Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good things happened!

Dear All,

i just read few post from January, and i realized i missed writing those posts.
i don t feel like writing currently although a lot happened. But now, while listening to Norah Jones, having a bit headache and trying to postpone washing dishes(Roomy, i know i don t need to:), getting more worried about people and Turkey... i wanted to write few things.

Today, i talked to a friend about being vegeterian and he was totally not convinced. He was right to some extend because i couldn t turn to be a total vegan/vegeterian. But i am trying... it means something even not a lot, right? Besides, how am i supposed to convince someone who says "i like the taste", especially when i have the same reason not being able to stop eating animals?

Whatever... 2 days ago, i was again thinking/talking about systematic faults that can not be changed by a person(i that case "a person" was me:S)? i mean how am i supposed to explain "people, we need water and it is a scarse source", "don t leave food in your plate"? Aren t these obvious? What can be done to convince people? As you see, this goes like that once i start to talk(inside). And as you may noticed, i was a bit depressed. Then, i thought i don t change anything... i am living in an illusion. But my sister... As she always does... made me feel not alone. She is a teacher and has a class of kids who adore her. She said "Didem(this is my real name:), even i don t like you make me concerned(ignorance is a bliss!) talking about environment and people and working conditions and this and that; none of my kids leave food in their plates, use extra napkins to dry their hands, throw garbage out of bin etc." She continued but i couldn t hear 'cos i was crying happily:P

So my dear all, one more time, i am happy! Btw, while i was writing this post,my phone rang. it was my friend(surprised?) giving me a great news that she got accepted to masters! YAY! it was the second good news as i previously got another great news from another friend! She ll be in England for msaters this year as well!! YAY!

Reasons to be happy:

1) My Sister and good news from girls! We gotta celebrate it soo sooooon!!
2) i talked to Si! i missed talking politics with my dear friend!
3) i did everything i planned today:-)