Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End of a challange!

Dear All,

As you all know, today was the beginning of a new month. That means something to me. i start eating meat today.

i ll postpone drawing my sustainability balance sheet to the end of August. But i can t help writing this at least: the very first challange Shopping-Free September was the best one. i have done so well that i still don t buy any cloths or accessories. i am proud but more than that, i believe i even can extend it to the next year. i ll see and you ll definitely read!

Unfortunately others were not as lucky as september, maybe not easy as the first one. Being a vegeterian will be among my challanges again. i believe i ll fail better next time. Yes, i am optimistic about that! Especially after Ezgi and her ideal vegan BF, TM,will be here, i am sure i at least think more and deeper about being vegi. Again Lets see!

Dear all, today was a relaxing day. i mean tense but relaxing at the same time. i feel more comfortable about being in UK. i guess seeing something around the corner helped.

Reasons to be happy:

1) My beloved Bet&Bet and my lovely Drk! That was an amazing dinner!
2) My Sis! i am coming soooo sooooonn! Missed you! (Not missing but having a sister like mine... legend! )
3) Roomy!!!!! Thanks for the whole year:)