Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet November, 26-WasteLand! LiZ:)

Good morning Dear ALL!

i am happy today. If there is something called 'luck' in the universe, life gives my part so generously.

At the time i started writing that blog, i knew that it was going to add value to my life. i am not writing these to tell 'i knew that i ll be Carrie Bradshaw one day, as famous and cool and thin as she is.' To be honest, SATC was this year's or let say for the last 4 months discovery for me. i know i m a bit(!) late. i was not that interested to look/search for something. i was more like 'whatever-it-comes-person'. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in that way. Of course sometimes but not frequently, things appear just in front of you and all you gotta do is to take them, to see them. For the rest, you need to search for them. However, there is also one more thing that happens to me pretty frequently as well: learning and hearing from people! it seems like, people around me think of me, whenever they confront something with an initial of'G' ,GREEN!

As you read before, almost everyday, i had 'thanks to' part. Today, i want to thank my very inspiring, giving, open minded, thoughtful, brave friend LiZ!
Here is why! WASTELAND! Imagine that, you are living just in the middle of 'waste'. You make your money by seperating recyclables from the rest. The last thing that can happen to you is probably to be a part of an art project! Moreover, amazing that you are part of an art which is deeply connected to your work: WASTE! it is what Lucy Walker tells in the documentary and from what Vik Muniz makes/creates an art object. It is an impressive case that combines green, contemporary art(ist), real people to gain recognition!

Lessons to be learned:

1) You can meet right people anywhere,anytime! Thanks LiZ for strengthen my argument: 'i am THE lucky!'.
2) The more you give, the more you receive. Not the way around:)
3) Keep searching, and keep talking! and don t forget listening:P