Sunday, May 29, 2011

Doing good:)

Dear All,

i am proud to say i was very successful to handle being vegeterian.
However, i m happy seeing this month is ending soon. Feeling a bit unmannered though...

You know things can change as well as people. For instance, last time i talked to my EZ, she confessed she became a total vegeterian. So bye bye "kebap" and related chit chats. When i talked to her, seems like nothing can be more meaningful than being vegi.
So what is wrong with me? Why can t i still be a vegi? Should i read the same book "Eating Animals"?

i guess, instead of reading that, i ll first watch this. She adviced me not to watch it if i want to eat meat soon. i don t know if it ll help, but lets see.

i am dizzy these days. Let s hope it s temporary.


PS: Mum, i m fiinnee:)