Saturday, September 17, 2011

Almost there!

Dear All, i am in Istanbul now. In three days, i ll be in Leeds, meeting my new, nice friends. Even though i missed two orientation sessions out of three, my expectations are high as always when it is about new friends. (My loveable crew, you are always with me and i am a good skype user;) I received an e-mail from the coordinator about last orientation activity. She asked us to bring something that illustrates our perception of sustainability. That reminded me of GEF. i felt lucky that i was in Brussesls in last December, met people who had noteworthy thoughts, ideas. (btw, one of the ideas became a project by beloved Thomas and here is the FB page. i am sure you will find it interesting!) Then i felt even luckier that i have friends that i could ask them what i am supposed to bring with me. Liz suggested that i can prepare some pictures taken in Turkey to tell what the problems are here. It is definiitely a great idea since i am interested in local problems and making global trends applicable for Turkey as well. Another idea by JOY was bringing NOTHING! Just like what i have been up to for last year and now. i can talk about my blog also, but it may seem a bit narsistic to tell people about my blog. In anyways, i will talk a lot! Please someone stops me!! Cheers!!