Saturday, October 16, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 16th(Goddamn Treehuggers?)


i know you are surprised due to today's title: it was what i felt when i first saw that article.

Then after, i started to laugh like hell(this is all title's affect, normally i m a very very good good girl:P). In that article, the issue why people do not like environmentalists is discussed. Till now, i have never felt like i am 'hate'able. (yes, i took it personal:P) Seriously, why people do so? Well, there are many reasons as i understood from comments, but there is one which is commonly shared by many people: People do not want to be told what to do! Even, when you feel that you are doing the best thing for environment, it should not turn out that you are forcing/ yelling/ barking(all words are from comments..) them to be like you!

To some extend, i agree with that. Here is what i thought: if there is a discussion going on, and you believe that there is a better way to do/live, you would like to share this with other people. However, the aim suppose to be 'to tell and to share', not to 'win'!!! This is not a competition, and there will be neither a winner nor a loser. So, do not try to beat people while telling them why this way is better... Even you get angry and dissappointed about people's indifference.. about environment!

My experience till now showed me that, people see! When i first started to carry my plastic bag to the open market, they laughed. Then, i talked to sellers why i do not want to have more plastic bag when i already have many, they agreed! Then, i talked to my friends, they started to appreciate. Now, i have my friends, considering using less plastic! NOOO, i m not the girl who can save the world:) i wish i was!! (ok, i ll try to be modest:P)

Lessons to be learned:

1) Do not hate!
2) Preferably, eat; pray; love:)
3) Do not exaggerate eating part:))

Tip of the day: Read more, talk more about environment-friendly solutions!