Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CITY life? QQQ

Dear All,

It is the last post before Paris trip! Thank you for your best wishes. Yes, i assume that you all wish the best.

Who pushed me to write this post is my boss. No, he doesn t read my blog! While we were talking about masters i applied, he just told me ... is a good uni but the city is like a village and has only one center . Yes, he is living in Istanbul which has 10 city centers at the core of the city and probably 10 more at the periphery. He added that LOndon is the only goood city to live in UK. No offense! He is a good guy.

But, this bugs me. i mean i like small cities. Easy transportation, less planned life in terms of timing, less rush, less stress. And it goes in harmony with my sustainable life without pushing it hard. i can walk more, i can buy from local open markets, i can live in a smaller area without any need to go far away. On the other hand, i can t imagine to settle down in a small city for good. Why are the big cities that attractive, especially Istanbul?!

My inside rightminded voice screams that "if you want to pursue your sustainable life, you should live in a small city!"

Questions to be asked:

1) Can't we turn big cities into smaller one?
2) Are the attractive big cities attractive because of the system which repeats "more is better" motto everyday?
3) Do we need to move to smaller cities or is it possible to live sustainable lives in big cities?


PS: Please let me know if you have an answer to any of these questions. (You can send a mail to didigetsgreener@gmail.com)
PPS: No worries. i won't think about these all the time i ll spend with my friends in Paris. i ll enjoy:))