Friday, October 8, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 8th (producers?!)


Today was extremely exhausting, not physically but mentally! Ok, that is nothing related to that blog:i just wanted to share... In the beginning everything seemed soooo dark and at the end i became myself again. i m not going to tell you what happened (do not think that you ll be intereted in), but i would like to say that it is never pure black or white! Thanks God, i m mostly seeing 'white' part :)

It is the same with environmental issues: As i told you, about organic foods,the easiest way would be to sell them in super markets but for higher price. May be i am overestimating that, may be it is only in İstanbul but as soon as they will be in the supermarkets there will be less people to buy from open markets. Then, less demand means, less production. That circle seems endless.(Do not dare to say it already is!!:)

Btw, i d like to say you one more thing, and i ll let you go.(Again do not dare to say you already did!!:) For the last few days, here is clod like hell!! (Do not dare to say the hell is 'hot'!!:) Unlike last year, there was no autumn, we directly passed from summer to winter. This is called 'climate change'!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Do not write blog when you feel pessimistic... next time!
2) Nature seems serious about warning... Buy one more coat or reduce your energy consumption!!
3) Do not get tough on yourself! (my roomy said so:)


PS: Today was packed-free! Besides, i haven't bought anything after my first challange!!