Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet November, 1- DIRT! The movie


Yes, today is the first day of 'Sweet November'! Although 'Sweet November' is not in my top comedy-romance movies, i call this november 'sweet'. Because, this month is documentary month. For me, watching something, does not matter if it is movie or documnetary, directly related to hot chocolate. i am not drinking hot chocolate right now, but i still can smell it.

Same for the people who are talking in documentary 'DIRT!'. Yes, as i feel hot chocolate, they feel dirt. Documentary starts with our relation with dirt and microorganisms. How we become as we are today, both religiously and scientifically. In both cases, we came from the clay/dirt/soil/dust and will be back to it. As they say, 'Dirt and People intimately linked.' Without dirt, we can not survive. That point is very clearly explained furtherly in the documentary: how we destroyed our soil with the way we do agriculture, with coal mining, with fertilizers,with tractors and with the way we live today.

What happened to people who used to produce and live in rural regions? Of course, as it seems and is promoted that urban is the place you can get closer to money if you can find the 'right' way. However, this is not the only reason. People move/migrate because there is no field left for agriculture. They are not able to earn money from their fields since they need to pay for credits they took from banks to buy tractors,and pesticides. This is a 'perfect' circle that you can not find a way to be out. Unfortunately, that led to many farmers' suicides within last years.

One more point worth to mention, monoculture. If you want to more about why organic agriculture is important and how monoculture harms the field and make more vulnurable to diseases and natural disasters, check the web site!

Lessons to be learned: This is mostly 'thanks to' part this time!

1)MT! Thanks to his supportive comments, i start writing about documentaries! Cheers!!
2)Fa! Thanks to his passion for comedy-romance, i started to have a taste and rituels of watching movies! Cheers!!
3)EZ! Thanks to her.. i love hot chocolate.. and i love dreaming!

Tip of the day: Turn your garbage into GARDEN! Compost!!!