Friday, December 24, 2010

Swishing- Ethical Fashion!!!


i know i was supposed to write yesterday about cradle to cradle. There is a little change in our plan. i ll write about craddle to craddle later. Because.. Yesterday, i did not write since i had a loooong dinner with my friends and a loooong talk with my lovely Si! BUT!! There is something really interesting if you like shopping! And it gets even more interesting because you don t spend any money for this shopping!

Yesterday, my lovely Si wasn t the only person that i talked to. My dear, helpful, fantastic colleague YeÇ mentioned about Swishing website and its activities. It is promoting 2nd hand use of fashionable clothes, accessories, shoes (basically everything that i m supposed not to buy:P) as well as giving people chance to communicate. To me, it seems like a great networking event since one of the rules of swishing is 'to smile'. Yes people! smile to everyone!!! To learn more about how it works, click here.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Merry christmas! Enjoy the time not just in these beautiful days of the year, but enjoy the rest of it as well!
2) As swishing 'claims': "Save money, save the planet, have a party: swishing effortlessly touches all of these buttons. Swishing parties are for all those women who want to combine glamour, environmental protection and frugality." What else you want?
3) Thanks YeÇ for making my optimism curve up!!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TRQ! Questioning myself thanks to him!


TRQ is one of the valuable people that i met in Brussels! Before i start, i want to share a bunch of his words about being green:

'i am not that green. i m green, blue and red. i m the mixture of the social, environmental and financial, which i think is actual sustainable entrepreneurship.'

You can read more about him and other participants and green entrepreneurship here in Orange Magazine.

As you noticed, he is rational, or let s say not as optimistic as i am. In his country, as he explained, 1 liter of gas is cheaper than 1 liter of water. No public transportation encourage people to have private cars. it is kind of chicken-egg problem: if you don t have developed public transportation, you are eager to buy a car; if everyone has their own car then no 'urgent' need for public transportation. i was seriously shocked when he told me 'Traffic jam is not that problematic in Istanbul when i compare to Bahrain. i mean it at least flows.' Now, you are supposed to fall from your chairs or whatever you are sitting on if you have ever been in Istanbul!

i surprised him as well when i said i don t use hair dryer. As part of my challanges, i am trying to be away from electrical appliances. It was the first question he asked when i told that. Finally i convinced him that it is possible for some people not to use hair dryers. However, he made me realize it is possible but not doable for all people. You can not ask people to stop using hair dryers, elevators, mixers, computers, TVs. It is ironic that i am using my PC to announce that i am trying to be away from electrical appliances.

What could be the solution then??

Tomorrow: Upcycling, cradle to cradle and something else:)

Lessons to be learned:

1) i still don t use hair dryer!
2) One person is one person! How to make many out of one?!! (Reproduction is not solution:P)
2) Many thanks to my dear friend TRQ to make me think more, to ask more.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ma! Activist vs Evil's Advocate!!


Yesterday, you learned something about who i am; rationalist dreamer! If it was not what you thought,you'd better be silent! My dear friend Ma was not that silent about my green side. No worries, he is still alive!

As a talkative person, i ,of course, talked to him about my blog and my challanges while we were climbing the stairs. Yes,he also did not use elevator and although he does not believe that kind of attitudes can make any difference. However, he had to be subjected to my 'obsessed' side since we shared the room. At the point which i was still waiting for my PC to be shut down -you'd appreciate my hard work if you had any idea about my PC- so that i could plug off which means less energy consumption during whole night, he looked at me with understanding eyes full of mercy! Actually, he made it very clear when he told 'Yes, then you can save 5€ if you unplug all electrical tools for the entire year!' that what i did was non-sense! Still, in Poland as he said, they launched a 'plug off' campaign. i think even though these 'every little helps' campaigns do not change the world radically, they are important to make people be aware of climate change concept. Then people can at least realize that what we call energy is not coming from nowhere and it has a cost more that its financial price.

Anyways, as i always say, somehow i make good friends. Although they ,sometimes, are evil's advocate:)

Tomorrow: TRQ, with green,blue,red colours!

Lessons to be learned:

1) You may not be able to convince all people!
2) Then become friends with them, so that they may join you:)
3) Thanks Ma for sharing very valuable thoughts of yours!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

D&G Talk! Dream vs Reality


As i wrote you yesterday,today is an D&G day! i do not want to dissappoint you or cause any misunderstanding, sooooo let s start what is so important about D&G!

At the very beginning, i want to say that, D&G, do not take it personal! You are here as representative of all luxurious, fashionable, 'adorable' outfit brands. Here is the story behind it!

While we were in Brussels, i told you that you were going to listen it for years, we had discussions about how to make 'green' fields more attractive in general. NiKO, my designer friend, explained what they talked in their group, while we were in coffee break. They created kind of Maslow's pyramid (you can see the chart by NiPA in previous post as 3rd lesson!). As they analyzed there are levels where everyone wants to be in the upper one since upper levels basicly provides you more than just shelter. Ok, i do not want to be disrespectful about Maslow's theory by misexplaining, so please read from here first. In their pyramid, at the bottom, there are people who has to consume less than lesser since their priority is to survive; therefore most basic needs. It is something very well known. You know, poor countries or let s make it politically correct; developing countries consumes hundred folds lesser than developed ones. On the other hand, at the top, there are people who seem more aware of 'sustainability problems' and has money. Therefore, they are kind of having more environment friendly life; electric cars, organic foods, green houses, renewable energy use etc etc. However, we have huuuuge number of people between these two layers. How to make them greener? Here is D&G! As in almost all advertisements, if you want to make a product attractive, show that it is luxurious therefore adorable therefore hard to reach therefore you need to make more money. Here is the point where everybody, almost, wants to wear D&G! Should we put green near to D&G?

My answer is NO! Because, although D&G is attractive, it is not affordable to everyone. i think we need green in our lives, not in our dreams...

Lessons to be learned:

1) Even the most beautiful dream is not replaceable with real! (woowww, it is a bit assertive!)
2) Sharing is fruitful... and full of joy!!
3) Fingers crossed for the people who get stuck at the airports!!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

AnOL- ready to handmade? GO GO!!


Here is my dear friend AnOL from Estonia! She is a teacher, an entrepreneur, a dreamer...and an activist! She teaches economics in high schools and really cares it. BUT!! She is a law student, or would i say was a law student? Ok, she is studying both law and history. it has a bit complicated process of that education so, i ll just start writing about her 'green enterpreneur' side. She has her own business of handmade clothes/accesories in Estonia. As she said and believed, you can trigger big challanges starting with small initiatives. She started hers. You can ask what makes handmade green than mass produced ones. To me, it reminds me of process of production. i mean everything around us and ready to consume,has to be processed before it comes to our door. However, in this fabulous world, we see the very end product and i am not sure whether we are aware of the effort and energy and human force and input required to turn that piece of cotton into D&G (i ll come to discussion we made with NiKO later, in another day! ). Therefore, i really appreciate people who make that process more visible by providing hand-made goods by literally putting their hands into work. AnOL is one of them! Yes, i know, i m lucky:)

Again, i am lucky because during one of our workshop discussions, i had chance to tell what i has been doing about environment for the last (almost) 4 months, and about my blog (Shopping-free September, Unpacked Food October, Recycling November!). After a while, she told that she has done these without seeing these as challanges. She has been buying her clothes from 2nd Hand stores since they are cheaper and pretty as well. She eats vegetables and fruits from her grandma's garden, again cheaper and healthier and precious! Also, about electricity use and energy use for heating, she does her best. Not only environmental friendly but also financially smart thing to do!

As also my lovely Si told me, this financially smart argument can attract more people!

Tomorrow: Talk with NiKO about D&G!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Enjoy the process!
2) Feel lucky to make new friends!! Well, i do:)
3) OMG! Check this! You ll not regret!!!


Friday, December 17, 2010

NiPAy, the graphic designer!


Today, i want to introduce you my very brilliant friend who i feel lucky to be friend with. He is a graphic designer. i was totally unfamiliar with that concept. Then, i am fascinated with what he did during the workshop in Brussels.

Basically, he listened he drew. In our workshop, as representatives and participants, we discussed many things from enterpreneurship to sustainability and all related problems and obstacles which prevents us from being risk takers. Even that words, risk takers, may give you the idea of my feelings. Ok, it was supposed to be an inside talk:) So, as you see topics are highly hot, and you can get easily lost between words. Seemed like NiPAy doesn t. He created all that amazing drawings on wall papers which you could see all thoughts flying in the air became concrete words and shapes. It was especially impressive when i stepped out discussion room and confronted with wallpaper drawn by my brilliant friend NiPAy and felt WOOOWWW! Yes, sometimes i am a bit (yes, just a bit) messy in my mind. Therefore, seeing everything that clear made me feel grateful to him.

To see, why those charts were related to my green blog, click here.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Put green products near to others instead of creating a new/seperate shelf!
2) Expressing your thoughts in different ways can inspire other people. One more time, cheers to NiPAy!!
3) Kung-Fu Panda is still on the list!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

NiKO the designer!


As i have already started writing yesterday, there were so many stories in Brussels! To see what we did, and how great it was check this website. You ll even see me in Orange magazine! You are excited,right?

Ok, then here is NiKO. If you want to have a great, creative, fashionable, 'green'
,socially responsible piece of cloth in your closet. Yes, im talking about clothing and how different it can be from the way you have been subjected to. NiKO have been living in Kenya for 4 years and designing garments from recycled parachutes and jewellery from dead wood. Previous sentence is partly how she defines what she does. Frankly can't find better words to explain. That is not all. To be sustainable, being environmentalist is not enough. You are supposed to be socially responsible and financially sustainable as well. About social responsibility, her business is doing well with paying fair price for people who they work with. Besides, with a percentage of her sales, she contributes to education of Maasai girls. i may miss some few points, so check her business site to be amazed!

Now, we come to part that i like most: talking about her as a friend! It is impossible to notice her. i mean how many people can you find in Brussels' streets wearing a sleeping bag as a coat and parachute as top and jewellry from beautiful wood? i saw only one:) Of course, it is not the only thing that you may notice. She is brave enough to critisize 'fashion industry'as a person who works in the industry (but in a very distinguished way) and 'entrepreneurship' as an entrepreneur.

As last words, i want to share what she said when we tried to find an answer to 'how?' question:

'It is a bit of a paradox that we meet here and talk about how to engage more entrepreneurs. Are entrepreneurs, consumption, wanting too much and having the choices all the time the problem that drives the world down? Even the GreEn way might not make it better. How much is enough? Maybe stopping entrepreneurship in general is the only green way.'

Although i would disagree with enterpreneurship part,isn t there a piece of ugly truth in these sentences?

Lessons to be learned:

1) Even the most polluting industries may become greener.
2) My very dear Greek-Danish friend NiKO, thanks for 'kodak times' and making my mind parachute-like!
3) i stopped eating packed.. again! Just fyi!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Where to start?! Yes, i am so happy and i first want to start writing about my challanges. i can proudly say that i did not buy any clothes, shoes or accesories. i guess i already told about that:) Eating non-packed food... Unfortunately, i could not stand that delicious chocolates! You know!Brussels!! Again unfortunately, i could not always eat home-made food, yet GEF let us prepare our lunchs together at HUB! i will explain all of these tomorrow! Lastly, i was lucky about source seperation, because HUB has its own system for paper, disposables and the rest!

So, tomorrow, i ll write you about NiKO who is an ethical fashion designer. You ll love her designs. It may seem cotroversial to you, writing about fashion designer while i m still on a shopping-diet. However, if there were many others like her, there would be no concern about fashion industry at all.

One more thing to say: i asked another amazing person to show his drawings here. Hope we ll lucky enough to have them!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Unsubscribe any web-sites from which you have mails deleting without reading!
2) Travelling and using internet: equally harmful for the environment, equally irresistable:S
3) Do what i say, do not do what i do! i want to make that phrase reverse!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not That I Give Up! Back to Field:)


i m back with full of stories,new amazing people/friends... and updated version of me!
Not hard to guess: i was in Brussels for Green Enterpreneurship Co-Creation Workshop! After many problems with visa which were finally solved by lovely members of GEF team, i was there and can't wait to tell you! BUT, tomorrow:)

So, see you tomorrow!!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) i love the meaning of networking: making new friends beyond business rules!
2) Kung-Fu Panda is a new movie on the list!
3) Being in Brussels and Berlin for the first time and not buying anything: CHECK!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

DECEMBER!! Wanted!!


Why nobody wakes me up before November ends??? i am soo upset not being able to write 'sweet november' anymore! Yet i haven t decided yet what i am going to write about in December. While i am thinking about that(or let say i ll be during the day), i want to report about what i have not done currently.

Other than having a waiting-to-do-list(including statement of purpose), i haven t bought anything new!i still do not have a private car! i still do not eat packed food! But to be honest, i am not patient enough to bake my pastry(or can not ask my roomy to do so for me:S). Yes, this means, i am buying ready-to-eat pastry! i still do not use plastic bag! Still recycling! Still plugging off my PC(and every other electrical tool when they are not in use)! Still talking about environment!

Although i am not a expert about that, talking is important! Because, people who you talk to may never be experts. i am polyanna in modern times, but it does not keep me thinking that some people never change or never show interest. Sometimes, it is discouraging. However, then i remind myself that what if there are some people who become deeply interested after you make them be aware of the issue. The way you explain how important is crucial. My way is not to make people feel bad and ashamed about their lives, their consumption patterns. At least it would not work on me. i prefer keep talking about it to make the topic 'hotter', more available, more visible!

YES! i found what i ll do this month! i ll find STORIES! Stories of people who make the change for people starting from theirselves! Wish me good luck:)

Lessons to be learned:

1) If you drive your car to the bank to pay the bills, discover internet banking!
2) If you ride your bike to the bank, you are better to keep that attitude! Healthier happier:))
3) If you preferred walking, i would say 'you are lucky to be that close to the bank!!!'

Love you all people!