Friday, October 29, 2010

Time to see me! Halloween's Recycle Bin!


This is me, just few minutes before i left home with my dear friend MT who dressed up like LINUS from Peanuts. Preparation part was great. i used the same materials that i prepared for another presentation. Since, that presentation was over, i decided that they can become very nice pieces to decorate my.. Recyle Bin! i know, i do not look alike a Recycle Bin, but still everybody got the point. Though, i am not sure if there was any person left in my uni who was not aware of my 'green' side. i am proud of myself, not my roomy though:)

So, as i dressed up like a recycle bin, it can be a good start to talk about RECYCLING!! This is one of the most favorite topics among environmental problems and/or solutions for me.

i ,of course, start with shiny part of recycling. As you all know, and as i wrote/told hundreds of time, reducing the world sources do not help us to save the world. Therefore, we need to replace it. We first can do REDUCE part of 3R. We can reduce buying, we can reduce consuming, we can reduce wanting more. REUSE is the next best option, and stands for the 2nd R. You can do shopping from 2nd hand stores. You can wear your mum's clothes (i use mum's, since my dearest dad's clothes do not fit!). Use your imagination! As the 3rd R, you can RECYCLE! Then you do not need to cut more trees, dig for more petrolium, bomb rocks to find more metal!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Reduce!!!
2) Reuse!!
3) Recycle!

Tip of the day: Obey the order! Think about what you need, shop rationally!