Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes, we BAN! by RTE

Dear All,

On Sunday, we(i mean around 20.000 people) walked in Taksim. Not because the weather was perfect to be out, not because we like spending time with friends and not even because to have sooo delicious Italian icecream, BUT there was a demonstration for free internet use!

By saying Free, i mean, not banned! As the goverment wants to pass a law in August, they are planning to "protect" the kids by banning some websites. However, nobody knows which websites they ban.It can be any social networking websites, youtube, blogs. Once you want to find a "harmful" content in a website, you definitely can. Reshaping "harmful" is easy. Beyond that, you may be punished if you come with a solution for yourself, like changing DNS or using some breaker websites.

Sounds like 1984, right?

i know that is sooo unrelated to being vegeterian(i am still into it ,btw!), but i couldn't stop writing it.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Life is weird.
2) and annoying sometimes...
3) Knowing that it is the life itself does make it easier! You learn how to live with that. No big dissappointment:D