Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What is like being a Leader?

Dear All,

i am extremely angry! Today, there was a seminer about leadership. This time guest speaker was a verrrry famous "leader" who doesn t follow other sheeps.

He started to talk pretty normal. We are supposed not to be on the same way which mainstream people choose to follow. Our families expect from us to be the "normal" one. There are not so many leaders. These are not among the words which drove me crazy even though i don t totally agree with what he said. Sorry "leader", but i don t want to believe that everybody else is just someone and i am the one and only who solves all problems. i don t want to be the doer opposing everyone. Besides, if you define "leader" who lead the "sheeps", then i think there is a problem. i can list my all other objections but those were still acceptible. i mean, sometimes it even helps to reassure yourself. i am shameful to accept that but reassurance is a necessity.

However, leadership does not give right to offense people. There was a girl who covered her head. He first gazed at her and asked if she covered her head because of religious reasons. The girl answered, yes, faith. Then he said, he didn t believe that there is any religion which requires that, but stupidity. Then he started bullying her asking what religion is and why she believes. C'mon Leader! Seriously?

No dears, this is not the end. he continued very sure, he knew that he came here only for one person maybe 2 if he was lucky. So, others who even doesn t question can leave. C'mon Leader! Seriously?

i don t know what to say about that. i agree people should question and don t believe every word they hear. But, does knowing "questioning is important" give right to humiliate people? He could just finish talking, and may ask her in private if he really wants to encourage her to question. He didn t change neither that girl's nor other people's life in a better way. i don t know he created any miracle after this chat. 'cos, i and my friend left the room as well as the girl.

Reasons to be happy:

1) Congratulations to me! i am not a LEADER!
2) i am grateful i don t have sheeps to lead but friends and family! No question, i am lucky!
3) i gained extra 2 hours not attending that seminar:)