Friday, October 15, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 15th (what did i do today?)


Today, i attended a conference. No worries, i m not going to give a lecture about topics:P Instead, i ll tell you what happened when i got thirsty.

Let's start from the very beginning: when i was a kid.. ok it was a really bad joke:) Start again: i woke up and i had a quick breakfast at home. i m still trying to do my best about not eating out. (Applause!) However, after 3.30 hours of listening, i got hungry and there was still 3 more hours to go back home. Therefore, i ate sandwich (almost acceptible), but you know ,normally, i was supposed to drink something: There were fruit-juice, coffee and tea: none of them acceptible! Guess what i did: i did not drink any of these. Moreover, i forgot to take my water with me while leaving the home, and i did not buy that bottle of water.

At that point, i would like to clarify that i stopped drinking bottled water. After this month -maybe year- i may start drinking coffee again. i am almost sure that i can live without instant tea also, since i like preparing tea in our traditional way when i am home, and there are many places which do not serve instant tea but the traditional one. Fruit juice had never been my favorite drink, so check! BUT!! Water is crucial and unfortunately, we do not drink tap water any more(i do not know why, we used to drink:S) Therefore, one more time, i realized that i need to have a plastic bottle that i can refill again and again. i can reduce the plastic waste that i 'create'. You know the most environment friendly way is not recycling but reducing! So, think twice when you use something.. even when it is recyclable! If it is not recyclable, i do not have a word to say! (you feel the pressure, right?)

Lessons to be learned:

1) When you talk about something constantly and insistantly, it is somehow heard and taken into consideration: Special thanks to my 'umbrealla' girl 'EC' for starting to use reusable bottle instead of bottled water!!
2) Traditional way to prepare tea is 'the' greatest!
3) Stop making inside talks out!! (note to myself:)(anyways, special thanks to Si and my roomy for listening)

Tip of the day: Refill your bottle, instead of buying a new one!