Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leeds... Finally!!

Dear All, i am in Leeds and here is much bigger than my expectations. Probably, i was expecting to have everything same as i do in Tilburg. i was planning to go to uni by bike, stay in a dorm where i can have many tea times with my roommates, be able to everywhere in 15 mins. i feel like Ted Mosby. Those did not happen... BUT! it was too early to talk about my roommates at least. i met many people in the last 2 days in the dorm and especially our wardens are sooo friendly that they came with me(and some new comers) to the station and market. Also i was lucky today 'cos i saw two guys going to uni, very early in the morning when i was trying to find my way to bus stop(i did not try to go to uni by walking:S) If you know me a little, you know also it is one of the top 87 things that you can do as a favour... taking me to the place where i am trying to go. i am using "try" on purpose, because i have never found any place easily. Especially if it is the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time(it can go like that till 10th)! Lastly, i was also lucky because Cemre is here! She came here before me and she is much more talented about finding ways. Unfortunately, she does not know my neighbourhood. That brings us to the fact that Police men/women are impressively helpful! Yesterday we got lost together and ask the police the address. They immediately suggested to drop us to the dorm. That was the first interaction between me and the police. Hope it won t be worse :D Lessons to be learned: 1) Try to clear your mind for new experiences. They are aall unique! 2) If you forget all of the people who were helpful, remind the ones in the market :) 3) Learn to read MAP! Cheers!! Tomorrow: How i met my classmates? PS: Yes, i am happy "How i met your mother?" started!!!