Saturday, April 30, 2011

wilL be Fine...

Dear All,

There are some times that you feel sooo screwed. One thing follows another. You feel not breathing and can t see any exit. At those times, what makes me relieved is to hear from a trustworthy friend "everything will be fine". 'cos i believe, even though there is no sign of better future.(unlike my Roomie, she needs proofs... and good reasoning!)

It's always worked for me. The point is even if the future will not be better than now, thinking that it will be worse doesn t help you a bit. Besides, it is easier to live than to think.

The same about environment. People, i m sure when there is lesser water, lesser food, lesser energy, lesser biological diversification, we will be able to find a way to live. i don t say we will live as quality as now, but we ll survive(can i get a "eye of the tiger" just here?!)

Lessons to be learned:

1) Keep someone around to remind you "everything will be fine"!
2) Consume less, recycle more, reuse even more... than some more generations will live as we can.
3) Do those not only for next generations, but also figure that the smaller you have, the lighter you are!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

New things and being GraTeful!

Dear All,

i was at home for the last 5 days. i mean in my hometown. i turned on PC so few times. i guess this is the one of the main differences being in Istanbul and being in hometown: the way of communication.

mums don t use PC and my best-sister-ever sister is not mad about being "online". So, in adana, our way of communication is talking. In istanbul, it is chatting...

i neither can say, i miss my old-good-PCless days, nor i want to "chat" with mum. i mean i love the time, place and the mood i m in... by nature! That keeps me always happy!

Yet, that does not prevent me to change some staff.

1) i ll read book without turning on computer for an hour.
2) i ll start experiencing "vegetarian weekdays" in May! (that is sooo not related to internet or computer. It is about consumption.)
3) i ll research more!(last call for Roomie!H-E-L-P)

Reasons to be happy:

1) grateful to meet aaaaall people that i have met till now!
2) grateful to born into my family!
3) grateful to be happy:)


Monday, April 11, 2011

When you feel depressed...

Dear All,

As you may notice,i am generally an optimistic person. Unfortunately not these days. Not only because our "lovely" government pushes toooo hard to build a nucleer plant near my hometown regardless of its habitants' demonstrations, not only because i am not able to start doing any of my projects, not only because i become more and more aware that the life is not fair and the system is just reproducing itself that you feel paralyzed!

BUT... it is like a black hole once you start thinking in that way. i remind myself each and everytime when i feel at the edge, "doing things change things. not doing things leave things as they were". i am not sure about the first part but the second part is totally right!

This was a sentence my dear roomy told me, most probably from somewhere that she has watched, read, listened to...(this is almost equal to half of the whole world's data sources). She told me because, she doesn't want me to lose my hope even though she already did(she is a social science student:S)!

Well, i can't dissappoint my roomy right?

Reasons to be happy:

1) i have a walking-wikipedia, but updated version! She talks:)))
2) i again checked environment websites to feel better... it helps:))
3) i have an exam on Wednesday and i feel the last minute motivation is just around the corner:P


Monday, April 4, 2011

Feeling the Change!

Dear All,

As i told you, i went to interview with the institution for the scholarship. Hopefully, it will be positive. No worries, i ll definitely let you know about the outcome:P

i am feeling the change in my mindset, these days. During the interview they asked me what i think about growth and environment. i read about the discussions and actually experience everyday that everything else means nothing when it comes to growth. Especially in developing countries. Even saying this bugs me. Caring environment and thinking sustainably still seem like "someone"s responsibility. That someone should have solved all other problems in their countries so they have chance/time to think about some less important problems like environment.

Does it seem weird only to me? Definitely not! i am happy to say there are many organizations which make these issues more visible. Not only environment, but also others which considered as NGO people's problems. i ll tell you about the project that my beloved friend Tbs initiated when we were in Brussels, soooon!

Reasons to be happy:

1) Weather whispers it is the time to sit with your blanket and to drink something hot(preferably herb tea:)... and watch romantic movies!
2) i feel the change in my life, in my people's lives and in the world. feels refreshing although sometimes painful! (but i m still happy:P)
3) i read a book!