Sunday, January 9, 2011

Upcycling and New Year Resolutions by JOY!


i am sorry i could not write for few days, but finally i can write about JOY's resolutions and upcycling which i found sooo interesting!

To start with JOY, i m sooo into what she wrote about the book 'Eating Animals' and her mum's dumplings, but beyond those, i highly recommend you to make kind of list that she prepared for herself! You can read it by clicking here. my favourite is the first one! i kind of want to say the same thing to myself: don't do, because it is really annoying!

About upcycling, i first heard that term in one of the documentaries that i watched in November's challange. To be honest, i am not a handy person: i can not make wallet out of tires, i can not use broken credit cards as accesories by making a little adjustment, i can not reuse old pants to make fashionable bags! That is why i adore people who are that creative and patient and talented. However, i read an article in the newspaper(in Turkish) about upcycling. In this upcycling way, you do not need to do anything by yourself, you just need to BUY... not the machine but its use right. i don t know if it is right wording. The process works like this: you pay for a washing machine for 50,000(i made up this number)use. When you complete 50,000 laundry time, you return your washing machine and firm receives it back to start upcycling process. So, you don t send your machine to landfills, they examine the machine, use the parts that are still functioning in other machine's production processes. SMART!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Be positive! (note to myself!)
2) Search for the new ways which passively make people live in greener standards while keeping them in their comfort zone!!
3) Create your own 'to-do list'! Don't be lazy DiDi!