally!!

Dear All, i am in Leeds and here is much bigger than my expectations. Probably, i was expecting to have everything same as i do in Tilburg. i was planning to go to uni by bike, stay in a dorm where i can have many tea times with my roommates, be able to everywhere in 15 mins. i feel like Ted Mosby. Those did not happen... BUT! it was too early to talk about my roommates at least. i met many people in the last 2 days in the dorm and especially our wardens are sooo friendly that they came with me(and some new comers) to the station and market. Also i was lucky today 'cos i saw two guys going to uni, very early in the morning when i was trying to find my way to bus stop(i did not try to go to uni by walking:S) If you know me a little, you know also it is one of the top 87 things that you can do as a favour... taking me to the place where i am trying to go. i am using "try" on purpose, because i have never found any place easily. Especially if it is the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time(it can go like that till 10th)! Lastly, i was also lucky because Cemre is here! She came here before me and she is much more talented about finding ways. Unfortunately, she does not know my neighbourhood. That brings us to the fact that Police men/women are impressively helpful! Yesterday we got lost together and ask the police the address. They immediately suggested to drop us to the dorm. That was the first interaction between me and the police. Hope it won t be worse :D Lessons to be learned: 1) Try to clear your mind for new experiences. They are aall unique! 2) If you forget all of the people who were helpful, remind the ones in the market :) 3) Learn to read MAP! Cheers!! Tomorrow: How i met my classmates? PS: Yes, i am happy "How i met your mother?" started!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Almost there!

Dear All, i am in Istanbul now. In three days, i ll be in Leeds, meeting my new, nice friends. Even though i missed two orientation sessions out of three, my expectations are high as always when it is about new friends. (My loveable crew, you are always with me and i am a good skype user;) I received an e-mail from the coordinator about last orientation activity. She asked us to bring something that illustrates our perception of sustainability. That reminded me of GEF. i felt lucky that i was in Brussesls in last December, met people who had noteworthy thoughts, ideas. (btw, one of the ideas became a project by beloved Thomas and here is the FB page. i am sure you will find it interesting!) Then i felt even luckier that i have friends that i could ask them what i am supposed to bring with me. Liz suggested that i can prepare some pictures taken in Turkey to tell what the problems are here. It is definiitely a great idea since i am interested in local problems and making global trends applicable for Turkey as well. Another idea by JOY was bringing NOTHING! Just like what i have been up to for last year and now. i can talk about my blog also, but it may seem a bit narsistic to tell people about my blog. In anyways, i will talk a lot! Please someone stops me!! Cheers!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Report... as of...

Dear Me,

Congratulations!! You completed your mission for last year!
You didn t do any shopping. You did some other things as well for being greener, but i guess "no shopping" part was the best practice.

You also know that you have changed. I am sure you are grateful to all people who backed you up. Actually, I am sure you are grateful to all people who touched your life in this or that way.

This year was G-R-E-A-T! I hope next year will be as awesome as this one.
Don't forget:

1) Smiling:))
2) Reading new books!!
3) Enjoying the progress!
4) Learning from everything!
5) Breathing deep!!!
6) Being nice to everyone!

Lastly, Baba... =)
Cheers, me!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dear All,

i confess: i travelled a lot and i ll continue to do that. As my Roomy said, it basicly neutralize every other thing that i do to decrease my impact on environment. She is right. but traveling a lot reminds you something really important: you can not carry all you have! that at least make you realized you have a lot!

i don t try to cover up my carbon footprint caused by plane trips with my intention to lessen what i have.

so this post is not to tell you how perfect environmentalist i am. it is just an inside talk which outed itself.

Good night...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good things happened!

Dear All,

i just read few post from January, and i realized i missed writing those posts.
i don t feel like writing currently although a lot happened. But now, while listening to Norah Jones, having a bit headache and trying to postpone washing dishes(Roomy, i know i don t need to:), getting more worried about people and Turkey... i wanted to write few things.

Today, i talked to a friend about being vegeterian and he was totally not convinced. He was right to some extend because i couldn t turn to be a total vegan/vegeterian. But i am trying... it means something even not a lot, right? Besides, how am i supposed to convince someone who says "i like the taste", especially when i have the same reason not being able to stop eating animals?

Whatever... 2 days ago, i was again thinking/talking about systematic faults that can not be changed by a person(i that case "a person" was me:S)? i mean how am i supposed to explain "people, we need water and it is a scarse source", "don t leave food in your plate"? Aren t these obvious? What can be done to convince people? As you see, this goes like that once i start to talk(inside). And as you may noticed, i was a bit depressed. Then, i thought i don t change anything... i am living in an illusion. But my sister... As she always does... made me feel not alone. She is a teacher and has a class of kids who adore her. She said "Didem(this is my real name:), even i don t like you make me concerned(ignorance is a bliss!) talking about environment and people and working conditions and this and that; none of my kids leave food in their plates, use extra napkins to dry their hands, throw garbage out of bin etc." She continued but i couldn t hear 'cos i was crying happily:P

So my dear all, one more time, i am happy! Btw, while i was writing this post,my phone rang. it was my friend(surprised?) giving me a great news that she got accepted to masters! YAY! it was the second good news as i previously got another great news from another friend! She ll be in England for msaters this year as well!! YAY!

Reasons to be happy:

1) My Sister and good news from girls! We gotta celebrate it soo sooooon!!
2) i talked to Si! i missed talking politics with my dear friend!
3) i did everything i planned today:-)


Thursday, June 2, 2011


Dear All,

i love you:)
and happy green days
and i enjoyed ÇİYU a lot today!
gotta work trigonometry now:)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End of a challange!

Dear All,

As you all know, today was the beginning of a new month. That means something to me. i start eating meat today.

i ll postpone drawing my sustainability balance sheet to the end of August. But i can t help writing this at least: the very first challange Shopping-Free September was the best one. i have done so well that i still don t buy any cloths or accessories. i am proud but more than that, i believe i even can extend it to the next year. i ll see and you ll definitely read!

Unfortunately others were not as lucky as september, maybe not easy as the first one. Being a vegeterian will be among my challanges again. i believe i ll fail better next time. Yes, i am optimistic about that! Especially after Ezgi and her ideal vegan BF, TM,will be here, i am sure i at least think more and deeper about being vegi. Again Lets see!

Dear all, today was a relaxing day. i mean tense but relaxing at the same time. i feel more comfortable about being in UK. i guess seeing something around the corner helped.

Reasons to be happy:

1) My beloved Bet&Bet and my lovely Drk! That was an amazing dinner!
2) My Sis! i am coming soooo sooooonn! Missed you! (Not missing but having a sister like mine... legend! )
3) Roomy!!!!! Thanks for the whole year:)


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What is like being a Leader?

Dear All,

i am extremely angry! Today, there was a seminer about leadership. This time guest speaker was a verrrry famous "leader" who doesn t follow other sheeps.

He started to talk pretty normal. We are supposed not to be on the same way which mainstream people choose to follow. Our families expect from us to be the "normal" one. There are not so many leaders. These are not among the words which drove me crazy even though i don t totally agree with what he said. Sorry "leader", but i don t want to believe that everybody else is just someone and i am the one and only who solves all problems. i don t want to be the doer opposing everyone. Besides, if you define "leader" who lead the "sheeps", then i think there is a problem. i can list my all other objections but those were still acceptible. i mean, sometimes it even helps to reassure yourself. i am shameful to accept that but reassurance is a necessity.

However, leadership does not give right to offense people. There was a girl who covered her head. He first gazed at her and asked if she covered her head because of religious reasons. The girl answered, yes, faith. Then he said, he didn t believe that there is any religion which requires that, but stupidity. Then he started bullying her asking what religion is and why she believes. C'mon Leader! Seriously?

No dears, this is not the end. he continued very sure, he knew that he came here only for one person maybe 2 if he was lucky. So, others who even doesn t question can leave. C'mon Leader! Seriously?

i don t know what to say about that. i agree people should question and don t believe every word they hear. But, does knowing "questioning is important" give right to humiliate people? He could just finish talking, and may ask her in private if he really wants to encourage her to question. He didn t change neither that girl's nor other people's life in a better way. i don t know he created any miracle after this chat. 'cos, i and my friend left the room as well as the girl.

Reasons to be happy:

1) Congratulations to me! i am not a LEADER!
2) i am grateful i don t have sheeps to lead but friends and family! No question, i am lucky!
3) i gained extra 2 hours not attending that seminar:)


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Doing good:)

Dear All,

i am proud to say i was very successful to handle being vegeterian.
However, i m happy seeing this month is ending soon. Feeling a bit unmannered though...

You know things can change as well as people. For instance, last time i talked to my EZ, she confessed she became a total vegeterian. So bye bye "kebap" and related chit chats. When i talked to her, seems like nothing can be more meaningful than being vegi.
So what is wrong with me? Why can t i still be a vegi? Should i read the same book "Eating Animals"?

i guess, instead of reading that, i ll first watch this. She adviced me not to watch it if i want to eat meat soon. i don t know if it ll help, but lets see.

i am dizzy these days. Let s hope it s temporary.


PS: Mum, i m fiinnee:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis

Dear All,

This is a pretty personal post but i don t think that you are reading this blog because you want to hear something about environment. If so, thank you but probably this post would not be your interest. (But you still can continue to read my so-called quarter life crisis) If not, you can keep reading because even i start writing up my quarter life crisis, it may end with happy end.

As you know i m going hopefully to UK next year for my master which i was dying to be accepted at the beginning... then dying to get a scholarship. And now, seems like i did it. And that brings us to the point where i question myself about my capabilities.
was i like this before or did it just start with the university?

Normally, compare to some very precious people, i don t think too much. But, compare to some, i think extremely a lot. Not always about important things. Actually rarely about them. Anyways, whenever i start thinking like that, it goes to the point i find myself questioning what is good, important, bad, what is happiness... God, even the philosophers could not get any answers to those, who am i to find the answers?
Should it be about finding answers btw?

Whatever, i think its just today s thoughts. Probably tomorrow i ll feel like a totally different person with a real smile on my face.

But how come i feel soooo tired that i want to retire before start working? Will i find something sooo matching with me? my interests? Shouldn t these be the questions of 17-year-old me?

Wish me luck people! i need this!


PS: My very dear JOY wrote something very joyful and helpful! Believe me better than this post!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes, we BAN! by RTE

Dear All,

On Sunday, we(i mean around 20.000 people) walked in Taksim. Not because the weather was perfect to be out, not because we like spending time with friends and not even because to have sooo delicious Italian icecream, BUT there was a demonstration for free internet use!

By saying Free, i mean, not banned! As the goverment wants to pass a law in August, they are planning to "protect" the kids by banning some websites. However, nobody knows which websites they ban.It can be any social networking websites, youtube, blogs. Once you want to find a "harmful" content in a website, you definitely can. Reshaping "harmful" is easy. Beyond that, you may be punished if you come with a solution for yourself, like changing DNS or using some breaker websites.

Sounds like 1984, right?

i know that is sooo unrelated to being vegeterian(i am still into it ,btw!), but i couldn't stop writing it.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Life is weird.
2) and annoying sometimes...
3) Knowing that it is the life itself does make it easier! You learn how to live with that. No big dissappointment:D


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Note from EZ! & Heysır's

Dear All,

After i extended my challenge, EZ told me not to. You know EZ, right? Besides being my soooooooo close friend(wish there was stronger word than friend!), her boyfriend and she were my inspiration to be vegeterian this month. However, she suggested me instead of cutting meat consuption that sharp, better to eat meat once in a week or maybe twice.

She was right to advice that 'cos in my diet, i should replace my protein source with something else. Normally, if i decided to be total vegeterian or vegan(OMG, impossible in Turkey and unfortunately i can t think of a world without cheese:S), i would definitely need help from a dietician or from another vegeterian/vegan. i know it is totally different state of mind and body.

i am not an expert but of course i learned some basics. That is why i cooked letil and chickpea last week. Sorry My Vegan Friends, but i increased my dairy consumption as well. Besides, i hope all effort that i showed for the last 22 years will help me to be allright:P

Reasons to be happy:

1) Today is of Heysır! Can't wait to celebrate in one hour!!
2) i m doing fine with my challenge and i have friends who care! (Mum still doesn t know!)
3) Only a month to be sooo free! Summer, i miss you:))


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Challenge Extended!, Me, May Vegi Month

Dear All,

On Friday, i got a mail from my cousin asking me that if i really became weekday vegi. i was proudly said "Yes!". Then she smiled and wrote me back "Dear, we don't eat meat more than 2 days a week anyways. Does it matter if you eat it on wednesday or sunday?". Although i think scheduling the time that you eat meat can make you more diciplined in a way('cos you should stop yourself if it is not on weekend), corbon footprint of yours would not be lesser.

Soooo, new challenge is accepted! Just to let you know: i did not eat meat this weekend as well.

About being vegeterian, my concern is not about eating animals. i mean, probably because i did not read that much about the topic and because i still don t know the whole picture, i make myself relieved by believing its our nature to eat meat. So what bugs me about eating animals is how they are treated till they become our burger. i am sure you already heard about the stories of chickens and cows which are processed to be sold in fast food chains. They don't have space to move a bit. Lights are on so still not time to sleep but be fed and get bigger... faster and faster. Hormans they take... Food they eat... People, unfortunately, these are not stories but the pure reality. And it is done to serve us cheaper food.
Besides,what we eat is not healthy at all.

So, challenge extended.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Me, May Vegi First Week

Dear All,

it was the first week of my challange and i again am proud to say that i did it:)
Not eating any meat was not the most challanging step, but cooking! Normally, when i go out, i eat either pasta or chicken/meat(sooo not French style!). Since, i started to eat pasta a lot at work(we have a little kitchen and we cook pasta almost everyday:D ) and also at home(we have even smaller kitchen) and since i don't eat meat any more(only weekdays), i cook at home.

If you were my friend, you would know what it means to me! My relation with cooking is so simple that as a principle, i don t cook meals which have more than 3 ingredients including salt. Life is hard, you know... So hard that it forced me to cook with 4,5 even 6 ingredients. But it is also nice to know that the output is fairly well... at least eatable. (Roomie laughs)

i ll tell you further stories about my vegi-life. But can't promise for tomorrow... Tomorrow is Sunday!!

Reasons to be happy:

1) i discovered my ability to cook deep inside! was very hidden though!
2) i succeed being vegeterian! in me i trust(sounds so pathetic and ironic, right:P)
3) i talked to JOY! JOOOOY, it was great talking to you again!


PS: People check One Young World's website!

Monday, May 2, 2011

May, Me Weekday Vegeterian!

Dear All,

i know i had a loooong break from my challanges. it was not because i lost my motivation... it was just because i was doing soo well that i couldn t make it better!
Of curse, i m kidding and yes, i was questioning if all will help me to understand the meaning of... As you see, i still could not find in what i m digging for meaning...

But anyways, there are peole who already found the meaning of their actions. i am happy that one of those persons is a BF of my EZ, and since we talk a lot, we also talk about him and his "vegan" stance. He is a full time vegan, and more than that he is an "aware" person. Why do they say that right? i mean only being vegan deserves respect(seriously hard!) but he also cares environmental point which the Carbon Footprint comes on the stage!

Normally, the philosophy of not eating animals is not to kill animals. i m sure you heard a lot about that and other important reasons that can turn you to be vegan immediately. Especially, when you combine that animal rights views with the wild economical truths which just cause the torture for animals. About those arguments, i ll ask him to write here some day.

It was pretty shocking for me to hear, eating meat also increases the carbon footprint even more than travelling with plane! So, you can decrease the C emission by not eating meat. However, there is a controversial argument which claims what you replace with meat has as huge C footprint as meat. Because, it is mostly soya replaces meat but it is processed which is an alert as well. Therefore, he is not eating any processed food as well. What can i say?!RESPECT!

Unfortunately, i am not that dedicated: i ll be only weekday vegeterian! It is for now, my best! Let's see, how i ll manage it:))


Saturday, April 30, 2011

wilL be Fine...

Dear All,

There are some times that you feel sooo screwed. One thing follows another. You feel not breathing and can t see any exit. At those times, what makes me relieved is to hear from a trustworthy friend "everything will be fine". 'cos i believe, even though there is no sign of better future.(unlike my Roomie, she needs proofs... and good reasoning!)

It's always worked for me. The point is even if the future will not be better than now, thinking that it will be worse doesn t help you a bit. Besides, it is easier to live than to think.

The same about environment. People, i m sure when there is lesser water, lesser food, lesser energy, lesser biological diversification, we will be able to find a way to live. i don t say we will live as quality as now, but we ll survive(can i get a "eye of the tiger" just here?!)

Lessons to be learned:

1) Keep someone around to remind you "everything will be fine"!
2) Consume less, recycle more, reuse even more... than some more generations will live as we can.
3) Do those not only for next generations, but also figure that the smaller you have, the lighter you are!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

New things and being GraTeful!

Dear All,

i was at home for the last 5 days. i mean in my hometown. i turned on PC so few times. i guess this is the one of the main differences being in Istanbul and being in hometown: the way of communication.

mums don t use PC and my best-sister-ever sister is not mad about being "online". So, in adana, our way of communication is talking. In istanbul, it is chatting...

i neither can say, i miss my old-good-PCless days, nor i want to "chat" with mum. i mean i love the time, place and the mood i m in... by nature! That keeps me always happy!

Yet, that does not prevent me to change some staff.

1) i ll read book without turning on computer for an hour.
2) i ll start experiencing "vegetarian weekdays" in May! (that is sooo not related to internet or computer. It is about consumption.)
3) i ll research more!(last call for Roomie!H-E-L-P)

Reasons to be happy:

1) grateful to meet aaaaall people that i have met till now!
2) grateful to born into my family!
3) grateful to be happy:)


Monday, April 11, 2011

When you feel depressed...

Dear All,

As you may notice,i am generally an optimistic person. Unfortunately not these days. Not only because our "lovely" government pushes toooo hard to build a nucleer plant near my hometown regardless of its habitants' demonstrations, not only because i am not able to start doing any of my projects, not only because i become more and more aware that the life is not fair and the system is just reproducing itself that you feel paralyzed!

BUT... it is like a black hole once you start thinking in that way. i remind myself each and everytime when i feel at the edge, "doing things change things. not doing things leave things as they were". i am not sure about the first part but the second part is totally right!

This was a sentence my dear roomy told me, most probably from somewhere that she has watched, read, listened to...(this is almost equal to half of the whole world's data sources). She told me because, she doesn't want me to lose my hope even though she already did(she is a social science student:S)!

Well, i can't dissappoint my roomy right?

Reasons to be happy:

1) i have a walking-wikipedia, but updated version! She talks:)))
2) i again checked environment websites to feel better... it helps:))
3) i have an exam on Wednesday and i feel the last minute motivation is just around the corner:P


Monday, April 4, 2011

Feeling the Change!

Dear All,

As i told you, i went to interview with the institution for the scholarship. Hopefully, it will be positive. No worries, i ll definitely let you know about the outcome:P

i am feeling the change in my mindset, these days. During the interview they asked me what i think about growth and environment. i read about the discussions and actually experience everyday that everything else means nothing when it comes to growth. Especially in developing countries. Even saying this bugs me. Caring environment and thinking sustainably still seem like "someone"s responsibility. That someone should have solved all other problems in their countries so they have chance/time to think about some less important problems like environment.

Does it seem weird only to me? Definitely not! i am happy to say there are many organizations which make these issues more visible. Not only environment, but also others which considered as NGO people's problems. i ll tell you about the project that my beloved friend Tbs initiated when we were in Brussels, soooon!

Reasons to be happy:

1) Weather whispers it is the time to sit with your blanket and to drink something hot(preferably herb tea:)... and watch romantic movies!
2) i feel the change in my life, in my people's lives and in the world. feels refreshing although sometimes painful! (but i m still happy:P)
3) i read a book!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Is it a dream?

Dear All,

Finally, i am able to write again! You may notice that i wasn t on the stage for a month. And it was all because of a company which sued some blogspot pages for illegal streaming. Our courts' decision was wise: "Then we block all pages!" Still feel lucky though. They at least didn t cut the internet connection!

Quick review of last month: Full of work!
Yes, that was quick:D

These days, i am looking forward the our seminar program which i have been working for the last 3 months. Of course i am not the only person:) That will be amazing! i ll give the details day by day, therefore i m not going into details in this post. Program is about sustainability as you might guess!

Announcement: ISWIB , deadline for application: APril 1st! You can also check GEF for more!

Reasons to be happy:

1) Days are longer!
2) I am going to be interviewed by an institution for the scholarship! Wait for me UK!
3) Evolution rocks!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

SOGLA- Social Entrepreneurship!

Dear All,

Today was a great day! SOGLA, foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, organized a workshop about... Yes! Sustainability!!

We were around 40 people and divided into 6 groups! i was, as always, so lucky about my group. They were all soo nice and i am soo excited about the project that we prepared! The project is to establish a center to write sustainability plans for universities and set a platform to make municipalities and universities come together. We even though of budget and how to finance our project! Probably, we may not be able to start tomorrow; but still... Who knows!

Btw, after i started writing my blog, i saw my EZ online on skype and we started to talk of course. Some things never change! She sent me that link. You may find it interesting!

Reasons to be happy:

1) i am a lucky girl!
2) You never know what the life is planning for you!
3) Go green! Be a social entrepreneur!!


Friday, February 18, 2011

BOSS talks!

Dear All,

Today i talked to my boss! Yes, i was planning to talk to him since... i started to call aaaaall those firms! Finally today, i had chance to have a meeting! i wish i would not be that sick and would tell the words more clearly at least without coughing intensely... But this is not the topic:)

i wanted to talk to him because in my opinion, our foundation was not doing that well when it comes to sustainability even though we are the foundation for sustainability.

You know i wanted to be more motivated about what i do at work. i am glad to say that, we have been doing something for being more sustainable. i just did not know! He told me our office and the other one which is in another city are working to establish a sustainability plan. He also told me, we had kind of fax system that doesn t let fax to be printed. Instead, all faxes directly pop up on the main screen of our foundation. So, it is paperless. i also asked him why we don t sending forms via mail instead of fax. His answer was clear: They tried, they failed. Culturally, we take more serious when something comes as paper and not electronically! i can t blame him! Yet still, i believe that sometimes you need to be more pushy! Yes, i m getting obsessed with fax!

i am more relaxed! i am motivated enough to call that 100 thousand firms for update! and he is also convinced that there should be a system within foundation that employees can be informed and updated about the foundation itself!

Reasons to be happy:

1) i still can breath!
2) i saw "xerox" has a new strategy that it changes its products more to digital papers! so, sooner, there may not be and printer or fax machine!
3) i got accepted from all universities that i have applied for masters! last step: finding the scholarship:)


Friday, February 11, 2011

memory sticks VS e-mail!!

Dear All,

This week was full of reunions! One of them was with EcE. We were talking about my fragile world mostly related to environment. (Surprised?)

It may seem a bit contradictory to my previous post, but using internet pollutes air as much as airplanes. (Surprised?) Well, i was surprised when i first read it and i wrote it i guess before. Somehow, i still did not understand why exactly it emits that amount of CO2 but everytime when you google, when you check your mails, when you visit a website, what-so-ever you do, you pollute.

How did we start talking about that? i told my friend that i wanted to use USB to transfer files from my colluge's PC. it is weird to receive a mail from someone who sits next to you. Besides, i d prefer travelling if my carbon footprint will rise anyways. Belive me,we transfer files many times. So, everytime when i download a file from my mail box, i feel like i do something bad that i could prevent with a little effort.

Lessons to be learned:

1) no matter what, more use than enough is harmful. (i don t like admitting it as well!)
2) meeting friends makes life always better! Great thanks to EcE, SignoraChloe and my dearest Fa!
3) love!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

To FAX or not to FAX! C'mon (2)

Dear All,

These days, things are... like you eat lemon, sour taste passes away from your mouth,but keeps its influence whenever you think of it!

Sending fax to many firms makes me feel like that. Not only i m going crazy to hear that "sending.." voice, not only i m calling each of them to confirm if it is received, not only it takes loong, loooonng, looooooooong... but also, i would like to "kindly" say something to the firms: "It is already hard for me!Please, don t make it harder for us!"

To whom it may concern,

Sending fax is old fashion even though you think it is more official. And you know, there is a new(!) way to send something: E-MAIL! Have you heard of that? i mean, not to judge you, but it has many advantages: 1)It is more silent 2) You can be sure that it is sent. 3) It is easier to send. 4) It is easier for recipients to forward it to responsible people.

Moreover, and for me the most important, you don t waste any paper! i m sure you heard of TREEs, that green creatures! They would be sooooooo grateful if you stopped cutting them for nonsense use.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Deep breathe! note to myself!!
2) Be careful when you use paper!!!
3) Be breave about new(!) ways before they become out!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amazed! GEF!

Dear All,

While i was in Paris, it was legendary btw, i only had chance to check my mails. I am amazed with the info flow in GEF web-site.

i ll write loooonger!
Just can t stop myself to write about GEF till i have time to take a deep breath!

Reasons to be happy:

1) As Samantha would say, first internet, then NGOs, then business, then government! We already walk the half way!
2) Amazing programs to apply for GreEn!
3) Mum and Sister are here:)(Just personal info, ignore!)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CITY life? QQQ

Dear All,

It is the last post before Paris trip! Thank you for your best wishes. Yes, i assume that you all wish the best.

Who pushed me to write this post is my boss. No, he doesn t read my blog! While we were talking about masters i applied, he just told me ... is a good uni but the city is like a village and has only one center . Yes, he is living in Istanbul which has 10 city centers at the core of the city and probably 10 more at the periphery. He added that LOndon is the only goood city to live in UK. No offense! He is a good guy.

But, this bugs me. i mean i like small cities. Easy transportation, less planned life in terms of timing, less rush, less stress. And it goes in harmony with my sustainable life without pushing it hard. i can walk more, i can buy from local open markets, i can live in a smaller area without any need to go far away. On the other hand, i can t imagine to settle down in a small city for good. Why are the big cities that attractive, especially Istanbul?!

My inside rightminded voice screams that "if you want to pursue your sustainable life, you should live in a small city!"

Questions to be asked:

1) Can't we turn big cities into smaller one?
2) Are the attractive big cities attractive because of the system which repeats "more is better" motto everyday?
3) Do we need to move to smaller cities or is it possible to live sustainable lives in big cities?


PS: Please let me know if you have an answer to any of these questions. (You can send a mail to
PPS: No worries. i won't think about these all the time i ll spend with my friends in Paris. i ll enjoy:))

Monday, January 24, 2011

ACCUSED!!(Trias Energica & Thriller Video)

Dear All,

As i mentioned before, YsN sent me a mail explaining a rising issue in energy use. TRIAS ENERGICA. I copied directly from their site not to give any misleading info.

The 3 elements of Trias Energetica are:

1. Reduce the demand for energy by avoiding waste and implementing energy-saving measures;

2. Use sustainable sources of energy like wind, solar power and water;

3. Use fossil fuel energy as efficiently as possible and only if sustainable sources of energy are inadequate.

For more info, you know what to do:)

About that "reducing" part, i want to say something from my side: i m getting crazy. On Friday, my colleague BsK sent me a video that she thought i might like. i like TED Talks, and this one is about the journey of a plastic bottle. Not hard to guess, it tells you how "you" are affected but,more impoartantly, how "poorer people" are affected. Poorer people part was interesting and disturbing like Haneke's films. He, the speaker, with a bit of accusation, told that "You think you are a better person when you carry your plastic bottle to the recycling boxes. i am sorry you are not! You already use a bottle!"

Am i too sensitive these days? Ok, maybe it is normal me that i m abnormal. At least my roomie thinks so!


1) i still don t do shopping! i m writing this part most because this is the part that i have done best!
2) i ll not be around after Wednesday! miss me:)
3) i ll definitely clean my closet when i m back and give everything away! (note to my self!)


Friday, January 21, 2011

HerO vs TribE

Dear All,

Sometimes it is really amazing how the things are connected. AnU, my talented, creative friend from GreEn Forum posted a TED-talk on our website. You have nice time for 20 min when you watch. This was about how things/ market conditions changed since Henry Ford and how we can spread the thoughts. However, it is also about if we should spread our thoughts to everyone. Should we do all the work alone? Be a leader and teach everyone? From one to many? Instead, the new way of doing things is suggested: TRIBES.

We all live in a community who want to be in contact with each other. It can be folk group, firemen, dad club what-so-ever. So, don t try to tell everyone, just find people who cares without pushing. i don t know if it is a dream, but if not -even if it is-,i m into it! 'cos trying to convert people from who they already are is tiring.

It was somehow connected to talk we had with Si. i don t remember how we started to talk about that. HEROs. Gandhi is one of the people who inspired me when i watched a documentary film about his life. Inspiring part was he took him serious. He was really the change he wanted to see. However, he is not 'the' person for me. (MTD, there can be many 'the ONE', and you know it, we made that talk in C.P:P) i m inspired by a friend, mum, grandma, sister, a kid, a talk... Back to Gandhi, Si told me that he believes more in people who do everything silently. It isn t necessary to be well-known to change something. Try to do something around you, release your message without an intention to be active. These two are not absolute contradiction from my side.

So,let s make an experiment! i won t give you the details, actually i have just decided to make an experiment while having an inside talk so i can t.You may be the part of experiment as well. i ll tell you what i learn if i ll learn anything.

Reasons to be happy:

1) 1/7 of my applications completed! Check!
2) Special thanks to my supportive roomie!
3) Gratefull to get a comment from aunt BET and ECE!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Open Innovation?

Dear All,

These days are fruitful days that sometimes i hardly decide what to write and where to start. Yesterday, i got a mail from my very dear, hardworking, helpful and selfconfident friend YsT who is studying on Green Buildings in his MSs in Holland. He wrote me that he follows my blog (YAY!) and it is good to see what he is doing with his life in a written form in my blog. He also told me about a new concept, prehaps new to me and old to him, that i decide to write these days. You may ask so why i made such a long introduction if i ll write about that later. Yeah, i just want to share with you guys, he likes it:P

On the other hand, yesterday, i talked to my lovely Si who was ,i m sure, supportive about what i wrote, in his deep inside but having some difficulties to paraphrase his encouraging words loudly! Instead of my writing capabilities, we talked about being a HERO which was soo related to TED talk that ANU, handmade clothes producer friend from Brussels, shared on our GEF page. But, i ll write about that later as well:)

Today, i want to make a little introduction to oen innovation. When i was an Erasmus in Holland, innovation was one of the classes and that open innovaton concept was one of the most interesting topics (No my lovely Si!i m not ranking:P)! Unlike closed innovation, open one is open! Let me explain it a bit more.(What a ridiculous sentence! i mean who even try to stop me!)Yes, normaly with Intellectual Property Rights, patents, copy rights, every thought that comes to our minds first are kept as our property. i m not going to discuss about if it is right or possible in this highly open world, but instead i ll give you the link:D

Lessons to be learned:

1) You may feel a bit lazy when it gets closer to end while writing!
2) You may appreciate this that at least you are aware of and can make fun of!!
3) Though, i m not sure if people appreciate!!!


PS: My roomie is BACK!! Just to say :P
PPS: i know open innovation does not seem realted to green at all, but believe me it is! i ll write to answer why/how questions within days. Promise (to myself)!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GEF- Thanksgiving Post

Dear All,

Yesterday, Li, ElI and i had a skype meeting. It was a catch up meeting and ElI made it possible to feel i was again in Brussels. i was soo excited with the projects that i was doing, so i guess i was even faster than normal-times me. However, as we did in Brussels, it was supposed to be a slowing down process. i felt like an arrogant student who thinks she knows every possible question and does not bother to stop herself. Ok, i ll skip this part, because there are some other good news that i want to tell. i ll continue my inside talk later (silently).

Since we were 12 representatives in Brussels, it might be easy to be in contact. But you know, after everyone turns back to their lifes, although you keep talking about amazing days you spent there, you might not be that eager to share with the people who organized that workshop; how grateful you are, what you experienced there, how it changed your attitudes. Unlike any other seminars that i was part of, they did not let that workshop be in the memories only. Therefore, that was an important skype meeting.

ElI told us that LeA is working on our workshop metarials to come up with a concrete summary. Later than, we will use them as base source to answer "So, what is green/ sustainable enterpreneurship?!". Besides, there may be a facilitation workshop in summer. YAY!

Lastly, i ll write about open sources and open innovation tomorrow!

Reasons to be happy:

1) It is great to know there are other people who spend aminute to think about how valuable the experiences we have.
2) It is great to feel breathless! Although it seems fake sometimes:)
3) It is great to write 100th post!YAY!!


Monday, January 17, 2011


Dear All,

Yes! i was at the mall yesterday. It was really gooooddd!! There were two shifts and we had 2 meetings seperately with around 45 people each time. Yes, someone needs to be at the food court while some others are at the meeting:)

Good things:
1) People who work enjoyed!
2) i enjoyed a lot!
3) It was really interactive and at the end everybody had chance to say or perform something at least for once.
4) They seemed convinced to do it properly, although they have some question marks about rush-hours!
5) i have further plans about malls!

Less good things:
1) Despite of being convinced, their priority is to finish work on time with lesser effort. i guess they need to be motivated more!
2) Doing seperation in less rush hours and letting it go at the weekends seem normal, rational and as it is right way to do to workers and their supervisors. Reinforcement and improved monitoring system may help to increase turnover.

Reasons to be happy:

1) Seeing an article about "25 ways to be more creative" on a newspaper while it is raining heavily and you are not in a good mood since it is just 9am and you have to be awake on Sunday morning.
2) Reading that article, and realizing that all things that you do to postpone your other works triggers your creativity! YAY!! i ll stay as i am!!
3) Having had an eye-opening talk with aunt BET while drinking tea, in the same heavily raining weather!! Priceless!

Hope you enjoy your life as much as i do mine!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Dear All,

As you know, i am going to shopping mall tomorrow one more time. i am curious about possible outcomes. But, there is something i feel more curious: what do municipalities want to do?

Normally, which wastes are recyclable and what cicumstances are needed are pretty known two questions. As i wrote you before, contaminated papers are not recyclable. Therefore, you need to treat them seperately. Otherwise, you can only collect very-clean wastes with paper like water bottles. It is still better than nothing but if you want to collect garbage seperately from the food court, it is impossible to recycle any other plastics like tops of Starbucks's glasses since they are already contaminated unless you collect plastics seperately.

From me to municipalities: C'mon!!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Be prepared to be surprised!
2) Always think about other possible options!!
3) Sleep well:) (i figured out that it is one of the possible options:P)


Friday, January 14, 2011

Each day is a new day!(tagline-to-be)

Dear All,

i might seem too romantic to you with that title, but i have a good reason to be like that: i was with my dearest Fa after a looooooooooooooong time since he is working like hell and i am always somewhere else:) He is such a good friend who can listen your love stories each and every time from the begining patiently. And not only love stories... Stories of any kind! So, this time he listened all my projects-to-do!

Tomorrow, i ll go to shopping mall again to make "rehersal" of workshop. It ll be my first time to talk about recycling and why it is important and what the right way is to seperate garbage(the definition of garbage is different but you know what i mean). i hope it will work and i can make it fun as possible as it can be. Sunday, we ll see, and no need to say that but... i am so positive about that:)

Next week, i ll be spending more time on skype... Yes, even more:) There will be discussion sessions with friends from Legendary-Brussels-GEF-Workshop!

And, we are planning to finish writing Book-cycling project on Sunday!!!
And, somehow, i ll apply for scholorship that i was waiting for the last 6 months and finish my MSs applications.

Who said 8 hours of sleeping is crucial for being in shape? Yes, it was my roomy:) Seems like 5 hours will be enough! Then i ll be super relaxed in Paris!!! YAY!

Reasons to be happy:

1) All things listed above!

One more thing then i ll sleep(yes, i thought it is as of importance for you to know that i ll sleep, at least for my roomy!)
i want to thank my encouraging, wise, lovely aunt BET to make me realize that every life story has to be lived. You can learn from others, but to come to the same conclusion, you may need to make some of others' mistakes as well!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good News!

Dear All,

These days deserve to be recorded! Finally, i become busy again like in old days:)

i am busy with the project i told you about shopping mall. Today, i was there! Everyone was so kind. They let me to see backstreets of that mall. i should say, i underestimate what has done about recycling in malls. In the one that i went today, they already have infrastructure. Of course, there is still room for improvement, especially about increasing awareness of workers who collect garbage. However, other than this part, they already have signs, seperate boxes for different kind of wastes, and experienced board members.

Soooooooo, i ll go there again on Saturday to have further info and we ll organize kind of workshop for employees on Sunday!!! Seems like my dream is becoming true! YAY!

Also, we started to write project proposal of book-cycling event with Heys for the school where she is working currently! i ll write the details of that project if it works. So, be ready to read within 2 weeks! Yes, we are more like "doers"! That will be a greeeaaatt project! Can't wait to see happy faces of children! (i and Heys probably will be happier than kids for sure!)

i can t stop smiling due to some other things, but i ll tell them later. Now, i need to talk to my EZ:)

Reasons to be happy:

1) i again find the best place with best people!
2) My students like my classes:)
3) i am surrounded by people who i love!
4) i have plans to travel... for new experiences again!!

Keep fingers crossed!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

peaceful day

Dear All,

i would be one of the luckiest people on earth. Today, it's been exactly a year that my dad is in a better place than this globally warmed one:) One more time, again and again, i am thankful for 22 years that i had been with him. Although i don t remember the details of the first years, i m sure i was a happy baby! Proved by many photos:))
What can i say? i would pick the same dad and mum and sister if i had a chance to choose!

i also would pick the same friends, if i had ... Oh wait, i already had and still have that chance! Then, a biiiiig applause to me for picking the right people! You may be wondering what happened this time to make me that happy! As i wrote you, as a girl, i have a dream... of seperating garbage of a shopping mall:D i love myself!(you probably already notice it!)

Today was a big day! i went to talk to shopping mall and left my project proposal and i ll go on thursday again to talk to operation manager! (Now, you are supposed to have a surprised, proud, happy face! sparkling eyes are more than welcome:)

So, universe, or at least the people who are reading these lines, do your best to send me helpful, best wishes! This is how good friends behave:)

Lessons to be learned... No! Reasons to be happy:

1) i have a great family! (including all my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents!)
2) i have great friends who always wish the best for me no matter what!
3) i have a great Si:)


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Upcycling and New Year Resolutions by JOY!


i am sorry i could not write for few days, but finally i can write about JOY's resolutions and upcycling which i found sooo interesting!

To start with JOY, i m sooo into what she wrote about the book 'Eating Animals' and her mum's dumplings, but beyond those, i highly recommend you to make kind of list that she prepared for herself! You can read it by clicking here. my favourite is the first one! i kind of want to say the same thing to myself: don't do, because it is really annoying!

About upcycling, i first heard that term in one of the documentaries that i watched in November's challange. To be honest, i am not a handy person: i can not make wallet out of tires, i can not use broken credit cards as accesories by making a little adjustment, i can not reuse old pants to make fashionable bags! That is why i adore people who are that creative and patient and talented. However, i read an article in the newspaper(in Turkish) about upcycling. In this upcycling way, you do not need to do anything by yourself, you just need to BUY... not the machine but its use right. i don t know if it is right wording. The process works like this: you pay for a washing machine for 50,000(i made up this number)use. When you complete 50,000 laundry time, you return your washing machine and firm receives it back to start upcycling process. So, you don t send your machine to landfills, they examine the machine, use the parts that are still functioning in other machine's production processes. SMART!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Be positive! (note to myself!)
2) Search for the new ways which passively make people live in greener standards while keeping them in their comfort zone!!
3) Create your own 'to-do list'! Don't be lazy DiDi!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feeling the change!


New year has brought miracles or maybe it is just me who wants to see it in that way.
Guys! This month is gonna rock. (Si, i am not kidding!)

Normally, i did never have a list for the new year. Ok, i would not say never probably. This year, i have. At least, for this month.

This month's challange will be to convince a shopping mall's responsible person to develop waste seperation system in the food court. This may sound like an unnecessary or exhausting work to you, but believe it or not, it is my dream...

Yes, sometimes i have some weird dreams!
Wish me good luck, because on TUESDAY i ll go to meet a person from one of the biggest shopping malls in Istanbul. Yes, finally i got a chance to talk at least. You see, it is such easy to be happy!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Never stop trying!
2) Appreciate when it is deserved! So, biig applause to me that i almost finished writing my SoP!
3) Don't watch 'Copying Beethoven' after midnight! it can cause an unstoppable feeling to run, scream, dream at the same time!


To whom it may wonder: i still keep my first and 3rd months' challanges. unpacked food has not been that successfull project for me these days!

Tomorrow: upcycling and JOY!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Wishes & Si!


This year has come with its all new projects. Actually, i carried them from the last year, but i carried the hope as well:)

Cross your fingers, please!! i ll write you day by day if any of my plans come true! If not, i still write! Sounds like free market: you can decide either to buy or to buy! i m sure you are looking forward to reading all my plans!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Don't be late to tell people 'best wishes for the new year'!
2) Don't be late to tell people 'best wishes for the new years'!!
3) Don't stop dreaming, stay as a kid!!! (Little Prince effect:D)


Note to my lovely Si: i am not bored that easily(unexpectedly:) and i m full of happiness and hope, enough for planets, sun, moon, people, universe! still, i.l.d!