Friday, October 22, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! (Ra, Fa, EC, MT!! LUV!!)


That to-day's gonna be a good day, that to-day's gonna be a good day, that to-day's gonna be a good good daaaayyy!! As you already noticed i am happy!

Yesterday, i said you that when you care about people, they start caring about what you care! Well, it becomes more than my expectations. Here are the cases:

Yesterday, my roomy & i & MT(i am not adding 'dear, beloved, hansome, sophisticated':) met in our house to have breakfast together. We talked about variety of stuff from new movies to my environment obsession, from my roomy's funny stories to ugly truths of Turkey. Of course the most interesting one was 'environment'! As a loyal reader of my blog, MT confesses with a dramatic voice that he buys many bottled water, especially when he is out for whole day! Then we started to discuss what can be done: He is going to buy plastic/reusable bottle sooonn! However, there is another point that makes this conversation interesting: FACTS! Fact1: He drinks water a lot. Fact2: He can not carry a gallon of water with him. Fact3: Our tap water is not potable. Fact4: Sometimes, he is out for hours! What does that mean? It means, in this or that way, he probably needs to buy new bottle of water! BUT!! It also means that, after buying that reusable bottle, he can fill it before he leaves his flat, and there will be no need to buy new bottle for the days he is out for half of day! He will save 14 new bottles, each week, by buying reusable bottle! Yes, i am gifted about Math!

Another story from EC... She already showed me her bottle which she designed for carrying her coffee: simple, unique, stylish, cool and... environmental friendly!!

And Fa!! As we graduated from the same department, aka management, he was one of the people who think i am gonna die alone and pennyless! However, 4 days ago, he whispered me that last time when he went grocery shopping, he did not take plastic bag since he did not buy many things and can carry them without plastic bag! Yet, still, he thinks that i m gonna die alone and pennyless:)))

Last inspiring story for today, is again based on a true one! Ra!!! Last time when we met, she gave me a book for my looong travel to my hometown (13 hours by bus!!) Today, when we met i brought her book back. BUT!! She first asked me, if i liked the book. i obviously did! Then she said, then 'keep the book and give it to someone who will like to read this book.' It was just the beginning... Then she told me she is doing the same her clothes. You know we sometimes have more than we need. Sometimes, we are keeping our clothes in the closet with a piece of hope that we are going to wear them again one day! She said, 'i started to give them away when i see someone(friends, neighbours, friends' of friends', whoever you think) who will be happier to wear them. Besides, they wear them more often, more than 2 times in a year!' Not done yet! She also gave me good news from her gym. As she said, in their gym, they started to warn people about less water use, less towel use, less plastic glass use.. They do not only warn people, but also they designed their bathrooms to be more efficient in terms of water and electricity consumption!

What can i say? Life is good!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Dream!
2) Share!
3) Feel!

Tip of the day: Start digging your closet!


PS: That tonight's gonna be a good good night.. as well!!!