Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Note from EZ! & Heysır's

Dear All,

After i extended my challenge, EZ told me not to. You know EZ, right? Besides being my soooooooo close friend(wish there was stronger word than friend!), her boyfriend and she were my inspiration to be vegeterian this month. However, she suggested me instead of cutting meat consuption that sharp, better to eat meat once in a week or maybe twice.

She was right to advice that 'cos in my diet, i should replace my protein source with something else. Normally, if i decided to be total vegeterian or vegan(OMG, impossible in Turkey and unfortunately i can t think of a world without cheese:S), i would definitely need help from a dietician or from another vegeterian/vegan. i know it is totally different state of mind and body.

i am not an expert but of course i learned some basics. That is why i cooked letil and chickpea last week. Sorry My Vegan Friends, but i increased my dairy consumption as well. Besides, i hope all effort that i showed for the last 22 years will help me to be allright:P

Reasons to be happy:

1) Today is of Heysır! Can't wait to celebrate in one hour!!
2) i m doing fine with my challenge and i have friends who care! (Mum still doesn t know!)
3) Only a month to be sooo free! Summer, i miss you:))