Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 10th (magic day?)


As i told you yesterday, i bought Organic Honey. i should say, i m not sure if i ll be able to buy another one for next month since it was sooooooo expensive. Still, i d like to see what happens!

Because, i m still on a diet: shopping diet! Fortunately, i m eating at home almost all the time, so seems like i do not need money as much as i needed before. Besides, i do not have a car: no insurance costs, no maintanance costs, no gas costs.. Then maybe i can spend more money to eat better. (or i can save some to travel!!)

One more time, it comes down to money. On the one hand, if 'organic' is healthier, then it should be reachable for all people. To make it possible, it should be cheaper which is not. Since, majority of the world is not among 'the wealthiest', then 'organic' movement can get stuck. Then, nobody but the people who have money or ,let's say, the people who are willing to spend most of the money on 'organic' would be healthier than the others. Is it something that i want to see? i am not sure!

In documentary, 'No Impact Man', there was a part which he became desperate. They, he and his family, tried to cut electrical energy use which includes washing machine, TV, refrigerator, lighting.. They were sitting on the couch with their candles and it was not to make atmosphere more romantic! Then he said, 'People will never stop using electricity..'. It may not be the exact wording but it was the point that not everyone will join 'this' environment-freak family guy. That is exactly the part which i asked to myself if i could continue to do the right thing consciously & consciencely, even i had known that noone will follow me... Well, my answer is YES! But, people, you are going to stand by me, right?? Yes you do!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) It is good to have people to say 'C'mon!! It is fun!'.
2) i still can not think about living without refrigerator!!!
3) But can live without candles:))