Friday, October 1, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 1st(Let's set the rules!)


Today i am writing from my hometown and i ll be here for 4 days. Tomorrow, i m gonna swim. Yes, it will be-it is- 2nd October, and here, in my hometown you still can swim! That hot!! You may think that i am exaggerating, but no! i am becoming more and more worried about climate change!

However, today's topic is not climate change but my new challange! As October starts, this time for the new challange which is no-packed-food!! i ll explain you why i decided to make this challange and how it will help me to lessen my footprint, hopefully tomorrow! For now, i am just going to set the rules!

1) No corn, no soy sauce! (you never know if it is GDO or not!)
2) No inorganic chocolate!
3) No ready-to-eat soup, sauce!
4) No instant tea/ coffee! (in the ideal case,i should have left coffee out of my diet! )
5) No packed snack including wafer, biscuits, cookies etc. (seems like i m gonna be size 0!)
6) No ice-cream! (Damn it!)
7) No nutella, no jam(unless it is homemade!), no honey(unless it is organic)!
8) No packed bread!
9) No pastry (unless it is roomy-made)!
10)No coke! (but i can drink soda;)

i ll add more to this list if i can realize something is missing. Next days, while i ll write about what we talked with Slow Food Lady(Yes, we did the talk!), i ll go through these:

Organic or not(under health category )? Do you know the producer and if you do, do you want to support the producer /the type of production (social issues on the stage!)? How do you use your time? Is it about time or money? What about consumption-pushers?? ! What does PACKED mean, btw?

i can start with any of these, so do not get confused;)

Lessons to be learned:

1) Everything has its own good and bad parts.. like SUN!
2) There is almost nothing as delicious as mum-made cherry jam!!
3) Mr Fabulous is fabulous!!! (you do not know who Mr Fabulous is.. yet!)


PS: My roomy does!